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The Communicators The Sandlot PowerPoint Presentation
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The Communicators The Sandlot

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The Communicators The Sandlot - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Communicators The Sandlot. Patrick Sabol Charles Petredis Christy Mulberger Tim White Allison Christ Santosh Sankar Anthony Giletto. Agenda. Introduction of Characters Group Background Group Leadership Myers Briggs Analysis Application of Tuckman’s Model Conclusion.

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The Communicators The Sandlot

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the communicators the sandlot

The CommunicatorsThe Sandlot

Patrick Sabol

Charles Petredis

Christy Mulberger

Tim White

Allison Christ

Santosh Sankar

Anthony Giletto

  • Introduction of Characters
  • Group Background
  • Group Leadership
  • Myers Briggs Analysis
  • Application of Tuckman’s Model
  • Conclusion
the characters the sandlot kids
The Characters – The Sandlot Kids
  • Scotty Smalls
  • Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez
  • Hamilton 'Ham' Porter
  • Michael 'Squints' Palledorous
  • Alan 'Yeah-Yeah' McClennan
  • Kenny DeNunez
  • Bertram Grover Weeks
  • Tommy 'Repeat' Timmons
  • Timmy Timmons
group background
Group Background
  • Formed before Scotty moved to town
    • Kids from the same neighborhood
  • Open System (not completely)
    • Very exclusive, but occasionally accepting
    • Optimal Size
    • Affected by environment
group leadership
Group Leadership
  • Leader is Benny
    • Gained power through his baseball skill
  • “Ham”
    • Gained power through fear and intimidation
myers briggs analysis
Myers Briggs Analysis
  • Scotty Smalls
    • Introvert Sensor Thinker Perceiver
    • Intellectual, Logical
    • Flexible
    • Becomes the “brains” to help overcome conflict and complete tasks
myers briggs analysis1
Myers Briggs Analysis
  • Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez
    • Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger
    • Leader of the group
    • Makes all decisions
    • Only wants to play baseball
    • Fosters cohesiveness
myers briggs analysis2
Myers Briggs Analysis
  • Hamilton 'Ham' Porter
    • Extrovert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger
    • Second in command
    • Acquired through fear
    • Defends his friends
    • Impatient with incompetence
    • Drives group to better themselves
myers briggs analysis3
Myers Briggs Analysis
  • Extroverts dominate the Introverts
  • Benny plans out group activities
  • “Ham” and his judger traits cause the other kids to always improve their game
  • Scotty’s intelligence pays off during the Babe Conflict
tuckman s model
Tuckman’s Model
  • Forming
    • Group formed when Scotty moved
    • Purpose is primarily baseball, but not exclusively
    • Introduction through a spitting ritual
tuckman s model1
Tuckman’s Model
  • Storming
    • Scotty’s lack of skill causes conflict
    • The kids fight over who should play what position and Scotty’s role
types of tension
Types of Tension
  • Primary Tensions
    • Scotty’s inability to play baseball and relate with the group
  • Secondary Tensions
    • How to save the Babe Ruth ball
tuckman s model2
Tuckman’s Model
  • Norming
    • The norms bond the group together
    • Benny resolves primary tension by teaching Scotty
    • Guidelines are in the form of norms, almost always unspoken
the norms
The Norms
  • The Great Bambino
  • No score in the games
  • Play baseball at the same time every day
  • Annual night game
  • Pool Party
  • Tree House sleepover
tuckman s model3
Tuckman’s Model
  • Performing
    • Scotty acts on the norms and becomes a full fledge member
    • Groups completes multiple tasks before breaking up
    • Beat the rich kids
    • Get Babe Ruth’s ball back
conflict the babe ball
Conflict – The Babe Ball
  • Missing baseball causes conflict
    • Without the ball, Smalls is “Dead where he stands”
    • Group becomes more cohesive as the other members feel for Scotty
tuckman s model4
Tuckman’s Model
  • Adjourning
    • Group breaks up when kids move away
      • Some members stay in touch
      • Many are gone forever
tying up loose ends
Tying Up Loose Ends
  • All individuals have an effect on the development and operations of a group
  • Some have more of an effect than others
  • The Sandlot depicts the healthy interaction and development of a casual sports team and a group.
links for pictures
Links for Pictures
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