The five practices of exemplary leadership
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The Five Practices of exemplary leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Five Practices of exemplary leadership. OUR VISION OF THE FUTURE… OUR MISSION IS …. #1 Model The Way. “Leading means that you have to be a good example, and live what you say.” CEO Tom Brack

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The five practices of exemplary leadership

The Five Practices of exemplary leadership



1 model the way
#1 Model The Way

  • “Leading means that you have to be a good example, and live what you say.” CEO Tom Brack

  • “You must open up your heart and let people know what you really think and believe” CEO Lindsay Levin

  • Modeling the ay is about earning the right and respect to lead through direct involvement and action. People follow first the person, then the plan.

2 inspire a shared vision
#2 Inspire a Shared Vision

  • People have visions and dreams of what could be. They have absolute belief in those dreams.

  • Leaders gaze across the horizon of time ….

  • Leaders envision exciting possibilities

  • To inspire and share a vision a leader must know there constituents and speak their language.

  • Peoples belief in and enthusiasm for the vision sparks and ignites the flame of inspiration.

3 challenge the process
#3 Challenge the Process

  • Leaders venture out …

  • Leaders are pioneers …

  • Leaders know well that innovation and change involve experimenting and taking rist.

  • Leaders are learners …

  • Try, fail, learn. Try, fail, learn.

  • “Taking risks and believing that taking them is worthwhile are the only way companies “jump” rather than simply climb the ladder of success.”

4 enable others to act
#4 Enable Others to Act

  • Grand dreams don’t become significant realities through the actions of a single person. This requires and team effort. It requires solid trust and strong relationships. It requires deep competence and confidence. It requires group collaboration and individual accountability.

  • Leaders foster collaboration and build trust.

  • Leaders make it possible for others to do good work.

  • Leaders enable others to act not by hoarding the power they have but by giving it away.

  • Teamwork / Trust / Empowerment

5 encourage the heart
#5 Encourage the Heart

  • The climb to the top is arduous and long.

  • Many quit … Often give up …

  • It’s part of the leader’s job to show appreciation for people’s contributions and to create a culture of celebrating values and victories.

  • From the heart …

  • Build a strong sense of collective identity and community spirit that can carry a group through extraordinarily tough times.