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M2M Standardization Status in Korea PowerPoint Presentation
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M2M Standardization Status in Korea

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M2M Standardization Status in Korea - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M2M Standardization Status in Korea

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  1. M2M Standardization Status in Korea DaeJung KIM Director, TTA

  2. Highlight of Current Activities (1/2) M2M Policy in Korea M2M Basic Plan Future ICT Service Strategy • 10 future ICT services including M2M of KCC (‘10.5) Source : KRnet2011 Conference(KCC) • Establishment of M2M basic plan to strengthen national competitiveness & promote service (`09.10) • Pilot project for extending usages • Establishment of M2M testbed • Promote M2M by making forums and councils in public organizations • Update various laws and regulations related to M2M

  3. Highlight of Current Activities (2/2) Establishment of TTA M2M PG • Dec. 07. 2010: M2M PG (PG708) established • PG708 Chairmanship: ETRI, SKT, KT, LGU+, Ajou Univ. • Members: 20 companies, 95 members

  4. Strategic Direction Hurdles & Solutions to Boost M2M Market Hurdles & Solutions considered by KCC • To solve the lack of Business killer service, • M2M pilot project should be carried forward. • To solve the Lack of Infrastructure for M2M service, and R&D, • Mobile M2M testbed should be established • For Urgency of domestic M2M Standard development, • Cellular network based M2M standard for global standardization should be developed. • Insufficient awareness of service usages & demands in local government etc, • M2M service through presentation for public organization should be invigorated. • For Weak competitiveness of small & medium-sized enterprises, • Various laws and regulations should be modified, train human resources Source : KRnet2011 Conference(KCC)

  5. Challenges • Key point for success is “vertical” players: We should consider how to encourage vertical players to join at M2M standardization • For proliferation of M2M business & market, one of the M2M use cases(PES, ITS, smart metering, Smart GRID, CE etc) should be a killer application • For the economy of scale, global harmonized open service platform of M2M should be developed.

  6. Next Steps / Actions • 13 Work Items of TTA PG708 are in the standardization process. • M2M Service Requirements • M2M Data Structure • M2M Identification Scheme • PCI express mini card WiBro communication module for M2M • Requirements and System Architecture of PES. etc…

  7. Next Steps / Actions • If M2M Consolidation systems among SDOs is being established, a lot of advantages will be gained as follows • Quicker development for equipment vendors and application developers as they need to cope with a single standard • Facilitates access to global markets • Reduces costs for standardization, testing and training • May lead to a greater success of standards and serve as a catalyst for quicker introduction of M2M solutions • The relationship with international standard organization needs to be considered for successful work.

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  9. What is M2M? (in Korea) • Network intra-structure providing intelligent acquisition and processing of information using communication network of human to object and object to object • New type of intelligent service using intellect of object (sensor, observation, controlling) and advanced mobility (embedded mobile) Cellular-based M2M Machines/Devices/Objects/Things Networks Service/Applications Mobile comm. M2M Service Provider Other comm. Network Source : 2010 M2M Conference(KCC)

  10. ToR of TTA PG708 • Development of M2M service requirements • Standardization of open M2M platform interface based on commercial mobile communication network • Review of radio access technology considering M2M QoS and Overload • M2M identification system and naming technology standardization • M2M security technology standardization • Invigoration of domestic M2M market and standardization with collaborating M2M/IoT forum

  11. External Relationship of PG708

  12. M2M Policy & Regulations M2M Regulations in KOREA Adjustment of spectrum fee for spreading M2M Status & Problem Direction • Review the reduction of M2M spectrum fee to increase its demands by relieving burden to subscribers • Modify laws and regulations related to M2M (Calculation criteria of spectrum fee, etc) Source : KRnet2011 Conference(KCC) • M2M service don’t use voice and use the data only. However, the spectrum fee is almost same mobile comm. and WiBro. It makes hindrance of spreading M2M, and adds burden to subscribers • Spectrum fee of Mobile Comm.: quarterly 2,000 WON per Subscribers • Spectrum fee of WiBro: quarterly 1,200 WON per Subscribers

  13. M2M Pilot Projects & Related Works M2M Pilot Project (2009~2010) Initial adoption of M2M service in public area Public Facilities Monitoring Service (`09) Weather Monitoring Service (`10) • Enhancement of weather information gathering system (Korea Meteorological Administration) • Weather observation information is transmitted by CDMA instead of wired/satellite network • Improvement of weather information reliability, and Reduction Communication expenses. • Enhancement of Leisure environment/Facilities management (Chun-Cheon city) • M2M platform based water quality, air quality measurement & management system • Provide environmental monitoring & facility usage status service Source : KRnet2011 Conference(KCC)

  14. M2M Pilot Projects & Related Works M2M Pilot Project (2009~2010) Finding & extending new M2M service model in public area Downtown M2M Service (`09) Smart Downtown Safety Service (`10) • Intelligent security light management & safety school zone constitution(Seoul city) • Facility remote management & children location guidance through bi-directional wireless comm. • Crime prevention targeted to children &women • Development of future bus stop station service model (Seoul city) • Provide sensing information of weather & environment in the surrounding area • Provide previous bus stop station image, traffic information & expected bus arrival time, etc. Source : KRnet2011 Conference(KCC)

  15. M2M Pilot Projects & Related Works M2M Pilot Project (2011~) Finding private service model and increasing M2M service demand Vehicle Intelligent Service Personal Environment Service (PES) • Service platform development to automatically control surrounding objects according to personal profile(illumination, music, temperature, etc) of smart phone • Support safety & convenient drive life to the public • Vehicle safety service & management service Source : KRnet2011 Conference(KCC)

  16. M2M Pilot Projects & Related Works M2M Technology Development (2011~) Strengthen M2M Technology competitiveness & Standardization Low Power Comm. Modem Development M2M Device Platform Development • HW/SW standard platform development to reduce manufacturing costs of M2M device platform M2M Comm. Module Modem Technology Development of low power communication modem (Now: 50nJ/bit  goal: 1nJ/bit)

  17. M2M Pilot Projects & Related Works M2M Support Center (MSC) – since 2010.05 Mobile M2M Testbed for certification & testing of M2M system Test result & monitoring Platform & application Network (wire, wireless comm.) Device (sensor, terminal) Terminal Sensor Test Equipment Source : KRnet2011 Conference(KCC)