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Main Issues on the Agenda for

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Main Issues on the Agenda for. The 23rd Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol And The 9 th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol 21-25 November, Bali.

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main issues on the agenda for
Main Issues on the Agenda for

The 23rd Meeting of the

Parties to the Montreal Protocol


The 9th Meeting of the Conference of

the Parties to the Montreal Protocol

21-25 November, Bali

bali logistics

Excom – 13-17 Nov at Sanur Beach Hotel

Impcom –18-19 Nov at Sanur Beach Hotel

Jt. Bureau – 19 Nov at Sanur Beach Hotel

COP/MOP – 21-25 Nov at Nusa Dua

If going to Excom too – You need 2 hotels

Have you requested funding for travel?

Have you gotten your visa??

Only Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Panama

are eligible for visa on arrival

now on to substance
Now on to substance

Overview of key issues for COP/MOP

- Replenishment including FERM

- Exemptions for EUEs, CUEs, L&A, PA,

QPS, Feedstocks,

- Destruction technologies

- TEAP nomination and recusal processes

- Status of ODS used to service ships

- HFC amendment, HFC 23 decision

- Information on ODS alternatives

- Status of Nepal

- VC Special Trust Fund – ORM report

- Memberships for 2012

replenishment 2012 2014
Replenishment – 2012-2014
  • Initial TEAP study on 2012-2014 included 6 scenarios and estimated need at between $245m and $665m
  • OEWG asked TEAP to perform further analysis (22 pts) designed to narrow that range; Due soon
  • Parties will decide on the agreed level of funding when they meet in Bali in November
  • Replenishment contact group seems prestigious, but it is really hard going. You may want to consider representation (or not)
initial replenishment analysis key points
Initial Replenishment Analysis – Key Points

$245m - $665m is a huge range – Why?

38-46% of estimated cost was for closure of HCFC producers – But there are no HCFC production closure guidelines

One country dominates both HCFC production/consumption and likely funding

% reduction in phase 1, different sectors funded, and CE assumed also have impact

essential use exemptions
Essential Use Exemptions

Wow – the level of A5 reductions is great! In 2009 9 A5 parties requested 2062t – In 2011 only 3 A5 countries are requesting and the total is 627t

Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and Russian Federation are still requesting for MDIs; Russian Federation also requesting for aerospace uses, and Jordan for BCM

In each case, except Russian aerospace, TEAP recommending less than requested

critical use exemptions
Critical Use Exemptions

CUEs have also fallen dramatically, from 18,504t requested for 2005, to 705t for 2013 – a 96% reduction.

Australia, Canada, Japan and the US still requesting for various uses. US and Canada requests subject to MBTOC minority reports and are still being considered by MBTOC

quarantine and preshipment exemption
Quarantine and Preshipment Exemption

QPS applications are totally exempt from control – but parties asked to minimize

EU has banned MBR for QPS; Some are concerned about level of MBR being used for QPS (about 12k t) – want to minimize;

EU proposal: monitor/report by use, avoid double use, TEAP study, Secretariat inf tool, increase overall QPS info so parties could strategically review the relevant issues

lab and analytical use exemption l a
Lab and Analytical Use Exemption (L&A)

Global exemption for small L&A quantities

Over the years, Parties excluded 3 applications with alternatives from the global exemption (testing oil, grease and petroleum HCs in water; testing for tar in road-paving media; forensic fingerprinting)

A5s have been allowed to use ODS for these banned applications through a year to year decision (eg: China proposal);

Some parties are now raising concerns

process agents pa and feedstocks fs
Process agents (PA) and Feedstocks (FS)

PA are catalysts; FS are used to produce other substances. ODS (eg: HCFC and CCL4) used for some applications in both areas by some industrialized countries.

There is a concern about potential high emissions/ and concern CCL4 reported does not correlate to atmospheric levels

Proposed decision would remind parties to report, collect more info, study non-ODS alts, and streamline PA tables

destruction technologies
Destruction Technologies

Parties have approved 13 destruction technologies that meet specified destruction efficiencies (DEs) (eg:99.999%)

TEAP recommending approval of a few new technologies and a review of DEs

In response to Parties request – TEAP also proposed voluntary criteria for verifying ODS destruction

Very complex – no OEWG action – COP?

teap nomination and recusal processes
TEAP Nomination and Recusal Processes

Australia and US proposal – key provisions

- Balance of expertise, perspective, geog.

- 4 yr appts/renomination in 4 yr increments

- Existing appts not on 4 yr schedule expire

in [2013][2020] – parties can resubmit

- Nominations from Ntl focal pts; Potential conflicts of interest identified

teap processes contd
TEAP Processes contd
  • MOP confirms nominations/TSBs over 1 yr;

- ExecSec made ex-officio TEAP member;

- Panel finish recusal guidelines for OEWG or develop comprehensive guidelines

- Panel to update/clarify matrix of needs;

- Panel to standardize info for nominations

status of ods used to service ships
Status of ODS Used to Service Ships

EC reporting HCFC sold to some ships in EC ports as an export – Must you report HCFC sold to your flagged ships as an HCFC import? How should you/ how do you treat this?

Proposal by St Lucia et al requests OzSec study, but also requests, for calculating consumption, sales of ODS to a ship docked in a party’s port for use onboard that ship should be considered part of that party’s production rather than its export

information on ods alternatives swiss
Information On ODS Alternatives (Swiss)

TEAP to:

- Study CE of HCFC/CFC alternatives;

  • Assess quantities and types of alternatives

likely to be phased in;

- Assess impact of HCFC guidelines on HFC

  • Assess feasibility of HFC reduction options

considering alternative cost/availability;

Parties to

- Report HFC production/emissions data

disaggregated by country/use if possible;

- Encourage use of low GWP alternatives;

request by nepal
Request by Nepal
  • Paras 8/9 of A4 allow a country to avoid the application of non-Party trade sanctions by demonstrating that it is in full compliance with the provisions of the amendment.
  • Nepal reported its difficulty in ratifying the amendments and requested MOP to consider it’s status vis a vi paras 8/9 of A4
  • Proposal appears aimed to address Excom guidelines precluding HPMP support to countries that have not yet ratified Copenhagen – but relevant to HCFCs
hfc proposed decision amendment
HFC Proposed Decision/Amendment

Parties did not take a decision on this last year, but agreed to reconsider this year

Proposed decision would have the MLF study and fund the phaseout of HFC23 produced as byproduct of HCFC22 production

Amendment calls for a phasedown of HFCs under the Montreal Protocol and funding for phasedown under the MLF

memberships and officers
Memberships and Officers

Excom seats – currently Argentina, Cuba and Grenada – LAC needs 2 in 2012

Impcom - St Lucia in last year of first term; Nicaragua will start 2nd year of 2nd term

Grenada is Rapportuer of the MP Bureau - Cuba is currently VC VP – LAC needs to select VP for each bureau

Asia should rotate to 2012 OEWG co-chair

vienna convention issues
Vienna Convention Issues

VC meets every 3 years

Parties expected to:

- decide on a VC budget

- review status of special monitoring fund

- review recommendations of the ORM

which focus on support of studies and

investigations in key areas, support of

observation networks, and support of

capacity building workshops