Truth and freedom
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Truth and Freedom. Chapter #5. False Notion of Freedom . Pure independence No rules; do what I want In reality: Sin never sets us free. It enslaves us with its damage, guilt. We are not being who we were meant to be.

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Truth and freedom

Truth and Freedom

Chapter #5

False notion of freedom
False Notion of Freedom

  • Pure independence

  • No rules; do what I want

  • In reality:

  • Sin never sets us free. It enslaves us with its damage, guilt.

  • We are not being who we were meant to be.

  • Movie Clip: The Truth helps us know which way to go. The rules have meaning; “Your Going the Wrong Way!”

Freedom and love
Freedom and Love

  • Freedom exists for the sake of love, to be able to be given away.

  • We really desire love more than freedom.

  • Being free allows us to truly love.

  • You can’t give what you don’t have.

  • If you can’t say ‘no’ to sex, what is your ‘yes’ worth?

  • We can’t make a gift of ourselves if we are not in control of ourselves.

Objective truth
Objective Truth

  • It’s a reality we cannot change or decide for ourselves , but is designed in the very nature of the thing.

  • God created us to choose between good and evil, not to determine what they are.

  • We have a tendency to make our own definition of what is right or wrong so that it fits in with our life and choice. But morality is not about what we want; it is about what is true and good.

    Movie Clip: Pontius Pilate “Quid es veritas?”

Freedom defined
Freedom Defined

  • The Ability to desire and choose the good.

  • “The more one does what is good, the freer one becomes” Bl. JPII

  • Being free means being who God created you to be. Following the designs He has for you.

  • With love comes responsibility. It doesn’t harm but rather helps it move as it should (like a string on a kite).

  • Movie Clip: “With great power comes great responsibility”

Internal and external constraints
Internal and External Constraints

  • To understand freedom we need to remember 2 things

    1. Who we are: Children of God

    2. What we were created for: Love and Communion

  • Remembering this we realize that freedom is not about living without rules or responsibilities (external constraints) but rather without internal constraints on our heart.

  • The truly free person doesn’t need the laws because their heart already desires what it calls for(ex: the faithful husband)

  • Loving without internal constraints requires our hearts to be transformed.

  • We obey God’s commands not because we HAVE to but because we WANT to.

Free will
Free Will

  • Love always requires a choice. God gives us free will so we can choose to love and follow Him.

  • Original Sin, the Fall has made our free will has lost much of its strength.

  • We can still choose what is good but we struggle to use our free will properly.

  • Movie Clip: Free will allows us to reject the lies and deceptions keeping us from knowing the Truth

Christ and freedom
Christ and Freedom

  • Christ has set us free so that, with Him, we can truly say, “yes” to Him and His truth.

  • We long for this since freedom lets us live the truth of who we have been created to be; to be loved.

  • “Man longs for love more than for freedom-freedom is the means and love is the end“ JPII

  • Movie Clip: Christ frees us, He is more than a ‘crutch’