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  1. Animals 1. Which animals are native to your country?

  2. The Cretan wild goat (Capra aegagrus creticus), known as Kri-Kri, krikri or beast, is considered vulnerable species.

  3. This picture shows some native species of animals in Hungary.Some of them have been known since Puli Hungarian grey cattle

  4. There are many animals native to Spain, eg: • The Peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus) is the fastest flying bird (and indeed the fastest animal of every type). The maximum velocity recorded was 360 km/h. It attacks other birds by diving on them in mid-air. Like other falcons the Peregrine has a slender body, a long narrow tail and pointed wings.

  5. Our native animals are European Polecat, Boar, Deer , Squirel , Toad , Wolf and Fox.

  6. BIRD The golden eagle MAMMAL The wild boar AMPHIBIA The frog

  7. There are :- fox- woodpeckers- squirrels- crows- wild pigs which cause great problems in some areas of Germany, because they come into the towns and “work“ on the grass in the gardens. A “ meeting “ with a wild boar can be quite dangerous, because they want to protect their family and don’t have fears of human beings anymore.

  8. Deers & roe deers Wild boars Cows Chamois Storks Squirrel Bears Foxes Horses Pigs

  9. Animals 2. Which animals in your country are protected because they are in danger of extinction?

  10. RED DEER: Long time ago, the Red Deer lived in almost the entire continental Greece. Within a few decades however, its populations underwent a dramatic decrease, which resulted in the species being included in the “The Greek Red Data Book of Fauna species” (2009) as Critically Endangered (CR).

  11. In this image you can see some protected species of Hungary: Small Heath Butterfly Common Rock Thrush

  12. The most famous animals that are protected are: Iberian lynx Iberian Eagle (Águila Imperial Iberica) 250 examples. Peregrine Falcon. Grizzly Bear

  13. We have many protected animals. Invertebrates:butterflies,beetle Fish:lamprey Amphibians:newt,toad,jumper Reptiles:lizard,grass snake,viper,turtle Birds:for example:plover but we have most of protected birds Mammals:brown bear,bat,polecat,wolf,otter,squirrel

  14. In our country there are these protected species: WILD CAT EAGLE BEAR WOLF

  15. Nearly all butterflies, dragon flies, singing birds, birds of prey, snakes , ants are protected. There is even a very small mouse in the eastern part of Bavaria.

  16. Yes, because Austria has joined the EU, there’s a law called “Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive” which concerns itself with protection of animals. Some of the protected species: Brown bear Bats Fish Butterflies Endangered animals: March-Thaya-Auen (special storks) Brown bears

  17. MAMMALS: hare, crane, mountain goat, grey seal, squirrel, brown bear, lynx, marmot. BIRDS: stork, woodpecker, raven, swan. REPTILES: snake of Aesculapius, adder, lizard, European pond turtle. AMPHIBIANS: frog, green toad. FISH: salmon, sturgeon. INVERTEBRATES: butterfly(swallowtail), snail (pomatia).

  18. Animals 3 3. Do you know any famous animals in your country?

  19. Petros was a great white pelican, which was the official mascot of our Greek island Mykonos. In 1958 a wounded pelican was found off the coast of Mykonos shore by a local fisherman. The pelican was nursed to health and remained on the island supported by the locals. It soon adopted the name “Petros”, as a joke between the locals, as “petro” in the Greek means rock, stone but metaphorically Old and Grumpy. To the great disappointment of the locals and tourists alike, Petros was hit by a car on 2 December 1985 and failed to recover. Subsequently, three new pelicans reside around the main town of Mykonos, One, honorifically, was given the name Petros.

  20. Mancs, a male German Shepherd Dog, was the most famous rescue dog.His name means „paw”.His special talent was locating earthquake survivors.

  21. A famous animal in Spain is   Rocinante (the horse of the famous Don Quixote of the Mancha.

  22. Our famous animals are Mole and Bee Mája

  23. Fido was a mongrel dog who lived near Florence, who became famous because, after his master's death in 1943, he continued to wait for him at the bus stop for about 14 years.

  24. The very famous polar bear “Knut” in the Berlin Zoo. His mother didn´t like him, so he was brought up by zoo keepers. People from around the world came to see him. He died in 2011, only some years old.In the Leipzig Zoo they have an elephant called “Marla”.

  25. Panda Fu Hu in our national zoo schönbrunn in Vienna

  26. "Dżok" - this dog has a monument in Cracow because it is a symbol of fidelity dog to his owner. People built a monument for this dog in 2001.Dżok, the dog. The most faithful canine friend, ever epitomising a dogs boundless devotion to his master. Throughout the entire year /1990-1991/ Dżok was seen waiting in vain at the Rondo Grunwaldzkie roundabout to be fetched back by his master, who had passed away at the very site.

  27. Animals 4. Write the name of the sound these animals make (in your own language): Donkey Horse Elephant Cat Wolf Frog Cow Dog 4

  28. Donkey gar gar Elephant Wolf aooooooo Cowmooooooo Ηοrse Cat niao niao Frog vre kekex koax koax  Dogyav yav

  29. The donkey - ih-oh, ih-oh The wolf – aaauuuu The cat – miau The elephant – purrruuu The horse – iiiihhhh The frog – croa – croac, croac The cow - muuu

  30. -Donkey-iááá -Elephant-tutůů -Wolf-aůůů -Cow-bůůů -Horse-íhaháá -Cat-mňau -Frog-kvak -Dog-haf

  31. Donkey – “ia, ia, ia”elephant – “törööh”wolf – “arrrr”cow – “ muhh”horse – “brrrr”cat – “miau”frog – “ quaaaaak”dog – “wuff/ wauwau”

  32. Donkey: I-A Elephant: Törö Wolf: A-U Cow: Muh Horse: Wiha Cat: Miau Frog: rabin Dog: wuff

  33. donkey – osioł horse - kon elephant – słoń cat - kot wolf – wilk frog - żaba cow – krowa dog - pies

  34. Animals 5 5. Do you have any poisonous animals in your country?

  35. Ohia Viper : The Ohia snake is also referred to as the Adder snake and is classed as a venomous viper. Growing to between 2 - 3 feet (60 - 90 cm ) this snake has been responsible for many deaths. This viper is common viper snake and is not an endangered species. The people of Greece think that any good snake is a dead snake. Bites from this venomous snake are rare, and the venom is not usually potent enough to cause death. But fevers, nausea, headaches and vomiting as well as diarrhea, can ruin a vacation. If a person is bitten, seek medical assistance immediately, do not take chances. Ohia is found in the whole of Greece.

  36. We have got two poisonous snake species in Hungary: KERESZTES VIPERA (Vipera Berus) and RÁKOSI VIPERA (Vipera Ursinii Rakosiensis). The RÁKOSI VIPERA lives only in Hungary. Snakebites are very rare in Hungary.

  37. We have some snakes like the Seoane’s Viper in Northern Spain . Some spiders are also dangerous, like the black widow and the wolf spider. Black scorpion sting is very painful.

  38. Viper,wasps and hornets.

  39. The list of poisonous animals in our area are: scorpions, fish, spiders, snakes, insects.

  40. There some poisonous animals in Germany, but they are not so dangerous for adults to bring death.There are two snakes: the adder and the AspisviperThe fire salamander and the garden spider.

  41. 3 species of spiders: water spider, cross spider, “Dornfinger” spider Snakes: sandviper, adder, pitviper

  42. adder, wasp, cross spider

  43. Animals 6 6. Which is the biggest land animal in your country?

  44. In Greece, bears, which are estimated at around 250, live in the most remote areas of Pindus and Rhodope mountain ranges and they are the biggest land animals.

  45. Read deer are the largest native land animal in Hungary..Male are larger in size than females and have magnificent branched antlers.

  46. Mature bulls may weigh 500 to 700 kilos, Brown bears live in Cantabria (North of Spain) They measure between 1.6 and 2 m. in length and between 0.9 to 1 m. at shoulder height. They can weigh 150 to 200 kg.

  47. The biggest animal in Czech Republic is brown bear.