exploring careers in 3d the change over time project n.
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EXPLORING CAREERS IN 3D: The Change over Time Project PowerPoint Presentation
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EXPLORING CAREERS IN 3D: The Change over Time Project

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EXPLORING CAREERS IN 3D: The Change over Time Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EXPLORING CAREERS IN 3D: The Change over Time Project. Virginia Career VIEW Virginia Tech, School of Education Webinar March 2013. Graduate course listed in different schools at VT; transdisciplinary learning

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exploring careers in 3d the change over time project

EXPLORING CAREERS IN 3D: The Change over Time Project

Virginia Career VIEW

Virginia Tech, School of EducationWebinar March 2013


Graduate course listed in different schools at VT; transdisciplinary learning

  • Taught by Professors in ICAT (Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology, Center for the Arts)
  • Fall and Spring semester
  • Smaller, more focused group in Spring semester
cot team
CoT Team
  • Transdisciplinary Student Team
    • Greg M. Industrial Design, Creative Technologies, Architecture
    • Evelien Communication Science, Instructional Design and Technology
    • Greg W. Computer Science
    • Kendall Instructional Design and Technology
    • Emily Educational Psychology
  • Faculty Team
    • School of Education (SOE)
      • Liesl Baum
      • Phyllis Leary Newbill
      • Teri Finn
  • Advisors
    • Dr. Mitzi Vernon – School of Architecture and Design
    • Dr. Kathy Cennamo – SOE
    • Dr. Kelly Parkes – SOE
    • Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang – College Librarian
    • Misty Culler- Middle School Teach
    • Sarah Gerrol- High School Teacher
  • Fall semester- brainstorming, designing, researching, developing
  • Spring semester – implementing, testing, refining, finalizing
  • Tested 3x with 3rd graders at Kindergarten to College (K2C)
  • Tested with 8th graders at Glenvar Middle School
  • Immersed in Education: Video Game/Graphic Design course collaboration
  • Final Outcomes
    • Website
    • Kit – can be rented from ICAT to use in your classroom, and it’s free!
design problem
Design Problem

To use creative technologies to create a product of the arts that can be used to teach science.

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Review
  • Implementation

Change over Time (C/T) challenges students to creatively represent learning in a tangible form; through the process of creating paper art sculptures to represent abstract concepts. C/T, a project-based learning activity, encourages students to think critically and creatively as they discover firsthand how art and science inform each other

but why
But Why?

Mae Jemison – astronaut, doctor, art collector, and dancer– advocates for integration of art and science. Jemison calls on educators to teach both art and science, and to create bold thinkers through teaching intuition and logic.

Mae Jemison’s TED Talk


Let’s get started:You will need the small white piece of paper, black construction paper, and iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone for the next part

white paper
White paper

You only get one piece of paper for the entire activity!

Size 5.5”x4”

black paper
Black paper

To be used as a photo backdrop (at least 8.5”x11”)

CoT Kit comes with easy-to-use photo backdrops

  • You will need:
  • iMotion HD App (use free version)
  • Technology
    • iPod Touch w camera
    • iPad w camera
    • iPhone

Note: The CoT kit comes with 5 iPod Touches, with the app already downloaded

project overview
Project Overview:

We will be using the small white piece of paper to show what we are “visualizing”

The black piece of paper will be used as a photo backdrop

Cannot use any other tools

To document the process, we will take pictures of our sculptures, which will then be used to create a time-lapse video (using the iMotion HD app)

imotion hd ipod app
iMotion HD iPod App

Using the iMotion HD iPod App

Find and press the iMotion HD icon.

Select “new movie”.

Make sure manual is selected for options shown toward the bottom of the screen. Enter a movie title if desired (ie: Team Awesome, Fab Four, etc).

Press start to begin capturing videos.

Position the iPod until the screen is in the desired area and press the capture button to take a picture of the art.

Important: Do not press the stop button until you are finished with the video series. I will tell you when to press stop.

  • Use the same piece of paper.
  • Use all of the paper.
  • Be original!
  • There are no right or wrong answers.

**Cannot use tools (pencil, pen, scissors)

2 minutes
2 minutes
  • After 2 minutes are up, you will place your paper sculpture on the photo backdrop (black construction paper) and take a photo.
  • Discuss good photo vs. bad photo with students
  • **Remember not to hit stop
review of steps
Review of Steps

Arrange sculpture on photo backdrop

Visualize, show idea with paper

Read Prompt Card

Take photo(s) of sculpture

A. Show Flying

B. Show something that flies

C. Show a job that works with something that flies

prompt ideas
Prompt Ideas

8th grade English class

3rd grade math class

4th grade science class

Adult engineering educators

CoT can work with any subject

time lapse video
Time Lapse Video

After capturing the number of desired images, press the stop button twice to stop capturing images.

The app will create a time-lapse video.

To delete a frame from the movie, press the tools button to display the tool interface. Use the rewind or forward options to reach the desired image to delete. Press the delete button (the icon of a polaroid picture with a minus sign) to remove the frame.


What happened to the paper as you continued to use it over and over again?

What do you think would happen to the paper if you continued to fold it?

Can you think of other examples of objects that change over time?


How do scientists change things over time?

How have science careers changed?

What are some examples of change that have been demonstrated by scientific concepts?

What could science change in the future?

How might science careers change over the next 20 years?


Have students write a reflection after each prompt card

Ask students to justify what they are creating“I created _________ because ________”

virginia career view
Virginia Career VIEW


cot as a career exploration resource
CoT as a Career Exploration Resource
  • Project-based learning
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Presentation
  • Interpretation
  • Analysis
  • Using CoT as a tool to connect classroom learning with careers
  • Repeating CoT throughout the year with different prompts
  • Engaging classroom teachers
  • Exploring more IDEAS kits
emily fielder fieldere@vt edu virginia career view
Emily Fielderfieldere@vt.eduVirginia Career VIEW
  • References
    • ICAT – www.icat.vt.edu
    • IDEAS- www.ideas.soe.vt.edu
    • Change over Time- www.ideas.soe.vt.edu/changeovertime
    • Change over Time- www.icat.vt.edu/IDEAS/TeacherResources/index.html