Professional learning teams 10 18 11
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Professional Learning Teams 10/18/11. East Hartford High School 2011-2012. Today’s Agenda. Type 1/Reflection (5 minutes) Overview of “Theories of Action” and examples (5 minutes) PLT Plan & Resources (5 minutes) PLT Work Time (45 minutes). What is a Theory of Action?.

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Professional learning teams 10 18 11

Professional Learning Teams10/18/11

East Hartford High School


Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

  • Type 1/Reflection (5 minutes)

  • Overview of “Theories of Action” and examples (5 minutes)

  • PLT Plan & Resources (5 minutes)

  • PLT Work Time (45 minutes)

What is a theory of action
What is a Theory of Action?

An Explicit Theory of Action:

Makes the implicit beliefs and assumptions that guide our leadership actions clear, actionable, and provable

Provides focus and coherence regarding the work of the organization for improvement in the Instructional Core

Identifies the critical actions necessary to improve instruction and student learning and therefore prioritizes adult work

Provides a basis for testing our presuppositions about what will work against the evidence of day-to-day practice and actual learning outcomes

Promotes reflection on the process by which we learn about our work and can improve our learning over time

What makes a clear theory of action

What makes a clear “Theory of Action”?

Three-part cause/effect (i.e. “if/then”) logic sequence connecting strategic work with its hypothesized impact on adult practice and student learning

Establishes a “through-line” from strategic work to the classroom’s Instructional Core

Subject to validation or revision through evidence-gathering over time

Provides successive levels of detail and precision: from broad vision to concrete, actionable strategies

Theory of action formula
Theory of Action “Formula”

If (identify adult action), then (a subsequent adult or student action), resulting in (student outcome).

  • If………………………

  • Then……………………..

  • Resulting in………………….

Theory of action example department
Theory of Action Example (Department)

  • If the science department increases the rigor of activities in the classroom by using LTF materials…

  • Then the students will be more engaged in the lessons…

  • Resulting in increased student achievement

Theory of action examples district

Theory of Action Examples (District)

If East Hartford educators:

Engage in high-quality, focused professional development,

Engage in collaborative efforts to focus on shared problems of practice, and

Supervise, support, encourage, and monitor the fidelity of high-quality classroom instruction,

Then teachers will demonstrate evidence of improving academic rigor and active student engagement,

Resulting in increased student achievement.

Dr. Mark Zito, Superintendent, East Hartford Public Schools

Some things we have already done
Some things we have already done…

  • If administration and teachers focus on PBIS then students will reflect a more positive attitude resulting in better student behavior in the hallways.

Action plan resources
Action Plan & Resources

Planning Template

  • As a team, please complete one copy of your plan to submit.

  • Feel free to modify the chart on the back as needed (or use another format).

    Resource Folder

  • One per team

  • Optional resources to help guide and support your plan