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Mrs. McMahon Basic Physics PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. McMahon Basic Physics

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Mrs. McMahon Basic Physics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. McMahon Basic Physics. my webpage on the school website. The Classroom. Laboratory activities: Interactive, frequent, part of the instruction . Computer Webquests and research

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mrs mcmahon basic physics

Mrs. McMahonBasic Physics

my webpage on the school website

the classroom
The Classroom
  • Laboratory activities:

Interactive, frequent, part of the instruction.

  • Computer Webquests and research
  • Instruction: Notes from overhead, powerpoint or as advanced organizer notes; computer dvds; website access; worksheets and Physics Reference Tables .
my intention
My Intention
  • This is an elective science course.
  • Physics, even at the non-Regents level, is math-based.
  • Your students have indicated they wish to use this course to be better prepared for college.
  • They want to become stronger in the mathematics and skills of science, and be independent learners.

Quizzes are 1-2 times per week; tests once each unit and/or month.

  • Homework:Generally a few nights a week; either worksheets, out of the textbook, or castlelearning.
  • Should be posted on my webpage.
getting assistance
Getting Assistance
  • I am available post-session Tuesday through Thursday in room 215.
  • I am also available periods 5 and 9, but the students must make arrangements with me ahead of time.
  • There are Honor Society students who are willing to tutor during students’ free periods. Arrangements must be made.
grading policy
Grading Policy
  • This year I will employ a weighted average
  • Failed quizzes: may sometimes be made up during post-session.
  • Failed or poorly done tests may be retaken IF the student comes and writes out meaningful corrections within 5 days.