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Four Great Adventures

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Four Great Adventures. Chapter 8. Phaethon. His mother was Clymene His Father was the sun god Went to “the palace of the sun” to prove that the sun god was his father Sun god said he was his father and that he’d give him proof by giving him anything he wanted Took an oath. Phaethon.

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Presentation Transcript
  • His mother was Clymene
  • His Father was the sun god
  • Went to “the palace of the sun” to prove that the sun god was his father
  • Sun god said he was his father and that he’d give him proof by giving him anything he wanted
    • Took an oath
  • Phaethon chose to take his place for 1 day
  • This was the only thing he would have denied him, but he already took an oath
  • It was very dangerous but Phaethon wouldn’t back down
  • He went and lost control of the horses
  • Was “wrapped in thick smoke and heat as if from a fiery furnace”
  • Mother earth let out a cry
  • It reached the gods
  • Jove struck Phaethon and the chariot with a lightning bolt
  • Phaethon died
  • Chariot shattered
  • Horses ran to the sea
  • River Eridanus received Phaethon
  • Naiads buried him
  • Phaethon’s sisters turned into poplar trees by the river because they were there mourning for so long
pegasus and bellerphon
Pegasus and Bellerphon
  • It was rumored that Bellerphon was the son of Poseidon
  • His mother was Eurynome
  • He wanted Pegasus more than anything
pegasus and bellerphon1
Pegasus and Bellerphon
  • Pegasus sprung from Gorgon’s blood when Perseus killed her
  • Was a marvelous horse with wings
pegasus and bellerophon
Pegasus and Bellerophon
  • Polyidus advised Bellerophon to sleep in Athenas’s temple
  • Sometimes gods came to humans in their dreams
  • Athena left Bellerophona gold bridle
  • He finally caught Pegasus
pegasus and bellerophon1
Pegasus and Bellerophon
  • Proetus’s wife, Anteia, fell in love with Bellerophon
  • Bellerophon denied her
  • She “told her husband that his guest had wronged her and must die”
  • Protus couldn’t kill Bellerophon because he had ate at his table
  • Asked to take a letter to King of Lycia in Asia
pegasus and bellerophon2
Pegasus and Bellerophon
  • King of Lycia and Bellerophon spent 9 days together before Bellerophon gave him the letter
  • He also couldn’t kill Bellerophon
  • Zeus valued hospitality
  • Asked him to slay Chimaera
pegasus and bellerophon3
Pegasus and Bellerophon
  • Chimaera was a lion in the front, a goat in between, and a serpant in the back
  • Bellerophon took Pegasus and succeeded
  • Since he still wasn’t dead, the king sent him to “go on an expedition against the Solymi, mighty warriors” in which he also succeeded
  • The king then asked him to go on another expedition against the Amazons
  • Bellerophon succeeded again
pegasus and bellerophon4
Pegasus and Bellerophon
  • The king and Bellerophon then became friends
  • King gave Bellerophon his daughter to marry
  • Lived happy for awhile
  • But then made gods angry by trying to take Pegasus to Olympus
  • Bellerophon was then hated by the gods and wandered alone until he died
  • Pegasus took shelter in Zeus’s horse stables
  • Pegasus got Zeus his thunderbolt when he wished to use it
otus and ephialtes
Otus and Ephialtes
  • Giant, twin brothers
  • Sons of Iphimedia
  • Father was Poseidon
  • Felt that they were superiors to the gods
  • Imprisoned Ares
  • Hermes was sent to set Ares free
  • Otus and Ephialtes wanted to pile Mt. Ossa on top of Mt. Pelion so they could climb to the heavens
  • Zeus got mad and wanted to use his thunderbolt on them
  • Poseidon begged for mercy for his sons
  • Zeus agreed
otus and ephialtes1
Otus and Ephialtes
  • Otus fell in love with Hera
  • Ephialtes fell in love with Artemis
  • It wasn’t true love because they really only loved each other
  • They decided to go after Artemis first
  • Finally spotted her on the seashore
  • Followed after her over the sea to Naxas
  • She knew of their plans
  • She disappeared
  • Then chased after a hind
otus and ephialtes2
Otus and Ephialtes
  • Split up to cover more land
  • Saw at same time
  • Didn’t see each other
  • Threw javelins at same time
  • Hind disappeared
  • They killed each other
  • Please excuse the dead

person at the bottom

  • Architect
  • Built Labyrinth in Crete for the Minotaur
  • Showed Ariadne how to escape it
  • King Minos imprisoned Daedalus and his son
  • Daedalus made wings in prison to escape
  • Warned son not to fly to close to the sun
  • Flew towards Crete
  • Son got excited and flew to close to the sun
  • The sun melted the glue on his wings and he dropped into the ocean
  • His father flew Sicily and spent time w/ King of Sicily
  • King Minos offered a huge reward for whoever could figure out how to “pass a thread through an intricately spiraled shell”
  • Daedalus tied a thread to an ant, put the ant in the shell, closed the opening, and waited for it to crawl out the other side
  • King Minos knew that only Daedalus would do that
  • Went to Sicily to kill him
  • King of Sicily refused
  • King Minos was slain