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Ways To Use A Digital Camera …in the classroom! PowerPoint Presentation
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Ways To Use A Digital Camera …in the classroom!

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Ways To Use A Digital Camera …in the classroom! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10. Ways To Use A Digital Camera …in the classroom!. Tara Bassegio  MSTI 231.

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Ways To Use A Digital Camera

…in the classroom!

Tara Bassegio  MSTI 231

Five Senses Book:Students take photos illustrating each sense and then put a book together of the five senses. For sight, scan their self photo and distort the image. The students will then try to find their own faces.

ABC Hunt:Each student is given a letter from the alphabet. The students will go for a walk around the school. When the student finds something that begins with their letter, they will take a picture of that object. Use the pictures to create a class alphabet chart.

Documenting Growth: Document the growth of plants, butterflies, frogs, etc. Use these pictures to illustrate life cycles or stages of growth.

Birthday Book:Have students take photos of a partner in class. Then add each students photo to a page that they have written about their birthday plans. Print one for the classroom Birthday Book and one to send home.

Trading Cards:Let students take pictures of themselves and make trading cards out of their self photos. Students should include information about themselves (name, birthday, favorite class, favorite cartoon or game, etc.). Fun activity for learning your fellow classmates.

What’s for Lunch?:Have students take photos of their most common lunch and other various school lunches for a What’s for Lunch? chart.

Traditions Book:Send a camera home with students to take photos of their families traditions or you can scan photos that students bring in from home for their Traditions Book.

Classroom Events:Have students take photos of each other during classroom events for later student journaling. Write about the photo of costume day, hat day, book character day, etc.

It’s My Turn:Create name cards with student pictures for choosing who gets the next turn. These cards will help with preventing arguments between students.

Weather Book:Have students take pictures of the different seasons to create their own Weather Book. This will also help with teaching the different seasons.

Classroom Rules:First categorize with the students the classroom rules that they want for the school year. Then have them take photos to illustrate the rules. Then make a bulletin board highlight all of the classroom rules.