alex nance vs monster red bull n.
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Alex Nance vs. Monster / Red Bull PowerPoint Presentation
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Alex Nance vs. Monster / Red Bull

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Alex Nance vs. Monster / Red Bull - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alex Nance vs. Monster / Red Bull

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  1. Alex Nance vs. Monster/Red Bull

  2. What is Monster? • Monster is an Energy drink that wakes you up and makes you feel energetic. • It makes you feel really good and makes you happy.

  3. What is Red Bull? • Red bull also gives you energy. Just like Monster it makes you energetic by giving you wings. • And just like monster it makes you feel happy and like you can do anything you want.

  4. What is in the both of them? Are they similar? Monster Red Bull

  5. Why should I orshouldn’t I drink it? • It is very unhealthy for you to put that in your body because it has taurine in it. Our body already has enough in it so by putting more can harm us. • There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t drink Monster or Red bull one is you can go into cardiac arrest and die.

  6. What are they hiding? (Bull balls/pee?) • I think they are hiding an important fact they use bull balls and urine in Red bull and Monster I'm not sure if anyone has heard but a long time ago it was on the news and when I try to look for it, well it doesn’t pop up. It has been taken down. Why? Maybe because the creators still want people to drink the product and spend their money on it.

  7. Deaths!?!?!?!?! • There are cases where teens and young adults have died from cardiac arrest. • One case is a 14 year old Anais Fournier went into cardiac arrest after drinking two 24ounc cans of monster in 24 hours. Her parents sued it never said how much money or how far she got with the case. Maybe they are hiding it?

  8. Are we really killing ourselves? • Yes we are really killing ourselves because when you think about it. That young girl died by just drinking two 24 ounce cans of monster. Monster has more deaths then Red Bull. Red Bull still has its effects but Monster is worse. All the chemicals we are putting In our body is really messing us up.

  9. Reasons why I picked the topic I did • I picked this topic because a lot of teens drink Monster and Red Bull we don’t realize during the summer we drinking it more often to stay up some teens even put it in their alcohol when they drink illegally. We need to get the teens and even adults to stop drinking it. When you mix it with alcohol it has worse effects on your body. What if you get alcohol poisoning and plus the energy drink will really mess you up. We need to fix and solve this problem.

  10. Why did I pick the colors I did • Green: the monster logo is green • Red: the Red bull logo is red • Blue: both logos have blue in them. This is a common color between them • Orange/Yellow: bull pee can be orange or yellow • Black: the monster logo is black • Grey: the word death is in grey because the people from the companies don’t like to show the wrongs they make.

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