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C apitalization. T he least difficult aspect of the E nglish language. Mariana forget to bring tamales to class. C apitalize the first word in a sentence.

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c apitalization


The least difficult aspect of the English language

mariana forget to bring tamales to class

Mariana forget to bring tamales to class.

Capitalize the first word in a sentence.

capitalize personal titles and names of people

I wrote to Mr. Collins and Ms Schmit.Vice President Palin, Senator Thune, Dr. Jones, M.D., Professor Einstein, etc…

Capitalize personal titles and names of people.

capitalize names of schools groups countries nationalities languages

Global Village HawaiiMexican-American Association, Switzerland, German, MexicoAmerican, German, MexicanEnglish, German, Spanish

Capitalize names of schools, groups, countries, nationalities & languages.

d id you enjoy the format of the f riday courses

Did you enjoy the format of the Friday courses?

Capitalize the days of the week.

o ctober in h awai i feels like f ebruary in h awai i which feels like j une

October in Hawai’i feels like February in Hawai’i, which feels like June.

Capitalize the months of the year.

capitalize names of holidays

Linda and Günter are dressing up as pirates for Halloween. Josh won’t be able to fly home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s this year.

Capitalize names of holidays.

w hen you were in k ona on the b ig i sland did you stay at the f our s easons h otel

When you were in Kona on the Big Island did you stay at the Four Seasons Hotel?

Capitalize names of cities, states, islands and other important places.

capitalize geographic names regions and locations

Montserrat drove along the Pacific and Nā PaliCoast on Kaua‛i. The North Shore of O‛ahu is often called ‘da country’ by localZ.

Capitalize geographic names, regions, and locations.

j osh lives on k apahulu near s afeway in k aimuk

Josh lives on Kapahulu near Safeway in Kaimukī .

Capitalize names of streets, neighborhoods, and buildings.

g o s outh on h i until s alt l ake and turn w est

Go south on H-I until Salt Lake and turn west.

Don’t capitalize directions unless they are the first word in a sentence.

once more c apitalize l anguages
Once more… Capitalize Languages

I enjoy learning English because English is the international language. I also need English to get a higher paying job. I know that English requires all proper nouns to be capitalized and I will never again forget to do so when writing English.