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Nelson Mandela Fact File

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Nelson Mandela Fact File - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nelson Mandela Fact File
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  1. Nelson MandelaFact File By Colt Simpson

  2. Older Education Growing up Arrested Contents Campaigning President Childhood Education The ANC Life in Prison His release Retirement

  3. Nelson Mandela was born on the 18th July 1918 in a small village called Qunu in South Africa. Nelson Mandela’s childhood house

  4. Growing up Children from Qunu When Nelson was seven years of age, two of his fathers friends noticed that he was a intelligent young boy .

  5. Who paid for Nelson Mandela's primary education fees? The Paramount chief arranged and paid for Nelson to go to Mission School It was still expensive for the black South African to go to school.

  6. Older Eduction When Nelson was older Nelson was sent off the college and attended three in turn the first was a government college in Clarkbury where Nelson studied Law. The second college was called Healdtown it was the largest college for black people. Finally he went to Fort Hare University a university that was highly regarded with only 150 students.

  7. The ANC • In 1943 Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress a party that tried to get black and whites treated equally. • Nelson got more involved in the ANC. Nelson opened a law office for several years.

  8. Arrested ! • However in 1962 Nelson was arrested for encouraging black people to avoid public transport . • Two years later he was charged with a more serious charge for trying to over power the government of South Africa.

  9. Life in Prison In 1964 Nelson was arrested and was charged with a life sentence. He was sent to a maximum security prison however in 1982 he was moved to Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town.

  10. Campaigning • Worldwide musicians began to write song and albums about Nelson. • In 1980 the ANC launched a release campaign for Nelson Mandela. Many countries signed the petition for his release.

  11. His release After getting moved to three different prisons he was released in 1990 on February the 11th. The cells in the prisons were poorly built also the prisoners were only allowed a few letters from family and friends.

  12. President • Five months after his release he was voted to be the president of South Africa. In his role as president he changed human rights. He served to 1999 and then retired .

  13. Retirement • Nelson travelled the world to help and encourage friendship between races and also meeting famous people and presidents. In 1993 he won the Noble Peace Prize.