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BSC Swimmer Spotlight October 2010. Please press the space bar to proceed!. Heather McKillican- National.

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Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

BSC Swimmer Spotlight

October 2010

Please press the space bar to proceed!

Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

Heather McKillican-National

The October Swimmer Spotlight is on Heather McKillican of the National Group. Heather is another “new” swimmer in that she has only been on Buenaventura Swim Club for a short period of time, about 1 year, and has improved dramatically. Heather loves to swim and it shows in both her attendance and her daily efforts. She has set her goals high and her efforts are already paying off in the pool. I’m very excited to watch Heather continue to improve and enjoy the sport of swimming and look to see her compete at the collegiate level in the future.

Coach Jason

Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

Erin Millage - Senior

The October Swimmer Spotlight is on Erin Millage for the Senior Group. Erin is another example of someone fairly new to Buenaventura Swim Club. Although she has been on the team for over a year, she quickly moved into the Senior Group, swimming with others with many years of experience. In just one short year, Erin has improved immensely and now fits into this hard training group very well. It has been fun to watch Erin gain confidence and I am certain that her goal of being the best swimmer on her high school team will be attained!

– Coach Jason

Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

Lindsay Clark - Gold

October’s Gold Swimmer of the Month goes to Lindsey Clark. Lindsey has always been a hard worker and has always given her best. But lately I have seen Lindsey become more of a leader for my group. She is leading the way in practices and I look forward to her leading the way at meets too. Although she is quiet, she gives out words of encouragement to everyone around her, especially to those who try and challenge her. She has beautiful drills and a great feel for the water. Recently she has gotten BEST times in practice from last year’s times. I look forward to many fast swims out of her this year and I believe she will do very well at Junior Olympics too. Keep up the hard work and continue to lead our Gold Group. Way to Go Lindsey.

Coach Lee Anne

Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

Nick Schwartz - Silver

My choice for October Swimmer Spotlight for the Silver Group is Nick Schwartz. Nick is a great lane leader, always has a great attitude and makes corrections when asked. I look forward to watching Nick continue to improve and work towards moving to the next level.

– Coach Deidre

Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

Micah Amico - Bronze

For the month of October, I have chosen Micah Amico to represent the Bronze Group. Micah is brand new to our team and he is determined to know and learn each stroke to the best of his abilities. Micah watches the instructions and demonstrations intently and then he performs the task that he is asked to do until he gets it right. He continues to improve each and every day. I watched him swim in our Intra-Squad meet and WOW! Micah, I am looking forward to seeing you swim in an actual meet. Congratulations and keep on swimming because you are GOOD!

Coach Betsy

Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

Ryan Sequeira - Pre-Comp

When Ryan first came to Buenaventura Swim Club, he was unsure if he really wanted to do it. He didn't give up and he kept working hard, now he is one of my best swimmers and quickest learners. Ryan is always working hard and always trying to lead his lane and I appreciate his efforts and look forward to watching him grow into a great swimmer.

–Coach Danny

Bsc swimmer spotlight october 2010

Go Global Buena!

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