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OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only. PowerPoint Presentation
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OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only.

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OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Open Source Intelligence Support Addressing Energy Security Issues & International Terrorism. OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only. What does The OSINT GROUP do?. Apply analysis tools to identify events world-wide

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OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only.

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Open Source Intelligence Support Addressing Energy Security Issues& International Terrorism

OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only.

what does the osint group do
What does The OSINT GROUP do?

Apply analysis tools to identify events world-wide

applied against continually evolving data

  • The OSINT Group pinpoints
  • relationships including:
  • Trending, Spatial Research
  • Link Analysis, and
  • Entity Extraction
what does the osint group do1
What does The OSINT GROUP do?

The OSINT GROUP can aggregate unlimited information sources, harvesting information from across 126 countries in 25 languages.

Our research software tools use an advanced content tagging system with more than 30 metadata tags and 380 categories to deliver hundreds of thousands of unduplicated real-time content items every day.

OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only.

what does the osint group do unique deep web mining
What does The OSINT GROUP do?Unique “Deep Web” Mining

The Deep Web is massive --

approximately 500 times greaterthan

that visible to conventional

search engines -- with much higher

quality throughout.

The simplest way to describe our technology is a

"directed-query engine."

It has other powerful features in results

qualification and classification, but it is this

ability to query multiple search sites directly

and simultaneously that allows Deep Web

content to be retrieved.

open source research model
Open Source Research Model

OSINTGROUP's Infrastructure








Public Source Data

Government Data

Private Data





Maps, Charts, Tables

Government documents

Scientific literature

Reports, Alerts





Reports & Analyses:

CONUS (Continental U.S.)

OCONUS (Outside Continental U.S.)

OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only.

new open source support
New Open Source Support

Summary passed by the U.S. House of Representatives:

H.R. 3815 - Homeland Security Open Source Information Enhancement Act of 2008 –

Sponsored by Rep. Perlmutter (D-CO), this bill requires the Secretary of Homeland Security

to make use of open source information to develop and disseminate open source homeland

security information products.

Director of National Intelligence (July 16, 2008)

“Analytical Outreach” directive states, “Elements of the Intelligence Community (IC)

should use outside experts whenever possible to contribute to, critique, and challenge

internal products and analysis…”

“Sound intelligence analysis requires the analysts …

develop trusted relationships with experts in academia, think tanks, industry,

non-governmental organizations, the scientific world, and elsewhere.”

referential data sources partial listing
Referential Data Sources (partial listing)

Social Security Death Master Index (SSDI): 90+M records of deceased individuals and their S.S. numbers at time of death.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Data: A database of Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) and Blocked Persons.

ATF Most Wanted: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) “Most Wanted” list.

FBI Most Wanted: Federal Bureau of Investigations “10 Most Wanted.”

FBI Most Wanted Terrorists: Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “Most Wanted Terrorists.”

RCMP Most Wanted: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) “Most Wanted” list.

Secret Service Most Wanted: United States Secret Service’s “Most Wanted” list.

DEA Fugitives: Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) “Major International Fugitives”.

Interpol International Fugitives: listing of recent fugitive –related information from 186 countries.

Worldwide Incident Tracking: Incidents in which sub-national or clandestine groups attacked civilians or noncombatants.

Terrorism Knowledge Base: A one-stop resource for comprehensive research and analysis on global terrorist incidents.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Aviation Accidents:Data from 1962 to present about civil aviation accidents.

FinCEN Money Services Business: A listing by state of financial institutions called "Money Services Businesses" (MSB).

CNN: Cable News Network’s (CNN) top news story headlines.

US Cities Local News:Local metro news section of major newspapers.

linkages from social structure
Linkages from Social Structure

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

  • Human Relationships ~
  • People Interact
  • Application of Interaction


  • Mother
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact
  • Father
  • Spouse
  • Telephone
  • Sex Offender
  • Compare All Data

An owner’s manual for an American-made Maverick 88 pump

action shotgun found in a training camp south of Kabul.

The table of contents for The Poisoner’s Handbook,

found in a Harkat house in Kabul.



  • Printed Reports
  • Emails
  • Alerts
  • Linkage analysis charts
  • Pattern analysis charts
  • Social analysis charts
  • Reports by zip code (All search elements)
  • Research
  • Printed Reports
  • Other

Other Deliverables (as required)

(Embedded video, news articles,

geospatial data, association linkage charts,

pattern charts, and other data)


Geospatial Data

Embedded Video

immediate needs
Immediate Needs

Candidate is responsible for performing intelligence analysis

activities related to ensuring the quality and accuracy of a terrorist

watchlist for the customer. Three major areas of activity will be reviewing

incoming watchlist data, performing reviews of historical records following

an encounter where a potential discrepancy in watchlist records has been

detected, and conducting special quality assurance projects, such as

performing a targeted review of specific targeted areas of interest.

Candidate will use multiple government databases in order to do

substantive deep dive research and analysis.

Terrorism Analyst JN: 11423737, Mclean, 048

Watchlisting Analyst JN: 11423744, Mclean, 048

All Source Analyst: Multi-Discipline Intelligence/General Military

Intelligence/All Source Intelligence Analyst, participates in production,

indications and warning, collection management, targeting, imagery,

netwrok analysis, counterintelligence, counter-terrorism,

information operations, foreign disclosure,

international engagements and threat analysis.

Initiates and conducts research efforts; plan, coordinate and synthesize

research to produce all-source intelligence products/responses.

All Source Analyst JN: 11311919, Reston, 048

immediate solution
Immediate Solution

Business Relationship

Collection of Open-Source Content

Identify, track, monitor, and harvest open-source content on foreign language terrorist-related

websites as well as other forums that are used by terrorists and their sympathizers.

Translation of Collected Foreign-Language Materials

Translate collected materials from foreign language sources, including Arabic,

into English for examination and review.

Analysis of Collected Materials

Ability to determine relevance of collected and translated materials as they relate to terrorism.

Outreach Activities with Stakeholders

Ability to develop and conduct outreach and engagement strategies targeting first

responders, explosives experts, and international, national, state, local, homeland

security and counterterrorism officials within the explosive ordnance disposal, explosives,

law enforcement, and intelligence communities; engage with interagency and

national stakeholders to gather information and compile data and findings to

support recommendations and conclusions.


Risk ~

  • No R&D Software
  • IT Infrastructure with 24/7 Operation
  • Experienced Open Source Intelligence Team
  • IT Infrastructure, Team Experience, Proven Tools
  • Flexible Contracting through 8(a)s, SDVOBs, WOSBs, other


OSINTGROUP proprietary data/information. Use or disclosure by permission only.