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  1. Integrated Farming (IF) The Way Forward to Achieve Sustainable Agriculture EISA Meeting with Ms Alina-Stefania Ujupan & Mr Yves Madre Members of Cabinet of Commissioner Ciolos, European Commission Brussels, 22 November 2010 1

  2. LEAF’s Roots EISA works from the ground upwards EISA provides practical solutions to deliver sustainable agriculture 2

  3. EISA Members Founded in 2001 as an alliance of National Associations for the Promotion of Integrated Farming (IF), with nowassociations from 6 EU Member Statesas Full Members Austria France Germany Luxembourg Sweden UK united to deliver Sustainable Agriculture + 7 National / European / International Associations from the farm supply chain as Associated Members: ECPA - EFMA - ELO - FEFAC - GOSZ - IFAH-Europe -SAI Platform 3

  4. Integrated Farming – in practice Making a living Water Efficiency Energy Efficiency Crop Husbandry Soil Management Pollution Control Wildlife & Landscape PR & Marketing Animal Husbandry

  5. EISA’s approach to Integrated Farming in practice Integrated Farming – A Planned Approach: • Whole Farm Management Plans - conservation - nutrient management - herd health - energy & water use, etc. • Tool for self-assessment, management and auditing - developed with scientists, farmers and environmentalists • Network of demonstration farms • Communicating with the public • Training & Skills development 5

  6. EISA’s Achievements European definition of IF • detailed description of IF and IF processes • show where IF goes beyond CC/GAEC (= baseline) • Whole farm management (11 chapters) Practical Reference tool for • politicians / administrations • farmers • industry and environmentalists 6

  7. EISA’s Achievements Guidance & Information in three languages • Farmers version: Management tool, to raise awareness, allow for self-assessment and achieve continuous everyday improvement on-farm • Version for Policy / Administration: Providing the basis for a common and Europe-wide understanding & application • Templates: One page papers on issues such as climate change, consumer demands, animal husbandry and health, soil management, crop protection ... ... With practical solutions to these issues through the adoption of Integrated Farming 7

  8. EISA’s Achievements A network of demonstration farms: delivering sustainable farming in practice through the development and promotion of Integrated Farming Over 450 demonstration sites throughout: • Austria • France • Germany • Luxembourg • Sweden • UK Reaching out to over one million visitors each year! 8

  9. EISA Demonstration Sites • Sharing information • Making change happen • Practical solutions to deliver sustainable farming • Active knowledge exchange • Improved performance for the farm business, the environment & society 9

  10. Delivering Change through IF Nitrate content of 3 drinking water wells (mg/l) 10

  11. Delivering Change through IF Management of the un-cropped areas to provide nesting sites and food along with some targeted control of predators during the breeding season allowed for a dramatic increase in farmland bird numbers in just a three year period! 11

  12. Delivering change through IF • program “Agriculture and Biodiversity” • jointly initiated by LPO, FARRE, CIVAM and FNAB, • extensive consultation • involvement of farmers from more than 130 farms in 18 different French regions • publication of 14 information sheets • with strategies, tools and measures to improve biodiversity on farms • have since been used intensively 12

  13. Delivering change through IF Close liaison with researchers: Building on science and working with many partners EISA members help deliver research into practice out on farm Stakeholder engagement: Facilitating discussion to achieve practical, realistic and achievable ways to deliver sustainable agriculture across Europe Public involvement: Engaging consumers and contributors across Europe through events and visits. Open Farm Sunday in the UK has welcomed over ¾ million consumers out on to farm Farmer stands and displays in Paris have engaged with thousands Market focus: Adding value to farmers who deliver a better environment through the market place as with LEAF Marque 13

  14. EISA supporting the CAP towards 2020 Integrated Farming offers tools to achieve objectives outlined inthe EU-Communication” as of 29/09/2010, as ... ... Integrated Farming is targeted at • the efficient and responsible use of all natural resources, • reliable, secure, high quality food supply, • reducing negative environmental effects such as GHG emissions , • sustaining farm incomes, • education, training and solid management capabilities, • diversification of farming businesses according to site and situation • keeping rural areas and landscapes in Europe alive. 14

  15. EISA supporting the CAP towards 2020 Integrated Farming (IF) is based on an educated management approach which decides according to a given site and situation. Providing farmers / advisors and authorities throughout Europe with adequate training, information and tools will help to foster sustainable development on farms. Efficient resource use through IF contributes to smart growth and sustainable growth as outlined in chapter 4 of the EU-Communication. The IF concept as developed by EISA in dialogue with a wide variety of stakeholders is readily available to be taken up by EU bodies and to be used throughout Europe. 15

  16. Integrated Farming offers Solutions to … EU & national decision-makers • Climate Change • Soil Conservation Farmers • Protecting & enhancing the environment & our key resources • Providing economic sustainability on the farm • Leading the way in compliance & climate change solutions Consumers • Engaging with consumers to meet global demand for quality, healthy & safe food • Building trust and understanding in the achievements of agriculture • Biodiversity • Water Management • IPM • … 16

  17. EISA’s offer to the Commission Our Demonstration Farm Network: • Demonstrating and communicating modern and sustainable farming to all interested stakeholders • Explaining EU and national agricultural policies • Demonstrating means, measures, and tools of sustainable agriculture to farmers / advisors By means of ... • open farm days • visits • farmers‘ exchanges, round tables, IF seminars, training 17

  18. EISA’s offer to the Commission Farmers Version of the EISA Framework: • a tool to raise awareness of the individual farmer • a tool for self-assessment of individual farmers • a teaching tool for advisors / advisory services • a tool for practical agricultural education • a means of communication in the food chain To be used throughout the EU. 18

  19. EISA’s offer to the Commission EISA and its members are committed to bringing Integrated Farming forward throughout Europe to deliver sustainable food & farming. • We offer our active involvement in the process of spreading the “Integrated Farming message” • We provide the EISA material (IF Framework, Farmers Version, Version for Policy and Administration, Templates) as a basis for further activities and communication • We offer our Demonstration Farm network for national and European Farmers’ Exchange Programmes, IF seminars, Farm Visits 19

  20. Supporting EISA to help deliver change EU bodies • recognize IF as a practical approach to sustainable agriculture • support and foster the development & promotion of IF EU-wide • i.e. through(co-)sponsoring the dissemination of EISA’s tools including Farmers Version of the IF Framework • translation into various EU languages (handy brochures) • targeted distribution in selected countries via national administration and farming associations • Support (financial & promotion) for the further development of the EISA Demonstration Farm Network 20

  21. Supporting EISA to help deliver change EU bodies support the development & promotion of Integrated Farming actively EU-wide, e.g. through: • Financial support for the creation of IF associations in countries where there is a need and interest (Poland, Hungary, Slovac Republic, etc…) • Support for seminars in these countries, targeted at administration, advisors / advisory services, farmers, and potential members of national IF associations. 21

  22. Investing in the Future 22

  23. EISA - Delivering Change Thank you! We would like to invite the Commissioner and his Cabinet to visit our demonstration farms Contact Mr Robby Schreiber, Tel: 02 / 660.82.14 23