asti transportation systems
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ASTI Transportation Systems

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ASTI Transportation Systems. Intelligent Transportation Systems, CHIPS Software. Noah Jenkin ASTI Transportation Systems, Inc. 302-328-3220 [email protected] Questions. How many people in the room have had hands on experience with a Smart Work Zone System? Work Zone ITS System

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asti transportation systems
ASTI Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems, CHIPS Software.

Noah Jenkin

ASTI Transportation Systems, Inc.


[email protected]

  • How many people in the room have had hands on experience with a Smart Work Zone System?
    • Work Zone ITS System
    • Real-Time Work Zone System
    • RTTM, Real Time Traffic Management
What is a Smart Work Zone System?
  • A SWZ System acts and performs identical to a permanent ITS System but BETTER.
  • A SWZ System is temporary and portable.
  • Often placed in the work zone to increase mobility and safety.
What Hardware is Needed?
  • Real-Time Workzone Management Systems
    • Queue Trailers- Wavetronix HD Technology
    • PSC- SMC1000 VMS
    • Mobile Video Trailers
    • Digital Communication Package
    • ASTI’s CHIPS Software/Webpage Package.
    • How It works- web based, polling.
How Does it Work?
  • ASTI polls all devices every minute, 24/7.
  • Internet/Google web based.
  • Real-Time Information is disseminated to the motorists and onto project webpage.
  • All devices are usually GPS enabled.
  • IP Modems on a VZ Custom Network

The CHIPS System receives traffic flow information from the queue detectors located through out the project, compares the results to pre programmed scenarios and effects the display of appropriate messages through out the project.

What Information does the Motorist See?
  • Almost anything the Turnpike would like.
  • Customizable.
Ideal Message Scenarios
  • Real-time information
    • Motorists receive relevant real time information at a location they can act on it.
    • Alternate Routing
    • Speed Differential
    • Travel Time thru wz
    • Speed thru wz
    • Dynamic Merge System
    • All can perform simultaneously.
Variable Message Sign Benefits
  • Choice of 3 Line, Full Matrix, Mini, Larger VMS / Permanent
  • Monitor battery voltage and trigger alarms when thresholds are broken- ensures reliability of system messages
  • Work Area Protection (PSC) is located in Texas
  • ASTI excels in configuring systems to ensure motorists receive the useable real-time information at a location where they can USE IT!
What else does the System Provide?
  • Control for the Turnpike
    • Traffic data charting/graphing capabilities.
    • Scheduling features.
    • Ability to override vms boards.
    • Chat session capability.
    • Graphical representation of traffic.
    • Automatic alerts.
    • VIDEO
Video Benefits
  • PTZ
  • Mobility of video
  • VIP Video Management Software
  • Dedicated Video Server which ensures consistent video integrity.
Is the System Flexible?
  • ASTI can utilize almost any data source or existing permanent ITS Technology available
  • ASTI can expand the system and provide other ITS Technologies
    • Blue Tooth Readers
    • Weather Sensors
    • HAR
    • VSL
Flexibility Cont.
  • ASTI can utilize almost any existing permanent ITS infrastructure.
    • Permanent Cameras
    • Permanent VMS
  • SWZ System does not need to be large and expensive to be effective.
  • System can be easily expanded.
Why ASTI is the Market Leader
  • Reliability
    • Hardware Autonomy
    • Self Reliant
  • ASTI Responds to the Market
    • Data
    • Flexibility
    • Security
  • Incredible Partners
other asti technologies zed agencies
Other ASTI Technologies zed Agencies
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs.
  • Permanent VMS Boards
  • CMS Fleet mgmt system with GPS.
  • VIP Video Management Software.
  • CHIPS Software.
  • Mobile Video Trailer- stand alone.
  • Queue Trailer- data collection only.
  • Over-Height Detection
  • Flooded Road Detection
Relevant References
  • NJDOT- accuracy of ASTI data
  • NHDOT- federally spec’d ASTI
  • TxDOT- I-35, Brad Miller, Hillsborough District
  • SAIC- I-35, Tim Luttrell, I-35 Study
  • BYU- I-15, Mitsu Saito
Questions / Comments?

Noah Jenkin

ASTI Transportation Systems Inc.


[email protected]