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C hange, C hange, C hange, C hange

C hange, C hange, C hange, C hange

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C hange, C hange, C hange, C hange

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  1. Change, Change, Change, Change Effective Fall 2011 for DE

  2. Not Change for Change’s Sake • Most recent (and hopefully final) documentation and workflow changes are mandates effective July 1, 2011 • Congress’s Reauthorization of Higher Ed Act • North Carolina Auditors’ Recommended Practices for Compliance

  3. A Click Won’t Do the Trick • A click in a Blackboard course site no longerconstitutes attendance and participation. • Submission of academic work does. Source: Congress - Return of Title IV Funds 668.22(a), 668.22(b), 668.22(f), 668.22(l)

  4. Online Attendance Defined Therefore, attendance must be “academic attendance” or “attendance at an academically related activity” including: • Online submission of academic work • Physically attending a class (hybrid) • Taking an exam, interactive tutorial, or computer-based instruction • Participating in online discussions about academic matters Source: Congress - Return of Title IV Funds 668.22(a), 668.22(b), 668.22(f), 668.22(l)

  5. Bottom Line Your “E”s for initial entry as well as the attendance you keep during the semester will need to reflect the new definition of “attendance.”

  6. Census Date is The Date • There is no longer a more stringent CCCC-determined “last day for initial contact” that is before the census date. • The DE census date on your roster is now the last day for students to complete their required orientation (11:59 p.m.). • You must allow to the census for orientation, but you can have other work due prior to date, so course isn’t stalled.

  7. Required Orientation Quiz While your orientation can have as many elements as you wish, students must complete a course-specific orientation quiz by the census date to be enrolled.

  8. Orientation Quiz Templates • Three new templates are available: online, hybrid, and web-assisted and are required. • Basically, we added a course type and an academic content question to meet new government guidelines.

  9. More on the Quizzes • Templates available as Blackboard Export Files or Word document in Cougar’s Den. • You must use the minimum ten questions provided in the template but are free to add additional orientation quiz questions of your own.

  10. So What about Rosters? • Record initial contact with an “E” on the date orientation quiz* was submitted. • Hybrids still write in ratio of on-campus to online hours. • Hard copy rosters still go to Robin.

  11. So What about Rosters? • Write-in assignment due dates and track attendance as usual. • No longer printed documentation to verify your initial “E”s.

  12. So What about Rosters? • Instead the DE Blackboard site with prompts for how you will generate and electronically submit report. • Report will show a screen capture of when students completed required orientation quiz. • Your reports are thus posted in Grade Center for download if audited.

  13. Blackboard Site for Reporting

  14. Resources • Bb site for census submission with step-by-step print and video instructions • DE Staff • Group and individual walk-thrus • Robin Walker