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Simple Steps to Protect Your Mac OS PowerPoint Presentation
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Simple Steps to Protect Your Mac OS

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Simple Steps to Protect Your Mac OS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Macs are inherently more secure but these step will added advantage to keep your Mac protected from virus or malware attacks.

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It’s true that malware is less common on Macs than on Windows or Android. But that doesn’t mean Macs are inherently more secure, or that Mac users should take their security for granted.


Remove Java from your Mac unless you absolutely need it

Mac OS faces a vulnerability in Java. If you can’t eliminate Java completely, at least turn it off in your browser, where Java threats are looming.


Keep your software patched with up-to-date security fixes

Hackers find plenty of victims by exploiting known vulnerabilities that could have been halted by a security patch.


Set GateKeeperto only run digitally-signed apps

Apple is very good at keeping malicious apps out of its stores for Mac and iOS apps (iPhones, iPads).


Use system restore software for protecting configuration

It protects system by Freezing the desired configuration set by you.

More info.


Run antivirus software on your Macs

Its always better to have an updated version of an Anti-virus software to protect Mac OS from virus or malware attack.