information design theory n.
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Information Design Theory

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Information Design Theory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Design Theory. Philip Duchastel TeleEducation NB New Brunswick, Canada IDT. What is Information Design?. In the narrow sense… Crafting web pages & displays Usability – Nielsen

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information design theory

Information Design Theory

Philip Duchastel

TeleEducation NB

New Brunswick, Canada


Information Design Theory

what is information design
What is Information Design?
  • In the narrow sense…
    • Crafting web pages & displays
      • Usability – Nielsen
      • Communicating –Tufte
      • Information Mapping – Horne
  • In the theoretical sense
    • Creating information for knowledge

Information Design Theory

information design


Information Design
  • The technology for structuringinformation in artefacts

… for availability and optimal usability

  • IDT … theoretical perspective
        • Up from craft and technology
        • Not Shannon’s information theory
        • Communication, cognition...

Information Design Theory

topics of discussion
Topics of Discussion
  • What about traditional ID?
  • What is information?
  • Knowledge and relations
  • E-learning and KM
  • Wildies

Ideas on the edge


Information Design Theory

instructional design
Instructional Design?

Information Design











Designing information

for optimal learning

Interaction design ?

Information Design Theory




Nathan Shedroff

8:15 departure

Einstein as creator of theory of relativity

Theory of evolution

Buddha’s Middle Way

Information Design Theory

  • "Perhaps we should not worry so much about proper word use, and accept the fact that information has become an all-purpose weasel-word"

- Fritz Machlup

  • IT – mostly DT
  • Artificial and Natural


Information Design Theory

aspects of information
Aspects of Information
  • State of mind 14159265
  • In-form …infusion of form
  • Models of change

… activity

  • Condense and abstract

Information Design Theory

  • Information / Knowledge
    • Knowledge to Knowledge
  • Cognition
    • The falling tree
  • Communication
    • The functional approach
  • Interfacing
    • The steering wheel

Information Design Theory

practical reality
Practical Reality
  • E-Learning
    • Formal to on-demand
      • To learning objects
  • Knowledge Management
    • Access to intellectual assets

Information Design Theory

future reality
Future Reality
  • Digitization of the world
    • Modeling …science as model
    • Matrix …Snow Crash
    • Storage revolution
    • Cognitive processes
  • Knowledge Age

Interacting more with information …than with the world around us?

Information Design Theory

real life
Real Life
  • Music on the fly

…but what is a symphony?

Is a Picasso information?

  • Life as love

… the meaning of life?

  • From cutting trees to advising investors …the knowledge society

Information Design Theory

emerging realms
Emerging Realms
  • Physical …from the Bing Bang
  • Biological …life
  • Mental …consciousness
  • Virtual …augmented realities
  • Informational

…unbounded processing


Information Design Theory

idt interesting but
IDT - Interesting, but?...
  • Education
    • Bereiter’s knowledge building
  • Public Health
    • Sex education
  • War
    • Goebel’s machine

Information does not replace policy …it informs it

Information Design Theory

where to
Where to?
  • Life as interacting with information
    • Kurzweil’s ‘singularity’
  • Autonomous processing ?!!!
    • Hegel‘s Geist
    • The next lion king?
  • And wisdom?
    • A humanitarian perspective


Information Design Theory

  • Just as we learned how to deal with predators and how to build space ships

…so too we must learn how to build information

  • There is more to the knowledge society than making broadband available to all
  • KnoWCA


Information Design Theory

a whole world
A whole world…
  • Further personal thoughts
    • Learnability
    • Knowledge Interfacing
    • Virtuality
    • Evolutionary Cognition
  • Thank you for listening

…now for your ideas

Information Design Theory