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Alex Funicello PowerPoint Presentation
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Alex Funicello

Alex Funicello

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Alex Funicello

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  1. Alex Funicello Enjoying Married Life Alex Funicello is a happily married man who loves being able to spend his life with his true soul mate. He and his wife do just about everything together aside from work. They have all of the same favorite hobbies and they enjoy each other’s company by engaging in their shared interests together. They are a happy couple that has lots of fun together.

  2. Alex Funicello Model Building When Alex Funicello gets some free time, he loves to get back to his hobbyist tendencies. As an avid model builder, he has a large collection of train, plane, car and house models that he can put together to form his own model city. He loves to see what combinations work best together and use his models to become his own imaginary civil engineer.

  3. Alex Funicello Skiing and Wind Surfing Alex Funicello enjoys his fair share of extreme hobbies. For him, wind surfing and skiing are his two favorite extreme sports. He can enjoy one in the warmer months every year and one in the colder months, which gives him year-round access to an exciting hobby to get his blood pumping and his thrill-seeking tendencies satisfied.

  4. Alex Funicello On the Links Alex Funicello is a pulmonologist who loves to spend his weekends on the golf course with his wife. As members of their local country club, they make regular appearances on the weekends; although their busy schedules usually only allows them to play nine holes. They prefer it that way though, because they can have variety between the front and back nine.

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