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Further Education Programme 2013/14

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Further Education Programme 2013/14 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Further Education Programme 2013/14. Student-led Enterprise Societies. Our main aim is: Education Empowerment Connecting and Networking Representation & Advocacy . A charitable organisation, supporting student entrepreneurship and enterprise groups in Universities & Colleges:.

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further education programme 2013 14
Further Education Programme 2013/14
  • Student-led Enterprise Societies

Our main aim is:

  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Connecting and Networking
  • Representation & Advocacy
  • A charitable organisation, supporting student entrepreneurship and enterprise groups in Universities & Colleges:

..for these groups and young entrepreneurs in the UK.

NACUE seeks to build the most entrepreneurial generation of young people in the UK


The purpose of our work in Further Education is to create cross-curriculum entrepreneurial communities for any college student to be part of, acting as a hub for entrepreneurial opportunities, and fostering an entrepreneurial mind-set amongst learners.


about us
About Us…
  • Working with 83 Universities in the UK
  • Working with 50 FE Colleges in England.
  • Invested over £100,000 into student entrepreneurship groups in University.
  • Over 2000 students attended our events last year.
  • Partnerships with over 30 organisations in Private Sector,
enterprise societies

Where does a society fit in a college?

Enterprise Societies

“An enterprise society or club is an extracurricular and student-led group that attracts and supports enterprising and entrepreneurial students no matter what they study..

The Role of Staff

  • One Key Staff Member
  • Reasonable commitment
  • May require work beyond typical hours
  • Allow students to have control
  • Staff retain ownership
  • Staff with business knowledge is advisable
  • Highly organized staff member
  • The concept of student led
objectives of programme
Objectives of Programme.
  • Guide college students and staff to establish enterprise societies in their institutions.
  • Contribute to the entrepreneurialdevelopment of student leaders.
  • Enable the creation of an advisory board of professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to support the growth of the enterprise society; and provide a sustainable form of governance.
  • Create a channel for students and staff to engage in the widerNACUE network of enterprising students, and graduates.
society structures
Society Structures
  • Event Based
  • Hold enterprising events
  • Working with sponsors
  • Focus on promotion and management
  • Wide range of events available
  • Great promotion for college
  • Venture Based
  • Develop businesses within the society
  • Financially sustainable
  • Businesses can be as individuals or as a group
  • Significantly improves students employability
what to expect from students
What to expect from Students
  • Marketing and branding
  • Developing roles
  • Setting up a structure
  • Deciding their events
  • Executing events
  • Explain the systems and safeguards upfront
  • Allow freedom but make achievable
  • Need staff support and staff relationships
  • Give access to college resources and processes

£1,000 - awarded to college students to

be part of the NACUE network,

engaging with NACUE’s programmes

of Society Training, Leadership, and

entrepreneurship events.

£2,000 - awarded to college students to

establish enterprise societies; running

a structured sustainable programme of

events to build awareness of enterprise

in their college, and an enterprising

culture and mindset of society


• £3,000 - awarded to colleges to relaunch

enterprise societies, and run

projects that focus on experiential

learning/practical projects and develop

the enterprise and entrepreneurial skills

of society members.

• £5,000 – awarded to colleges for the

above-mentioned activities; but also to

launch society businesses – generating

sales and providing income for the

enterprise society.



Aimed at 16-30 year olds

  • Need to have been running less than 12 months
  • £1000 Awards (4x Monthly)
  • Business Library
  • Community
  • Publicity
  • http://www.shell-livewire.org/
  • Aimed at 13-25 year olds
  • Funding, support and training for young people to set up social enterprises to improve their communities
  • Up to £300 to help make idea happen
  • Think Bigger –up to £2,500
  • http://www.02thinkbig.co.uk

Funding opportunities for young Entrepreneurs

  • Aimed at 11-21 year olds
  • Up to £5,000 of funding
  • Support to make ideas happen
  • Funding
  • Mentorship
  • http://liveunltd.com/
  • Financial & Professional support
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Investing in “People”
  • 3 levels of Awards
  • Special support for Under 21 and students at universities.
  • http://unltd.org.uk/

There are 3 different innovation awards:-

  • Catalyst Awards
  • Awards of up to £1,000 to help create and launch a new society.
  • Innovation Award
  • Awards of up to £3,000 to help develop and launch an innovative new project or initiative which helps ensure sustainability within or around the society. Societies entering this award will create a 2 minute video of their society and the project they would like to fund. This will be backed up by a business plan of at least 2 pages.
  • New Frontier AwardThese are awards of up to £8,000 and are a limited award available to societies needing larger investments for pioneering investment-intensive projects e.g. setting up a seed accelerator, society incubator, or revenue generating project. Societies will submit a 2 minute video and business plan of no more than 6 pages using the template provided in the terms and conditions.
  • Government-backed funding.
  • Designed to reward and develop student-led enterprise societies at English colleges and universities.
  • To realise the step change in Enterprise Society development and growth.
  • Match-funding for society initiatives with the objective of rewarding entrepreneurial ambition.
  • Awards ranging from £1,000 to £8,000 to help them set up innovative projects and revenue-generating ventures.
  • Finished for this year but to run again for another 2 years
  • http://www.nacue.com/innovationfund/
  • FE Community Manager -Will Bywaterwill@nacue.com

RBS Enterprising U

  • National competition to find, encourage and invest in university students' business ideas.
  • FIRST PRIZE:   £25,000SECOND PRIZE:  £10,000THIRD PRIZE:   £5,000
  • Business plan competition
  • Open to university students and recent graduates
  • Develop and explore a start up idea
  • Attend a workshop to refine idea
  • Pitch to investors
  • Deadline 19th July 2013
  • http://www.enterprisingu.com/
  • Competition to win £10,000
  • Aimed at college and university students
  • Finished for this year but to run again Sep 13.
  • Create an idea for a business, create a video pitch and submit entry.
  • Semi Final and Final 7 ideas go through to compete for £10k
  • http://www.varsitypitchcompetition.com
  • www.nacue.com

Will Bywaterwill@nacue.com


NACUE suggest the following (simplified) guidelines to begin an enterprise society.

  • Societies should be event based or venture based.
  • Enterprise societies are extracurricular with an elected structure.
  • Designated space.
  • Programme of events (enterprise calendar).
  • Designated departmental staff members
  • Business engagement and an advisory board of professional business leaders, entrepreneurs should meet 2/3 times a year.
  • First term
    • A process of identifying students to join the society from induction.
    • Staff/ Students made aware of NACUE enterprise society
    • Create calendar of events
    • Research ideas
  • Second term
    • Implement ideas
    • Regular meeting Record minutes
    • Regular Interaction with NACUE rep needs to be 30 mins a month for update.
  • Third Term
    • Handover preparation for new cohort and society members
  • Innovation Fund
http goo gl uqcofz

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