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Meganet Corporation VME Gateway PowerPoint Presentation
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Meganet Corporation VME Gateway

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Meganet Corporation VME Gateway - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meganet Corporation VME Gateway

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  1. Meganet Corporation VME Gateway

  2. Meganet Corporation Meganet Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of data security to Governments, Military, Armies, financial institutions, enterprise and large corporations around the world.

  3. Presents:

  4. email Security Solutions

  5. = Sending an eMail is like sending a postcard.

  6. ? Are you sure no one else reads your emails but you?!!

  7. Your email message can be intercepted easily and your information is being exposed!! Your Business Contracts Your new product’s diagram Private Personal Information Communication with your Bank Military and classified information Private Medical Information

  8. Emails carrying offensive messages or confidential corporate information can create immense inconvenience and expense for a company that has not equipped its mail server with the appropriate tools. The same goes for spammers who use the email system at work to send thousands of unsolicited email messages. And what about the vast damage and time-loss caused by email viruses, which seems to making ever more frequent appearances these days. The Security Challenge

  9. Various studies have shown how employees use email to send out confidential corporate information. Be it because they are disgruntled and revengeful, or because they fail to realize the potentially harmful impact of such a practice, employees use email to share sensitive data that was officially intended to remain in-house. The Security Challenge

  10. Types of Attack or Misuse Detected in the Last 12 Months CSI/FBI 2002 Computer Crime and Security Survey

  11. Types of Attack or Dollar Amount of Loss by Type (in millions) CSI/FBI 2002 Computer Crime and Security Survey

  12. The solution: VME Gateway An automatic Policy Based email Security Server

  13. A robust e-mail delivery service provides rule-based automatic enforcement of enterprise policies in four dimensions: Integrity thru Authentication and non-repudiation Confidentiality thru Encryption and Decryption Protection thru Anti-Virus Scanning and Content Filtering Longevity thru Logging, Archiving and Retrieval The e-mail system must provide ubiquity, interoperability, universal support and transparency. Solution requirements

  14. Today Corporate Without VME Gateway Users SMTP/MAPI Anti - Virus

  15. VME Gateway Policy Enforcement (the ‘engine’) The VME Gateway Policy Enforcer manages policy enforcement decisions in real-time on each e-mail message routed to VME Gateway . Policy enforcement decisions are made using rules stored in the VME Gateway Rule Base. These rules specify the actions to be taken on each message according to its contents. Rules are applicable to an e-mail according to its sender and recipient, its contents and attachments. Once the rules that apply to a given e-mail are determined, the actions they state are performed. VME Gateway

  16. VME Gateway Policy Enforcement (the ‘engine’) Primary actions include encryption, failing the message or taking no action. When encryption is specified, the rule also indicates which encryption method should be applied and which encryption key to use. Additional actions include generating log information, message archiving, return receipt, adding notes and rerouting the message. Once VME Gateway security processing has been completed, the message is directed to the e-mail server. VME Gateway

  17. Adding VME Gateway Users SMTP/MAPI VME Gateway Anti - Virus

  18. VME Gateway e-mail processing (Outgoing & Incoming) VME Gateway

  19. Recipient Alternatives 1.No Client Software(self.exe encryption) 2.Client Resident Software(.cry encryption) 3.PKI(S/MIME encryption)

  20. automatically and selectively applies a rule-based corporate policies, encrypts and decrypts messages, scans for viruses, filters the content of the e-mail and its attachments. Baltimore (PKI-Certificate Authority) VanGuard: MailGuardian Enterprise Tumbleweed/Worldtalk VMEgateway supports multiple encryption methods, symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Competition: VME Gateway

  21. Performance Mail Security Policy You can set general/selective rules for incoming/outgoing emails. For example: ‘Catch’ and Encrypt all emails sent from the CEO in New York to the CEO in London, so only the 2 of them are able to read the message. Transparent to the end user The encryption is done automatically. Both sender and recipient need to understand nothing about encryption. VMEgateway can encrypt in 2 ways: Symmetric: Both sender and recipient share the same password for encryption and decryption. A-Symmetric: The recipient holds a Private key with which he will be able to open encrypted mails that were encrypted by VMEgateway using his Public key.

  22. Performance Content Filtering VMEgateway can ‘Catch’ any email with an attachment according to its type or size and decide what should happen to such an email. For Example: VMEgateway can be set to block any outgoing emails that has an attachment which its type is *.Mpeg and which its size is bigger than 3MB. More than that, you can ask VMEgateway to block any email that it’s attachment name is for example: Virus.exe from getting into your email system. In VMEgateway also offer you more advanced content filtering technology, such as word filtering ext.

  23. Performance • Anti-Virus Check • VMEgateway will automatically Anti-Virus check your organization’s incoming and outgoing emails and get updated with the latest updates automatically every day. • You can choose to work with: • Aladdin esafe • Symantec Norton AV • CA Inoculate • McAfee • F-Secure F-Prot

  24. Performance Digital Signature VMEgateway can sign every outgoing email, so the recipient can confirm that the email sent to him was not tampered and confirm the identity of the sender.

  25. Performance Encryption Key Management VMEgateway has an internal database that holds the Symmetric and A-Symmetric keys. Managing the keys is done very easily. There is an option to extend the database and work with an external database, such as MSQL 2000.

  26. Performance Public Key Auto Extraction When an external user sends an s/mime encrypted email to one of your people, VMEgateway will automatically extract the public key from the message and keep it in the key database. Next time when an email is sent from your organization to that person, VMEgateway will automatically use this public key for encryption.

  27. Performance • Supported Standards and Protocols • X.509 V3 Certificates • Public Key - RSA • DES, TDES & AES • LDAP • SHA1 and MD5 Hashing Algorithms • Checkpoint OPSEC Compliant (CVP & ELA) • Compatible with any SMTP Mail Server

  28. A Quick Demo Symmetric Auto Encryption Suppose we set VMEgateway to automatically encrypt all emails you send to your potential client in Singapore. Lets say you sent him your new proposal and you would like to make sure the email is seen only by you and him. 1. Write and send your email. 2. Your potential client receives the encrypted email as a small attachment. 3. He is asked to open the attachment and enter the shared secret key (password). 4. Writing the right key (password) enables the message to be automatically decrypted. Confidential Sales Contract The Meganet Corporation will………………… That’s it. That simple!

  29. Strip Word and Excel document macros VME Gateway can remove macros from Microsoft Word and Excel documents to prevent potentially hostile content from entering or leaving the organization. Additional Features

  30. Interface with Active Directory VME Gateway can interface with an LDAP server for online user and group information retrieval. The groups are managed on the LDAP server and VME Gateway downloads the group’s contents periodically. Additional Features

  31. On-line retrieval of certificates VME Gateway can retrieve user certificates online from LDAP servers. When a certain user certificate is required, VME Gateway can generate an LDAP query to one or more LDAP servers for retrieving the users’ certificate. Additional Features

  32. Detection of scripts, embedded files and links in PDF documents VME Gateway can detects whether PDF files has java scripts, embedded files or links which might pose a security risk, and treats such a PDF file as if it contains a macro. Additional Features

  33. Text filtering VME Gateway can apply rules to messages according to their contents. The message subject, text and attachments can be searched for predefined expressions and if found, can trigger specific actions. Expressions can be either in the form of a Boolean expression (cat and dog) or as a category. This feature is especially useful for catching sensitive information as it is being sent out or for blocking messages of specific type (junk mail, explicit content etc.) Additional Features

  34. Time objects VME Gateway includes Time Objects which specify a time period (time of day, day of week, day of month) for which certain rules are valid. This allows for rules to be applied only during specific time such as weekends when security can be tighter. Additional Features

  35. Detection and stripping of HTML potentially hostile content VME Gateway can detect HTML scripts, cookies and code references inside HTML content and can strip them to prevent potentially hostile content from entering or leaving the organization. Additional Features

  36. Setting up the remove suspicious HTML content from HTML messages

  37. Setting up the remove suspicious HTML content from HTML messages

  38. Setting up the remove suspicious HTML content from HTML messages

  39. Setting up the remove suspicious HTML content from HTML messages

  40. Setting up the remove suspicious HTML content from HTML messages

  41. E-Mail Simulation VME Gateway includes a simulation tool used for policy verification. Using this tool, e-mail messages can be simulated and processed by the system without actually being sent out. The outcome of the simulated message is displayed, allowing the administrator to confirm that the system behaves as expected Additional Features

  42. Companion Decryption Software VME Gateway include three client software packages that can be used for decrypting symmetrically encrypted messages created by VME Gateway . These packages ‘Decryptor’, ‘FileDecryptor’ and ‘FileDecryptor2’ are located in the ‘Client Tools’ folders and can be freely distributed to anyone. They are small and do not require any installation procedure so they can even be run at an arbitrary location from a floppy disk. Additional Features

  43. VME Gateway Security Client: The VME Gateway Security Client (GSC) is used for encrypting all outgoing messages from the users computer up to VME Gateway automatically and transparently. The Client intercepts all outgoing SMTP traffic and S/MIME encrypts it using a single X.509 certificate. The destination VME Gateway identified the message and automatically decrypts it its private key and then processes it normally according to the rules and global options. The GSC should be used when the communication between the client computer and the VME Gateway Wall machine is insecure (such as a traveling user which connects to the internet for sending messages and is not using VPN). Additional Features

  44. The e-mail Services Status

  45. VME Gateway solution • Meganet Business model 3 main markets: • Corporations – Secure e-Mail servers. • Financial institutes – e-Bill presentation. • ISP’S/distributed - Secure delivery services.

  46. VME Gateway VME Gateway Deployment (Corporate) SMTP SMTP SMTP TCP/IP Users

  47. VME Gateway Deployment (e-Bill)

  48. VME Gateway Distributed Deployment (ISP/ASP) VMEgateway VMEgateway VMEgateway VMEgateway

  49. VME Gateway Distributed Deployment (ISP/ASP)

  50. VME Gateway Distributed Deployment (ISP/ASP)