quagga mussels in utah water supply industry perspective l.
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Quagga Mussels in Utah Water Supply Industry Perspective PowerPoint Presentation
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Quagga Mussels in Utah Water Supply Industry Perspective

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Quagga Mussels in Utah Water Supply Industry Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quagga Mussels in Utah Water Supply Industry Perspective. Utah Division of Water Resources July 15, 2008. Great Lakes Perspective. Surrounding states and drainage basin. Great Lakes Perspective. 84% of North America’s surface fresh water 21% of world’s supply

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quagga mussels in utah water supply industry perspective

Quagga Mussels in UtahWater Supply Industry Perspective

Utah Division of Water Resources

July 15, 2008

great lakes perspective
Great Lakes Perspective

Surrounding states and drainage basin

great lakes perspective3
Great Lakes Perspective
  • 84% of North America’s surface fresh water
  • 21% of world’s supply
  • 5,473 cubic miles or

18,500,000,000 acre-feet (billion)

  • “It takes a great deal to push the ecosystem of the Great Lakes, and the mussels have done it.”
  • Comparison: Lake Powell + Flaming Gorge =

0.2 % volume of Great Lakes

mussels now western us problem
Mussels Now Western US Problem
  • January 6, 2007 Quaggas@ Lake Mead
    • Las Vegas Boat Harbor
    • Arrived 3 years ago
  • Later found in Lakes

Mohave and Havasu

  • Moved into California & Arizona
  • August 2007 veligers

(larvae) found in Lake Powell

mussels now western us problem5
Mussels Now Western US Problem
  • “California… is worried that the mollusks could damage the system that brings water across the desert to 18 million people in Los Angeles and San Diego.”
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California officials, “…shut down the entire 242-mile aqueduct for three weeks to dry out the canals and use chlorine to kill the mussels.” Done TWICE in 2007.
  • Major response by
    • Utah, Nevada, Arizona & California
    • National Park Service
    • Southern Nevada Water Authority
    • Las Vegas Valley Water District
mussels now a utah problem
Mussels Now a Utah Problem
  • None detected in Utah yet, however….
  • Conditions in Utah reservoirs are conducive
  • Top 20 destinations of Lake Mead boaters
    • #3 Lake Powell
    • #11 Pineview Reservoir
    • #12 Bear Lake
    • #14 Willard Bay
    • #19 Jordanelle Reservoir
  • I-80 brings eastern boats to Flaming Gorge
  • Move downstream from reservoirs
costs due to mussels
Costs Due to Mussels
  • If you use electricity & water, you do not want mussels
  • Costs in this presentation assume state-wide infestation
    • Worst case scenario
    • Could take years like eastern US
  • Cost estimating difficult
    • Varying & missing data
    • Different locations: eastern vs. western US
    • Changes with time: technology & cost indexing
    • Still needed some estimates
mussel costs in the usa
Mussel Costs in the USA
  • $ 100 + million per year
    • Electric industry 51%
    • Water treatment 31%
    • Industrial 8%
    • Others 10%
pipeline problems due to mussels
Pipeline Problems Due to Mussels
  • Increased friction & reduced area reduces flow capacity
    • Pipelines NOT tolerant of reduction
  • Remove & clean out mussels: more maintenance
  • Retrofit existing & redesign new pipelines
    • Continuous chemical feed systems & supplies
    • Enhanced corrosion resistance: oxidizing chemicals
    • Pipe cleanout access & dispose of mussels
      • Large: people Smaller: pigging Smallest: replace
    • Mussel-resistant coatings in selected areas
    • Shut down pipeline: maintenance or replace
  • No cost data for pipeline activities
canal problems due to mussels
Canal Problems Due to Mussels
  • About 4,573 miles of canals in Utah
  • Open-channel flow capacity reduced
    • Earth-lined:24% less, Manning n 0.022  0.029
    • Concrete-lined:52% less, Manning n 0.014  0.029
    • How tolerant are your canals of such reductions?
canal problems due to mussels13
Canal Problems Due to Mussels
  • Mussel growth reduces area & further reduces flow
  • Annual dewatering
    • Mussel die-off
    • Deteriorated water quality
    • Noxious odor
  • Clean up dead mussels: maintenance along canal
  • Valves, screens, grates & facilities maintenance
  • No cost data for canal activities
secondary water systems problems due to mussels
Secondary Water Systems Problems Due to Mussels
  • Outdoor irrigation
  • Residential lawns, golf courses, cemeteries, fountains
  • Some industrial cooling
  • Canal capacity reduced: earth 24% concrete 52%
  • About 75% end users have
    • Pressurized, small dia. pipes & sprinkler heads
    • Easily plugged
  • Drip systems similarly impacted
  • No cost data for secondary system activities
reservoir problems due to mussels
Reservoir Problems Due to Mussels
  • 150+ reservoirs, 100 acres: water storage & recreation
    • 30 major boating reservoirs
    • Over 8,000 water bodies in Utah
  • Seasonal water level changes: massive mussel die-off
    • Deteriorated water quality & noxious odor
reservoir problems due to mussels16
Reservoir Problems Due to Mussels
  • Clean up dead mussels
  • Beaches unusable
    • Cut feet
    • Limited access
    • Noxious odor
  • No cost data for reservoir activities
water supplier rapid response plan p 6 proper prior preparation prevents poor performance
Prepare your plan



Colonization Extent

Response Team







Plan Effectiveness

Play Out Mock Scenario

Water Supplier Rapid Response PlanP 6= Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
water supplier rapid response plan
Water Supplier Rapid Response Plan
  • Model Plans Available
    • Columbia River Basin Plan & Exercise
    • California AIS Mgt Plan
    • U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service Model Plan
    • Sign email list & all sent to you
  • Coordinate your agency plan with

State of Utah, AIS Interdiction Act &

DWR R657-60 Rules

Quagga mussels are just plain bad for Utah

So all of this is to prevent

our descent


the Quagga-mire