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WELCOME MEETING . China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., Ltd. (CGNPC) and CLP Group. Tuesday, 5 August 2008 Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (TINT). “Thailand’s Nuclear Program”. Asst. Prof. Pricha Karasudhi . President Nuclear Society of Thailand. Status of nuclear society.

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Presentation Transcript


China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., Ltd. (CGNPC) and CLP Group

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (TINT)

“Thailand’s Nuclear Program”

Asst. Prof. Pricha Karasudhi


Nuclear Society of Thailand


Status of nuclear society

  • National policy for nuclear development
  • Status of nuclear program
  • Cooperation with other countries, etc.

Nuclear Research and Development in the field of:

  • Medical and Public Health Application
  • Educational Application
  • Agricultural Application
  • Industrial Application

Nuclear Energy for National Development

User Statistics

Medicine 100 Institutes

Education 150 Institutes

Industry 267 Factories

Lightning Arrestors 333 Sets

Smoke Detectors 959 Sets

Electrostatic Eliminators 4,000 Sets

X-ray Machines 6,500 Sets


Power Program in Thailand

  • Thailand Power Development Plan 2007-2021 (PDP 2007)

Thailand Nuclear Power Project

  • Apr. 2007 Setup a Committee to Study the
  • Implementation NPP
  • May. 2007 Committee setup 5 infrastructure
  • subcommittees
  • Jun. 2007 Committee setup Power Utility subcommittee
  • Aug. 2007 Meeting with IAEA Administration
  • Sept. 2007 Complete the Infrastructure Work Plan
  • Oct. 2007 Submit the Work Plan to the Government

Thailand Nuclear Power Project

TheNational Energy Policy Committee(NEPC) approved the National Power Development Plan for 2007 - 2022 (PDP 2007) on April 9, 2007 and presented it for the endorsement of the Cabinet on June 19, 2007

The basic options of the PDP 2007 made the following provisions for nuclear power:

  • 2000 MWe in 2021
  • 2000 MWe in 2022

Nuclear Power Infrastructure Preparation Committee (NPIPC) conducted in two tracks

  • Planning for Nuclear Power Utility
  • Planning for Nuclear Power Infrastructure

Nuclear Power Utility Planning work will include design and planning for the following :

  • Owner/Operator Modality and Utility Structure
  • Technology/Supplier Selection Plan, Safety Program
  • Fuel and Waste Management Plan
  • Site Selection Plan and Environmental Impact Study
  • Energy Economics and Financing Plan
  • NPP Design and Construction Plan
  • NPP Commissioning Plan
  • NPP Decommissioning Plan

Nuclear Power Infrastructure Planning work will include design and planning for the following :

  • Legal System, Regulatory System and International Protocols
  • Industrial and Commercial Infrastructure
  • Technology Transfer and Development and Human Resources Development Program
  • Safety and Environmental Protection Program
  • Public Information and Acceptance Program

NPIPC has approached the IAEA for the support of four IAEA technical experts in the areas of:

  • Nuclear Power Utility Start-up Planning
  • Legal System and Regulatory System
  • Safety and Environmental Protection Planning
  • Public Understanding and Public Acceptance Programme

The Ministry of Science and Technology had invited Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, IAEA Director General, to give the Keynote Speech at the 6th National Science and Technology Congress in Bangkok on July 14, 2007


Nuclear Society of Thailand; NST

  • Established 1993
  • Objectives
  • Promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy
  • Providing interdisciplinary forum
  • Dissemination of nuclear technology information

Nuclear Society of Thailand; NST

  • Members (2007) 1,064
  • Academies, Research Centers, Power Industries,
  • Authorities, Nuclear Medicine, and etc.

NST Supporters

MOST: Ministry of Science and Technology

NRC: The National Research Council

COSTAT: The Council of Scientific and Technological Associations of Thailand

EGAT: Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

OAP: Office of Atoms for Peace

TINT: Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology


NST Activities

1. Academic Affairs

  • Conferences (Annual , Cooperative)
  • Exhibition (Science Week, Thai Tech., Univ.)
  • Training & Workshop
  • Publication (Journal, Articles)

NST Activities

2. Excursion / Tour of Energy in Thailand.

  • Power Industries (Gas, Oil, Coal, Hydro)
  • Nuclear Energy (Reactor, Accelerator)

NST Activities

2. Excursion / Tour of Energy in China.


NST Activities

3. Public Information

  • Printed Matter (Newsletter, Pamphlet)
  • VCD (Nuclear Series)
  • Radio/TV Program
  • Press Release
  • Web site (

4. Interdisciplinary Forum

  • Coordinating with Societies

Cooperation with other countries

  • International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC)
  • Pacific Nuclear Council (PNC)
  • American Nuclear Society (ANS)
  • Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS)
  • Korean Nuclear Society (KNS)

Cooperation with other countries

Nuclear Society of Thailand signed (NST) MOU with Korean Nuclear Society (KNS) in Bangkok, Thailand on 22 Jan 2005


Thank you

Nuclear Society of Thailand (NST)