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Review Jeopardy

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Review Jeopardy
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  1. Review Jeopardy Biology

  2. Review Jeopardy

  3. “SI”gn of the Times Q: What unit is the metric system based on?

  4. “SI”gn of the Times A: 10

  5. “SI”gn of the Times Q: What is the SI base unit for length?

  6. “SI”gn of the Times A: Meter

  7. “SI”gn of the Times Q: What is SI base unit for temperature?

  8. “SI”gn of the Times A: Kelvin

  9. “SI”gn of the Times Q: Conver 0.0987 kg to dg

  10. “SI”gn of the Times A: 987 decigrams

  11. The “H” Bond Q:Examples of this characteristic of the hydrogen bond include the razor demo, the penny lab, and water reforming over the top of submerged objects.

  12. The “H” Bond A: Surface tension

  13. The “H” Bond Q: Example inlcudes swimming pool water remaining warm on cool fall nights

  14. The “H” Bond A: Resistance to temperature change

  15. The “H” Bond Q: Separates the individual water molecules immediately above freezing pt in this substance allowing a solid to float on a liquid.

  16. The “H” Bond A: Ice

  17. The “H” Bond Q: Hydrogen bonds link individual water molecules together because they are this: Just don’t get confused w/ Santa Claus and Penguins!

  18. The “H” Bond A: Polar

  19. “Atom” Rex Q: Positively charged subatomic particle in an atom

  20. “Atom” Rex A: Proton

  21. “Atom” Rex Q: Subatomic particle with mass of 0 amu

  22. “Atom” Rex A: Electron

  23. “Atom” Rex Q: A charged atom, no they don’t stick their fingers into the electrical outlet!

  24. “Atom” Rex A: Ions

  25. “Atom” Rex Q: Boy do I feel heavy, I must be carrying a few extra neutrons

  26. “Atom” Rex A: Isotope

  27. “Bonded” Together Q: Formed when atoms of opposite charges are attracted and bond together

  28. “Bonded” Together A: Ionic Bond

  29. “Bonded” Together Q: Formed when atoms share electrons

  30. “Bonded” Together A: Covalent Bond

  31. “Bonded” Together Q: How nice! 2 Oxygen atoms share electrons equally and allow us to breathe!

  32. “Bonded” Together A: Nonpolar covalent bond

  33. “Bonded” Together Q: Wow, Cl is powerful, I would hate to be H and have to share electrons w/ that bully!

  34. “Bonded” Together A: Polar covalent

  35. “Bonded” Together Q: IDK, Water is a pretty powerful substance due to this type of bonding between molecules. OMG!

  36. “Bonded” Together A: Hydrogen Bond

  37. “Balance” Beam Q: Balance the following

  38. A:

  39. Q:

  40. A:

  41. Q:

  42. A:

  43. Q:

  44. A:

  45. Q:

  46. A:

  47. Q:

  48. A:

  49. Q:

  50. A: