loara o c fair training
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LOARA O.C. Fair Training

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LOARA O.C. Fair Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LOARA O.C. Fair Training. O.C. Fair Dates: 07/11/14 – 08/10/14. Required Paperwork Uniforms Name Badges Shifts Policies Directions Contact Info. Agenda. Alcohol Certification - alcohol certification is valid for only 2 years

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loara o c fair training

LOARA O.C. Fair Training

O.C. Fair Dates: 07/11/14 – 08/10/14

Required Paperwork
  • Uniforms
  • Name Badges
  • Shifts
  • Policies
  • Directions
  • Contact Info
required paperwork
Alcohol Certification

- alcohol certification is valid for only 2 years

- Servetrain is an online certification training site www.servetrain.com

- New Certification = $30.00

- Re-certification = $15.00

- each individual that works a cashier, alcohol runner, or bar back is required to have an alcohol certification

  • Food Certification

- Food certification is valid for only 3 years

- Premier Food Safety is an online certification training site www.PremierFoodSafety.com

- all certifications = $9.95

- every individual is required to have a food handling certification to work

Note: If you currently hold a CA certified food handlers certification, please provide a copy of the certification (w/ expiration date) to confirm validity. You will not be required to take another certification**

**Loara Band Boosters will reimburse each family for one certification (new or re-certification)

Required Paperwork
Mandatory Uniform Requirements:
  • Black shoes

- shoes must be closed toe and flat (no wedges or heels)

- shoes must be predominantly black

  • Black Pants

- NO leggings, jeans, capris, yoga pants, sport pants or sport shorts

- Pants must sit at your waist, no sagging

- Pants must NOT have any holes

  • Top

- Ovations will provide a work shirt.

- No alterations may be made to Ovations uniform top

- Needs to be properly worn

Note: arrive to allow you enough time to get your uniform checked out

name badges
Valid alcohol/food certifications

- you will not need to retake a photo for your name badge.

- When you check out your uniform and sign in they will provide you the same badge from the previous year.

  • Expired alcohol/food certifications

- you will be required to take a photo for your name badge prior to the O.C. Fair start date of 07/11/14

- information will be sent out on Tuesday, 07/01/14 indicating when/where you will be able to obtain your name badge


  • Every volunteer MUST have a name badge prior to being able to work his/her shift
  • All name badges are required to be checked in at the end of every shift

DEADLINE: you will NOT be able to obtain a name badge after 07/16/14

Name Badges
shifts positions
  • All shifts are scheduled from 4pm – until closing (approximately 10pm – 12am)
  • We stay until it is all cleaned up!
  • The Pacific Amphitheatre is opened from Wednesday – Sunday during 07/11 – 08/10
  • Some concerts might require less volunteers, I will receive this information next week. If we need fewer volunteers on some days, you will be contacted to be rescheduled to a day that requires additional individuals.


  • Cashier
  • Runner
  • Alcohol Runner
  • Kitchen Prep
  • Bar Back

NOTE: Please make sure that you indicate which position you would prefer to work. I will not place someone to handle a position they are not comfortable doing.


- NO smoking within 20 feet of the stand

- NO smoking in your Ovations uniform

  • Breaks

- you cannot stay in the stand

- you are NOT permitted to enter the stadium area

  • Personal

- Electronic Devices: no Bluetooth’s; phones may only be used on breaks

- Hygiene: hair must be pulled back; no excessive jewelry; cleanliness

  • Alcohol/Food

- customer is only allowed two (2) alcohol drinks per ID, per person

- under 40 yrs MUST ID: wristband is required

- DO NOT combine two (2) drinks into one cup

- Handwashing sinks may NOT be used to wash dishes or pour items down


NOTE: We are accountable for every piece of product, anything missing is deducted.

  • Tips

- NO soliciting for tips! (you cannot ask the customer)

- If a tip is left, money is placed in box under your drawer. You CANNOT use that money to make change for your drawer.

  • Money Handling

- Only two (2) credit card machines will be assigned

- NO AMEX cards or gift cards are excepted!!!

- All bills over $20 must be checked with counterfeit pen

ANY policy violations will deem an immediate removal from the Pacific Amphitheatre and you will NOT be allowed to finish your shifts

Directions to Name Badge Station:
  • 5 South / 55 South
  • Exit Fair Drive turn Right
  • Right turn on Fairview
  • Right on Arlington Drive
  • Name Badge Station will be to the right of the Administration building
  • Directions to Park & Check In w/ Ovations
  • 5 South / 55 South / 405 North
  • Exit Fairview Ave turn Left
  • After Baker Street, 1st light is Adams, turn Right
  • Left on Pinecreek(@ Orange Coast Message Board)
  • Park in the lot on the Right (Adam’s Lot)
  • Any of the white shuttles will take you to the drop off.

NOTE: Walk past the Green Gate Ticket Booth, at the Iron fence with the blue & white striped tarps, there is a rolling gate with a padlock. Open that gate, inside there is trailers and tables to the right, go to the tables, tell the people you are with Loara Band, and sign in.

contact info
O.C. Fair

Manager: Jennifer Ayala 714-732-8403

Manager: Julie Renfrow 714-932-1250

Contact Info