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ABOUT THIS COURSE: This Cardiovascular Nursing Review Course will cover Levels I and II, and was designed to meet the Professional Development and Board Certification needs of your Cardiac Nurses and Nurse Practitioners working in PCU, Telemetry, Emergency Chest Pain Centers, Cardiovascular Critical Care, Cath Lab, CV Surgery, CV Recovery, Cardiac Rehab, and Private Practice Cardiology Offices and Clinics. If your hospital is seeking, or needs to maintain Magnet Status, the CVRN Board Certification Exams offered by the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine are approved by the ANCC for Magnet applications.

Midland Memorial Hospital is taking the lead in the Midland and Odessa areas Sponsoring the Clinical Cardiovascular Nursing Course and CVRN Board Certification Opportunity for System-Wide Cardiac Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. This Nationally Acclaimed Course & Faculty are a must for all Cardiac Nurses & NPs.

National CVRN Board Certification Exam Opportunities Onsite!

Clinical Cardiovascular

Nursing Review

Course – Levels I-II


Jonni Cooper

PhD, RN, MACCN, A-ECG-BC, CVRN-BC Level V, CEO President & Founder of the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, Home of the Marriott Heart Foundation (MHF), American College of Cardiac Nurse Practitioners (ACCNP), American College of Cardiovascular Nurses (ACCN), and the Society of Cardiac Monitoring (SCM). Jonni is a seasoned Author, International Faculty and Guest Speaker for Hospitals and Cardiology Organizations Worldwide.

Midland Memorial HospitalMidland, TX

November 9-10, 2013

Presented by:American College of Cardiovascular Nurses, American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, and Sponsored byMidland Memorial Hospital

Alice FriedrichANP, MS, BSN, RN, CVRN-BC Level II. Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner for the North Shore LIJ Health System in New York.  Alice is a National speaker for the ABCM, and has taught at many Regional and National Conferences. She has a natural teaching gift and makes learning very enjoyable, informative and practical. Alice was among the first Nurse Practitioners to receive CVRN Board Certification Status in 2000.





Contact Hours:The CVRN I Course is approved for 9.0 contact hrs., and the CVRN I and II Course Combined is approved for 14.0 contact hrs., by the Florida Board of Nursing under Provider Number 50-14076.

Registration form for Cardiovascular Nursing Review Course &/or CVRN Exams – Midland, TX 11/9-10/13

First name: ____________________________ Middle initial: ________ Last name: ______________________________Degree(s) held: __________________________Professional Certifications held: _______________ Gender: q Male q Female

Home address: ___________________________________ City: _________________ State:_________ Zip: ________

Home email:_______________________________________ Work email: _______________________________________ Home phone: ______________________________________ Employer Name: _____________________________________________ Employer Phone No: ________________________________What area of cardiology do you work in? __________________________ How long have you worked in this area? ___________How many hours per week do you work in Cardiology? ______Have you had Formal Training in Cardiology? _________ If so, what specialty degree or Certification do you hold in Cardiology? ____________Does your Hospital have an In-house Training Program for Cardiovascular Critical Care and Telemetry Nurses? _______________Does your Hospital have Magnet Status, or are they seeking it? _______q I will be attending the CVRN Review Course 11/9-10/13

q I will be taking the CVRN Board Certification Exams 11/10/13

q I am undecided about the Exams; will tell you on 11/10/13

November 9, 2013 Course Outline:

7:00-7:55am -Course & Exam Registration

8:00-9:00am - Hypertension9:00-10:00am - Heart Failure

10:15-10:45am - Cardiomyopathy 10:45-11:45am - Bedside Assessment of CV Patient

11:45-12:45 Lunch12:45-3:30pm - EKG Essentials including Pacemakers 3:45-4:45pm – Acute Coronary Syndromes

November 10, 2013 Course/Exam Outline:

7:30-9:00am - Interventional Cardiology 9:15-11:15am - 12-Lead EKG Reading Skills11:30-12:30 - Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumping12:30pm -1:30pm – Lunch

1:30-2:30 – Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring2:30-3:30pm – Mechanical Ventilation Exams: CVRN Level I – 9:30-12:30pmExams: CVRN Level II – Arranged with local ProctorRegister for the Course and/or CVRN Exams:CVRN Level I Course: Midland Memorial Hospital Staff: $95; others $135CVRN I & II Course: Midland Memorial Hospital Staff: $140; others $270

CVRN I Exams:Midland Memorial Hospital Staff $220; others $270

CVRN I & II Combined: Midland Memorial Staff: $350; others $430CVRN II Only: Midland Memorial Staff: $130, others $160(Pre-requisite for CVRN II is CVRN I; may take both exams on the same day).Questions about the Course and Exams, call 352-293-3131 (9am-3pm M-F).

Payment Method: Make check payable to ABCM and mail with the registration form to: P.O. Box 3219, Spring Hill, FL 34611 (you may make one check to cover the cost of both your Course Registration and Exam fees). Do not mail your fees after 10/20/2013, send an RSVP to jenragan@accn.netstating your intent to attend the Course and/or Exams, and bring payment to the meeting in the form of cash or check. To pay with your credit card you will have to go online to www.accn.netand scroll down to Live Cardiology Conferences, and then to this Date, and Location.

Course Location:

Midland Memorial Hospital

400 Rosalind Redfern Grover Pkwy Midland, TX 79701www.midland-memorial.com

Est. 1991