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ANALY HIGH SCHOOL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. Myth 1 Marijuana is harmless and non-addictive 1 in 6 TEENS who ever try marijuana will become ADDICTED It can reduce IQ by 6-8 POINTS 2x 6x Marijuana use doubles The risk of car accidents Srtonger potency since the late ‘90s Srtonger potency since 1960 Increased chance of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses More carcinogens than in tobacco smoke 3x Up to 70% 5x

  3. Myth 4 The legality of alcohol and tobacco strengthen the case for marijuana legalization ALCOHOL -related arrests are currently 3 x GR E A T E R T HA N Percentage of teens able to obtain the following within one day: ALCOHOL TOBACCO MARIJUANA MARIJUANA 50% 44% 31% -related arrests LEGALIZING MARIJUANA MEANS INCREASED ACCESS, USE, AND ARRESTS Legal Marijuana: Big Tobacco 2.0? “Pot Tarts”

  4. Controlled Substance Training update Presented by the Sebastopol Police Department

  5. Concentrated cannabis • Concentrated THC extracted from cannabis using a chemical process

  6. Concentrated Cannabis

  7. Concentrated Cannabis

  8. Concentrated Cannabis

  9. Concentrated Cannabis Common street names: • Dabs • BHO (Butane Hash Oil) • Oil • Wax • Honey • Possession is a Felony (11357(a) H&S)

  10. Ecstasy • MDMA: methylenedioxymethylamphetamine • Hallucinogenic drug in the amphetamine family • Altered perception of space and time • positive basic mood • mania-like experience • thought disorder • fears of loss of thought or body control • visual hallucinations

  11. Ecstasy • Thizz: • Thizz records founded by Mac Dre • The word best described the feeling of being high on Ecstacy • Thizz was later used to refer to the drug itself • Other names include: • Molly • E • X • Possession is a Felony (11377(a) H&S)

  12. Ecstasy • Emergency room visits related to Molly, or Ecstasy, rose 128 percent among people younger than 21 between 2005 and 2011, according to a new government report. • Can lead to anxiety and confusion, which can last one week or longer after using the drug. • Health risks associated include becoming dangerously overheated, high blood pressure, and kidney and heart failure.

  13. DMT • Dimethyltryptamine: A naturally occurring hallucinogen found in the plant kingdom • When ingested, DMT acts as a psychedelic drug • Possession is a Felony (11377(a) H&S)

  14. DMT/Meth

  15. Methamphetamine • Originally created and used as medication for Asthmatics • Became widely used during WWII • Had resurgence as a recreational drug in the late 90’s • New ‘recipe’ in late 2000’s had made it easier to make • Very addictive dangerous drug

  16. Meth Possession Cases

  17. Methamphetamine • A Study in 2013 by CDC showed between 1.4%-1.6% of 9-12th Graders have tried Methamphetamine within the last year. • Same Study showed 4.7%-5.5% have access to Methamphetamine

  18. Heroin • Derived from Morphine, • which is extracted from the • Opium Poppy • Highly Addictive • Zombie-like symptoms • Constricted Pupils • Low pulse • “On the nod” • Possession is a Felony (11350(a) H&S)

  19. Heroin • On the rise due to low price, compared to other drugs in the same family • Resurgence sparked by late 90’s-00’s Oxycodone epidemic • Oxycodone in abuseable form became more difficult and expensive to obtain

  20. Heroin

  21. Heroin and Cocaine Cases

  22. Cough Syrup • Codeine • Promethazine • Dextromethorphan • Robitussin DM (Over the counter) • NyQuil (Over the counter)

  23. Cough Syrup • Often mixed with soda such as Mountain Dew or sprite • Can include candy additive (jolly rancher) • Purple Drank • Sizzurp • Lean • Syrup

  24. Mushrooms • Psilocybin: hallucinogenic mushroom • Similar hallucinogenic effects to LSD, Mescaline, and DMT • Symptoms include euphoria, visual and mental hallucinations, changes in perception, distorted sense of time • Can also cause Nausea and panic attacks

  25. Whip Its • -Cheap • -Increasingly Popular • -Legal to buy • - Nitrous Oxide • -Frosbite on face • Stops oxygen to brain • Can cause brain damage, organ failure to name a few • Death • Demi Moore

  26. E-Cigarettes • Originally designed as an aid to stop smoking • Many refill fluids contain nicotine • Vaporizes fluid – no smoke • Can be modified to accept other substances

  27. E-Cigarettes • -Kids that were not addicted before to cigarettes are now becoming addicted to E-cigs • No FDA Regulation

  28. E-Cigarettes • 1.8 million middle and high school students nationwide tried e-cigarettes in 2012 even with the restriction on sales.

  29. Facebook • Social media is the preferred method of sharing information on drug use/abuse. • Illegal controlled substance sales • Gatherings /parties and what drugs will be present

  30. Sebastopol Police Department Community Presentation 01/23/2014

  31. Resilience Indictorfor the 9thGraders

  32. Resilience Indictorfor the 11thGraders

  33. Marijuana Use for the 9thGraders

  34. Marijuana Use for the 11thGraders

  35. Rich Cundall Diana Rich Diane Davis Keller McDonald Jeffrey Weaver

  36. In a ideal world, what would be your wishes and dreams for the youth of Sebastopol? What more do we need to do? What resources are already available for our community?

  37. Networking Existing Resources Jobs, Mentorships, and Internships Early Drug Education

  38. Community Meeting held at Sebastopol Police Department

  39. Positive Activities for Youth Workforce and Career Development Positive Parenting Education