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Rendezvous Team. Concepts in Software engineering MidTerm-2 Presentation. Mother and Child Hospital Management. Team Members : Uttam -912024 Janaki - 102155 Veena - 102019. INTRODUCTION.

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Rendezvous team

Rendezvous Team

Concepts in Software engineering MidTerm-2 Presentation

Mother and child hospital management

Mother and Child Hospital Management

Team Members :

Uttam -912024

Janaki - 102155

Veena - 102019


Mother and Child Hospital is a service used by Hospital management to address health issue related to Mother and child.

This is a system designed and developed for health care companies for registering records of In-Patient Departing & Out-Patient Departing When Patients visits the doctor.

About the project
About the project

  • The Mother and Child Hospital project is more suitable to today’s Hospital environment compared to traditional manual system, this requires less work by the user.

Identification of need

  • The HOSPITALS are currently maintaining the patients database manually which is a very time consuming process.

  • So it becomes a very tedious job for the doctors to look after these particulars to complete the task at right time.

  • Misplacing or losing the manual records

As is and as to be about the project
“AS IS” and “AS TO BE” about the project

  • “AS IS “

    • Currently MCHM is manual maintaining all the records of patients

  • “AS TO BE”

    • Simply user friendly system will be used to store all the patients information, which will help the management to maintain all the records.

Goals and scope

The project aims to create an electronic medical records system that allows storage, retrieval and manipulation of records for a maternity clinic. The product features include the ability to maintain the records of patients (both in-patients and out-patients), their appointments, services offered and fees charged. The product would be ideally suited for clinics that are maintaining their records in books and spreadsheets and would like to transition to an integrated system.

Modules and features
Modules and Features

Product Features:

The initial version of the product will comprise of the following features:


IPD Service

OPD Service


User Maintenance

Adv of the project
Adv of the project

  • Better Management

  • Time Saving

  • Organized

  • Reliable

Software requirements
Software Requirements

  • Software Pre-requisites

    • Stand-alone installation

    • Operating Systems : Any Window Operating system with service pack 2

    • Database : Microsoft Access

    • Software : VB.NET

    • Framework Microsoft Framework 3.0 or higher

Hardware requirements
Hardware requirements

  • Hardware Pre-requisites

    • Stand-alone installation

    • RAM : 512 MB or Higher

    • Hard Disk : 120 GB and free space plus adequate free space

    • Display:1024 * 768 minimum Screen Resolution required

    • LAN/WAN N/A

    • Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00 GHz

V shaped strengths
V-Shaped Strengths

  • Emphasize planning for verification and validation of the product in early stages of product development

  • Each deliverable must be testable

  • Easy to track progress by milestones

  • Easy to use

V shaped weaknesses
V-Shaped Weaknesses

  • Does not easily handle concurrent events

  • Does not handle iterations or phases

  • Does not easily handle dynamic changes in requirements

  • Does not contain risk analysis activities

Why v model
Why V-Model

  • Excellent choice for systems requiring high reliability – hospital patient control applications

  • All requirements are known up-front

  • When it can be modified to handle changing requirements beyond analysis phase

  • Solution and technology are known

User classes and characteristics
User Classes and Characteristics

  • Receptionist / Front Office :

    The receptionist will maintain the records of patients’ appointments.

  • Administrator:

    The admin maintains the overall records of the organization.

  • Nurse / Sister:

    The nurse will maintain the records of services provided to the patients.

  • Doctor:

    The doctor will access the records in the system to review a patient’s medical history.