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Information Technology Branch. Corporate Services Department. IT Planning Integration Project. Presented January, 2004. The Project Goals. Understanding our client's needs and priorities

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Information technology branch
Information Technology Branch

Corporate Services Department

IT Planning Integration Project

Presented January, 2004

The Project Goals

  • Understanding our client's needs and priorities

    • Provide a forum for client departments to discuss their business needs and priorities for the next three years

  • Strategic direction & strategies

    • Provide our client departments with strategic direction and strategies for technology which align with their business needs and priorities for the next three years

  • Early involvement in our client’s initiatives so we can

  • meet their needs more efficiently

Information Technology Branch

Department Strategic Directions


Integrated IT Planning Model

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Corporate Business Plan

Corporate Capital Planning Process



Department Business Planning

IT Forum B

Project Prioritization

IT Forum A

Discovery Phase


Strategic Plan

IT Forum C

Decision Review and Impact Assessment

IT Branch

Information Technology Branch

Forum “A” - Discovery Phase

Information Technology Branch

Forum “A” – Discovery Phase

A Multi-step Process:

  • One-on-one meetings with the General Managers, CIO and IT Business Partner to explore business vision

  • Business Technology “Theme” workshops

    • Technology Direction and Trends (Theme Leader)

    • City IT Strategy (Theme Leader)

    • City Funded and planned projects (Business Owners, All)

    • Questions and Discussion (All)

  • Follow-up and review of known business IT initiatives in the LRFP and CPP (Business Partners & Business Owners)

  • Preparation of “Value Assessments” for the Economic Benefits Registry

Information Technology Branch






Spatial Data

Information Technology Branch

Planning Radar

Early-Stage Thinking

LRFP-Listed Initiatives

IT Business Council Approved

Corporate Initiatives

Planning and Development

SMT Approved(Active Projects)

Smart Cards

HR Upgrade

Corporate Services

Transportation and Streets

Community Services

Asset Mgt. & Public Works

Emergency Response


Information Technology Branch

Forum “A” – Discovery Phase cont.

The Outcomes:

  • Clients have insight and influence over IT strategic direction

  • Helps clients to see new opportunities to use/exploit technology

  • Holistic view and alignment of COE and IT business priorities

  • Identification of technology impacts

  • Identification of new technology themes

Information Technology Branch

Forum “B” - Prioritization Phase

Information Technology Branch

Forum “B” – Prioritization Phase

The Process:

  • Business Council workshop in June

  • Initiatives document in Economic Benefits Registry

  • Assess the strategic alignment and risks

  • Recommend priorities into CPP Process

    The Outcomes:

  • COE IT investments prioritized and aligned with key business priorities

  • Business priorities supported by IT investments

Information Technology Branch

Forum “C” – Corporate Technology Planning Phase

The Process:

  • Align business and IT initiatives with technical vision

  • Update corporate technology vision and strategy

  • Formal communication of technology plans

    The Outcomes:

  • IT Initiatives incorporated into the Business Plan with business initiatives

  • IT Branch Plan will be aligned with the Business Plan

  • Updated corporate technology strategic vision

  • Early warning for future technical spending

Information Technology Branch

Next Steps

Actively communicate with departments

Prepare for Forum A Theme Workshops

  • Finalize which themes to include in the process

  • Confirm theme leaders

  • Solicit workshop participation

  • Schedule and host workshops

Information Technology Branch