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Mock Final for Review

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Mock Final for Review. What are: Counting Numbers Whole Numbers Integers Rational Numbers Irrational Numbers Real Numbers. 2. Simplify: (-30) / 6 * 4 - 7 ². 3. Arrange least to greatest: |-4|, 0.6, 3/7, -2.

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what are counting numbers whole numbers integers rational numbers irrational numbers real numbers

What are:Counting NumbersWhole NumbersIntegersRational NumbersIrrational NumbersReal Numbers


4. Yesterday, the low temperature was -14°.Today, the high temperature was 87°. What is the change in temperature?


5. You take two tests. On the first you score 81%. On the second you score 5/6 correct. Which score is higher?


6. You have 15 yards of material to make costumes. You need 4 and 1/8 yards for the first and 7 4/5 yards for the second. What is left over?


7. On the first day of a trip, you go 0.59 of the total distance. If the total trip is 420 miles, how far did you go?


9. Mr. Allen wants to spend no more than $60 on a present. Write an inequality to represent how much he will spend.


12. Don bought 5 identical pairs of pants. He paid a total of $75. Write an equation that represents this situation.


13. The cost of one call home is $0.50. The cost of a two minute call is $0.75. Three minutes is $1.00. How much is nine minutes?


17. Four out of every seven students voted for you in an election. If 175 people voted, how many DID NOT vote for you?


18. A recipe requires 2 1/3 cups of water. If you want to triple the recipe, how much water do you need?


20. If next years 7th grade class is 10% more than this year’s and there are 300 students now, how many will there be next year?


21. You go to Carrabba’s for dinner and the bill is $40. If you want to leave a 20% tip, what is your TOTAL bill?


23. If the scale of a diagram is 4cm: 30m, what is the actual width of a field if it is 7 cm in the diagram?


34. A pond has 3 goldfish, 4 whitefish, and 5 bluefish. What is the probability of catching goldfish (simplify!)?


35. If your bowling average was 105 and your first two games were 75 and 115, what was your third game?


38. You roll a die 60 times and 4 comes up 15 times. Compare the theoretical probability to the experimental probability.


40. A spinner (1-7) and a number cube (1-6) are spun and rolled. What is the probability of spinning an odd number AND rolling a 4?


48. A ladder is leaning on a wall 6 feet up a wall. If the base of the ladder is 2 feet from the wall, what is the length of the ladder?