management of slope stability in communities mossaic l.
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Management of Slope Stability in Communities ( MoSSaiC ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Management of Slope Stability in Communities ( MoSSaiC )

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Management of Slope Stability in Communities ( MoSSaiC ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Management of Slope Stability in Communities ( MoSSaiC ). Landslide Risk Reduction in Saint Lucia. What is MoSSaiC ?.

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management of slope stability in communities mossaic

Management of Slope Stability in Communities (MoSSaiC)

Landslide Risk Reduction in Saint Lucia

what is mossaic
What is MoSSaiC?
  • MoSSaiC, a research organization based at the University of Bristol and established in 2004, is an integrated method for engaging policy makers, project managers, practitioners, and vulnerable communities in reducing landslide risk in developing countries.
  • MoSSaiC combines research, policy, and humanitarian interests to address landslide hazard, by designing and implementing a community-based mitigation program. Specifically, there was the conviction that rainfall-triggered landslide hazards could be reduced in the most vulnerable communities in developing countries.


    • Disaster risk mitigation pays, and landslide hazards can often be reduced in vulnerable communities.
    • Engaging existing government expertise for implementing risk reduction measures can build capacity, embed good practice, and change policy.
    • Ensuring community engagementfrom start to finish can establish ownership of solutions.
  • MoSSaiC started working in partnership with the World Bank since 2009.MoSSaiC and a group of volunteer programmers won a ‘grand prize’ in the Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) competition in 2010, making the interface of the slope stabilization software more user-friendly.
developing mossaic in st lucia
Developing MoSSaiC in St. Lucia

Partnership between MoSSaiC, the Government, communities, the World Bank, and other donors

hurricane tomas
Hurricane Tomas

The passage of Hurricane Tomas on October 30-31, 2010, with a 24-hour rainfall of 533 mm in Castries (1-in-500-year 24-hour event) allowed the performance of the interventions to be assessed.

There were no reported landslides in any of the communities in which MoSSaiC interventions had been completed, both under the Second Disaster Management Project and under earlier projects.

  • The performance of MoSSaiC in St. Lucia has been assessed for four major storm events, including Tomas, on hillsides that, prior to the interventions, had landslides triggered by 1-in-1- to 1-in-5-year rainfall events.
  • Given the counterfactual nature of risk reduction, this can be regarded as a very significant positive result in terms of project impact.