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Translation Talent

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Translation Talent
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  1. Translated into Chinese: AIGUO JINGSHEN àiguózhǔyì (most used) AIGUO XIN Translation Talent Patriotism English Definition: devotion to one's own country and concern for its diferenceSee nationalism


  3. Experience Expert • The japanese prime minister prayed at the Yasukuni Shrine many times during his service which made chinese people felt extremely angry and there had many demonstrations all over the country. So did our city. • I joined a demonstration which organized by the government and many people were pretty exciting, because we thought we could express our patriotism through this demonstration. To myself, I think it is a good experience for me.

  4. • To be proud of our national history is a sign of patriotism. And patriotism itself cultivate our spirit no matter wherever we are, whatever we do, whenever time goes by.

  5. I vow to thee my country I vow to thee, my countryAll earthly things aboveEntire and whole and perfectThe service of my loveThe love that asks no questionsThe love that stands the testThat lays upon the alterThe dearest and the bestThe love that never faltersThe love that pays the priceThe love that makes undauntedThe final sacrificeAnd there's another countryI've heard of longagoMost dear to them that love herMost great to them I knowWe may not count her armiesWe may not see her KingHer fortress is a faithful heartHer pride is sufferingAnd soul by soul and silentlyHer shining bounds increaseAnd her ways are ways of gentlenessAnd all her paths are peace