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By: Caleb Eich Scotty Coen. The Radio. When was it invented?.

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By caleb eich scotty coen


Caleb Eich

Scotty Coen

The Radio

When was it invented
When was it invented?

an Italian inventor, proved the feasibility of radio communication. He sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895. By 1899 he flashed the first wireless signal across the English Channel and two years later received the letter "S", telegraphed from England to Newfoundland. This was the first successful transatlantic radiotelegraph message in 1902

Who invented it
Who invented it?

Guglielmo Marconi Born Apr 25 1874 - Died Jul 20 1937 Transmitting Electrical SignalsRadioPatent Number(s) 586,193Inducted 1975

What materials were originally used to make this
What materials were originally used to make this?

The first radio was a clockwork-keyed spark transmitter

How was it originally made
How was it originally made?

  • originally transmitted signals by using a clockwork-keyed Spark Transmitter

What improvements have been made
What improvements have been made?

Improvements have been made to get satellite radio and stretch long distances

Why were the improvements made
Why were the improvements made?

  • The improvements were made for digital transmitters and able to do more things.

Who uses this product
Who uses this product?

Mostly all people now a days use the radio when driving or just listening to a MP3

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