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Math and Freedom Hill ES

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Math and Freedom Hill ES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Math and Freedom Hill ES. "People who don't count won't count." – Anatole France. AGENDA. Math Happenings Math Talk 26 Game Math Must Haves and Exploration Math School Plan “ M any A re T he H eroes”. Problem Solving Bulletin Board Math Moments starting in February

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math and freedom hill es

Math and Freedom Hill ES

"People who don't count won't count." –Anatole France

  • Math Happenings
  • Math Talk
  • 26 Game
  • Math Must Haves and Exploration
  • Math School Plan

“Many Are The Heroes”

math happenings at freedom hill es and in fcps
Problem Solving Bulletin Board

Math Moments starting in February

Math Night / April

Math Lunch Bunch for grades 3-6 starts on February 8

Teachers as Readers/Math starts on January 29 @ 8:15am in the Library

FCPS Math Conference on Friday January 26 @ 8am / South County SS

Flexible math groups

Using data to inform instruction

Calendar Math

Math Centers


Higher-order questioning

Pre-teaching assessments

Use of literature


Problem solving

Direct and small group instruction

Math Happenings at Freedom Hill ES and in FCPS
math talk

Using your note card, interact with your colleagues to see if you can piece together the missing math related word, phrase, and/or acronym. When you have it, sit together as a group and share a memorable math moment you have experienced this year (or in the past).

Math Talk Answer Key


Special Education

School Improvement Plan

Enhanced Scope and Sequence

Standards of Learning

Program of Studies

Pre test

Post test

Quarterly Plans

Common assessment

Curriculum framework

Pacing guide

Released test items

Test blueprint

Warm up

Differentiated instruction

Number and number sense

Geometry and measurement

Probability and statistics

Patterns, functions, and algebra

Computation and estimation

Professional learning community

Problem solving

math must haves
Math Must Haves

Please be advised… The next 3 slides contain links to teacher materials which produce the high math achievement we expect out of all Freedom Hill learners.

“I don’t become what I think I can. I don’t become what you think I can. I become what I think you think I can.”


math must haves1
Math Must Haves
  • Best Practices in Teaching Math and Math Time
  • Math Standards of Learning (The Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools describe the commonwealth's expectations for student learning and achievement in mathematics)
    • (PreK)
  • K-6 Mathematics Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework (The Mathematics Curriculum Framework defines the content knowledge, skills, and understandings that are measured by the Standards of Learning tests.)
  • K-6 Mathematics Enhanced Scope and Sequence (The Mathematics Enhanced Scope and Sequence provides teachers with sample lesson plans that are aligned with the essential knowledge and skills in the Curriculum Framework.)
math must haves2
Math Must Haves
  • FCPS Gateway/Blackboard: Program of Studies for your grade level (PreK-6) and math pacing guide for your grade level textbook
  • Quarterly Plans for Math (what is taught and when)
  • T/TAC Online

(Resources to help children and youth with disabilities)

  • Mathematics: Strategies for Teaching Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students – A Supplemental Resource to the K-12 English Standards of Learning Enhanced Scope and Sequence(The purpose of this document is to provide mathematics teachers with a brief overview of second language acquisition theory and suggest effective strategies for differentiating instruction for limited English proficient students.)
math must haves grades 3 6
Math Must Haves Grades 3-6
  • Standards of Learning Released Test Items (The test questions are representative of the content and skills included in the Virginia SOL tests and are provided to help you understand the format of the tests and questions.)
    • Grades 3 and 5:
    • Grade 6 :
  • Math Standards of Learning Test Blueprint (The Standards of Learning test blueprints serve as a guide to teachers, parents, and students in that they show Standards of Learning covered by a test, reporting categories of test items, number of test items, and general information about how the test questions are constructed.)
Math School Plan

“Vision is

the art of

seeing the invisible.”

Jonathan Swift

math school plan
Math School Plan

After reading the plan please discuss the questions below with your grade level team…

  • What is your grade level currently doing as it relates to the plan?
  • What support do you need?

Thank you!

-Math Committee

May Your Life Be Like Arithmetic: Joys Added Sorrows Subtracted Friends Multiplied Love Un-Divided - Unknown

Reflection and processing on your note


  • As a result of today’s session I plan to…
  • I would like to learn more about…
  • I’ll try…
  • At our next team meeting…