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Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci. Vocational Education and Training (except tertiary level). Contact Seminar, Bratislava 6 th November 2009. Leonardo da Vinci. addresses the teaching and learning needs of all those in vocational education and training, other than at tertiary level,

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leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

Vocational Education and Training

(except tertiary level)

Contact Seminar, Bratislava

6th November 2009

leonardo da vinci1

Leonardo da Vinci

addresses the teaching and learning needs

of all those in vocational education and training, other than at tertiary level,

as well as the institutions and organisations providing or facilitating

such education and training

(Decision No 1720/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 November 2006)

objectives of ldv

Objectives of LDV

(a) to support participants in training and further training

activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills

and qualifications to facilitate personal development,

employability and participation in the European labour


(b)to support improvements in quality and innovation in

vocational education and training systems, institutions and


(c) to enhance the attractiveness of vocational education and

training and mobility for employers and individuals and to

facilitate the mobility of working trainees





Multilateral projects: transfer of innovationsdevelopmentofinnovations



ldv partnerships
LDV Partnerships
  • Framework for small-scale cooperation activities between organisations working in the field of VET which will be cooperating on themes of mutual interest

Projects focused on

  • Active participation of teachers, trainers, pupils and apprentices and VET experts
  • Cooperation involving also enterprises, social partners or other VET stakeholders
objectives of ldv partnerships
Objectives of LDV Partnerships
  • Strengthening the tools and frameworks for enhanced cooperation in VET
  • Increase the quality and attractiveness of VET
  • Reinforce the links between VET and the labour market
  • Reinforce the agreements for

European cooperation

examples of topics
Examples of topics
  • Development of guidance and advice in VET
  • Opening VET to flexible pathways and create better conditions for transfer to working life
  • Reinforce or create closer links of VET with working life
  • Promoting the recognition of non-formal and informal learning
  • Responding the needs of the labour market
  • Improve the qualification of teachers and trainers
examples of topics1
Examples of topics
  • Support the implementation of Quality assurance in VET
  • Cooperate in the area of transparency of VET system (e.g. ECVET, EQF, ...)
  • Support the development of national qualifications frameworks in relation to EQF
  • Cooperate to test and apply common concepts developed at European level with the aim to achieve a spreading at the level of the actors „on the ground“
partnerships activities
Partnerships Activities
  • Partners meetings, exchange of staff and pupils/apprentices and experts
  • Producing common outcomes (e.g. technicla outcomes/products, linking between theory and practice, active participation of teachers and pupils/apprentices on common subjects)
  • Cooperation on specific subjects and problems (VET content and themes, exchange and transfer of experience and good practices in methods and content of VET, etc.)
  • Cooperation in the field of VET or sector
outcomes of ldv partnerships
Outcomes of LDV Partnerships

Tangibleoutcomes or resultssuitable for theirfurtherdissemination and exploitation

  • conferences
  • CD
  • Tangibleproductproduced by pupils/apprentices
  • Training concept in specificfields of VET, etc.
basic information
Basic information

Partnerships min.3 partners from 3 difference countries

Who apply each institution involved to partnership

Funding flat rate funding on the base of the number of planned mobility activities (4, 8, 12 and 24 mobility activities)

Duration 24 months (August´10 – July ´12)

Deadline for submitting a project proposal:

19th Februay 2010

mobility projects

Mobility Projects

IVT – Initialvocationaltraining

PLM – People at the labourmarket

VETPRO – Professionals in VET



Placement – period of practicaltraining and acquiring of practicalworkingexperience in company or centre of VET in partner country

Exchanges – focused on transfer, increasingquality and improving of competences and innovativemethodsandpractice in VET


Basic information

Mobility Duration IVT: 2 – 39 weeks

PLM: 2 – 26 weeks

VETPRO: 1 – 6 weeks

Project Duration max. 24 months

(do not confuse with a mobility duration!)

Partnership min. 2 partners from 2 countries

Deadline 5th February 2010


Funding of Mobility projects

  • Management costs
  • Individual grant for participants
    • Travel
    • Subsistance
  • Language, cultural and pedagogic preparation

- based on the real costs or flat-rate grants using scales of unit costs

thank you

Thank you!

Mgr. Dagmar Augustinská