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SQL921: SQL Anywhere Roadmap Dave Neudoerffer VP Engineering iAnywhere Solutions August 15-19, 2004 The Enterprise. Unwired. The Enterprise. Unwired. Industry and Cross Platform Solutions Manage Information Unwire Information Unwire People Adaptive Server Enterprise

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SQL921: SQL Anywhere Roadmap

Dave Neudoerffer

VP Engineering

iAnywhere Solutions

August 15-19, 2004

The enterprise unwired3 l.jpg
The Enterprise. Unwired.

Industry and Cross Platform Solutions







  • Adaptive Server Enterprise

  • Adaptive Server Anywhere

  • Sybase IQ

  • Dynamic Archive

  • Dynamic ODS

  • Replication Server

  • OpenSwitch

  • Mirror Activator

  • PowerDesigner

  • Connectivity Options

  • EAServer

  • Industry Warehouse Studio

  • Unwired Accelerator

  • Unwired Orchestrator

  • Unwired Toolkit

  • Enterprise Portal

  • Real Time Data Services

  • SQL Anywhere Studio

  • M-Business Anywhere

  • Pylon Family (Mobile Email)

  • Mobile Sales

  • XcelleNet Frontline Solutions

  • PocketBuilder

  • PowerBuilder Family

  • AvantGo

Sybase Workspace

Ianywhere who are we today l.jpg
iAnywhere – Who are we today?

  • Database

  • Mobile Enterprise Solutions

  • Mobile Portal for PDAs

Ianywhere database l.jpg
iAnywhere – Database

  • Database : From Mobile right up to Enterprise

    • SQL Anywhere Studio

Ianywhere mobile enterprise solutions l.jpg
iAnywhere – Mobile Enterprise Solutions

  • App Infrastructure for “Always Available / Occasionally connected” smart client applications

  • Enterprise applications

Ianywhere mobile portal l.jpg
iAnywhere – Mobile Portal

  • Mobile Portal for PDAs

    • AvantGo Mobile Internet Service

      • 10 million registered users

      • ships with all CE devices

      • Over 2500 channels to choose from

Sql anywhere competitive landscape l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Competitive Landscape

  • Mobile Database


  • MS SQL Server CE

  • on-device datastore

  • Oracle Lite

  • IBM DB2 Everyplace

  • Synchronization

  • Synchrologic

  • Microsoft

  • IBM

  • Oracle

Mobile Database




Embedded Database

  • SMB Database

  • - Microsoft SQL Server

  • IBM DB/2

  • Oracle

  • MySQL

  • Embedded Database

  • Microsoft MSDE

  • MySQL

  • Sleepycat Berkley DB

  • Birdstep

Sql anywhere studio components l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Studio Components

  • Adaptive Server Anywhere

    • Small-footprint, self-managing relational database with high reliability, high performance out of the box, and a full range of SQL features across a variety of platforms scalable from handhelds to large server installations.

  • UltraLite

    • Database system for small devices, including Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Java-based devices, providing full transaction-processing support, a choice of development models, and synchronization with enterprise data stores.

  • MobiLink

    • Synchronization and mobile messaging technology for sharing information among relational databases while maintaining the integrity of transactions across the entire system.


Sql anywhere studio components10 l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Studio Components

  • QAnywhere

    • Application to application messaging technology based on database synchronization infrastructure. Client side API in Java or C/C++ or .NET extending enterprise messaging infrastructures to mobile applications that are occasionally connected.

  • SQL Remote

    • Synchronization technology for synchronizing ASA remotes with ASA or ASE consolidated databases. Message based – direct connection not required. Alternative to MobiLink in some cases. Development plateaued, but still fully supported indefinitely.

  • Sybase Central

    • Management tool for ASA, UltraLite, MobiLink and SQL Remote. Uses a tree structure for easy manipulation and management of objects. Also includes a builtin stored procedure debugger.


Sql anywhere studio components11 l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Studio Components

  • PowerDesigner

    • Physical data modeller allows complete design of database schemas. It also provides facilities to reverse engineer the schema of an existing database and to generate SQL to create any schema you design.

  • Infomaker

    • A powerful and easy-to-use reporting tool that lets you query databases and create sophisticated and effective custom reports of data.


Agenda l.jpg

  • SQL Anywhere Studio 8

  • SQL Anywhere Studio 9

  • SQL Anywhere Studio Roadmap – Jasper

Sql anywhere studio 8 enhancements at a glance l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Studio 8 Enhancements At-a-Glance

  • Improved Performance

    • Major enhancements to query execution engine and optimizer

      • Additional join methods

      • Significantly improved predicate analysis

      • Histograms used for selectivity estimation

    • Storage improvements

      • New Compressed B-tree indexes

  • Improved security and usability

    • Comprehensive data encryption

    • Improved administration and troubleshooting tools

      • Visual access plan displayer

      • Stored Procedure Profiler

Agenda15 l.jpg

  • SQL Anywhere Studio 8

  • SQL Anywhere Studio 9

  • SQL Anywhere Studio Roadmap – Jasper

Sql anywhere roadmap l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Roadmap


“Jasper” Beta






















Timings and features subject to change

Sql anywhere studio 9 enhancements at a glance l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Studio 9 Enhancements At-a-Glance

  • Expanded Platform and Standards Support

    • XML import & export

    • Web services (SOAP, HTTP server)

    • .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework

    • New platform support (Mac OS X, Netware 6.5 and 64-bit platforms)

  • Enhanced Performance and Scalability

    • Index Consultant

    • Query Optimizer

    • Query Execution

  • Advanced Developer Productivity

    • Administration tools – easier to use, integrated debugger

    • Expanded ASA SQL functionality – OLAP, Select over procs, recursive union

    • UltraLite – Dynamic SQL, .NET component, Multiple application access

    • MobiLink – Server initiated sync, file based downloads, more sync options, MobiLink Monitor


Asa 9 0 1 l.jpg
ASA 9.0.1

Extended OLAP functions


  • Additional aggregate functions

    • Eg. Windowed, regression

  • Rank(), dense_rank()

    Checksum all database pages


  • Prime cache on startup

  • Extended optimizations

    9.0 on MAC OS/X

  • ASA, MobiLink, Sybase Central, DBISQL

Ultralite 9 0 1 l.jpg
UltraLite 9.0.1

  • Extended Dynamic SQL

    • Add DDL: create/drop table, index

    • Subquery support

  • ODBC interface

    • Subset of ODBC 3.5

  • Platforms

    • MS Smartphone

  • Components

    • AvantGO POD

    • UltraLite Server support from components

    • Increased integration into .NET and AppForge components

Ultralite 9 0 123 l.jpg
UltraLite 9.0.1

  • Runtime Enhancements

    • Restartable Downloads

      • Start a failed download from where it left off, rather than starting over

    • Schema Upgrade status monitoring

    • Allow one app to connect to multiple UltraLite databases simultaneously

  • UltraLite Utilities

    • Unload/reload

  • Java UltraLite

    • No plans for Dynamic SQL

    • Java component interface to C++ UL partly replaces (supports Dynamic SQL)

Mobilink 9 0 1 l.jpg
MobiLink 9.0.1

  • Network Failure recovery

    • Restartable downloads

    • Transactional ordered uploads

    • Interop with public wireless, wireless LAN, dialup

      • IP tracking for Server Initiated Sync

  • Seamless integration of ASA synchronization into applications

    • ActiveX component for ASA synchronization

  • Enhanced User Authentication facilities

    • Java classes to aid in external user authentication e.g. LDAP

  • Apache redirector for MobiLink Server

  • QAnywhere occasionally connected mobile messaging infrastructure

    • C++ client for Windows

    • .NET client for Windows and CE

    • JMS Connector

    • Uses ASA as mobile message store

Sql anywhere roadmap25 l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Roadmap


“Jasper” Beta






















Timings and features subject to change

Disclaimer l.jpg

  • Statements concerning iAnywhere Solutions' new products are

  • forward-looking statements that involve a number of uncertainties

  • and risks and cannot be guaranteed. Factors that could ultimately

  • affect such statements are detailed from time to time in Sybase's

  • Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including but not

  • limited to its annual report on Form 10-K and its quarterly reports on

  • Form 10-Q (copies of which can be viewed on the Company's

  • website).

  • -----------------------------------------------------

  • All of the information in this presentation are forward-looking

  • statements, as defined above. As such, there is uncertainty

  • associated with if or when any of these features will be added to the

  • product. Features that are less certain are marked with ‘?’.

  • The future feature list is large and hence there are tradeoffs to be

  • made. Your feedback is essential to help us make these tradeoffs.

Asa short term futures l.jpg
ASA Short Term Futures

Release Independent:

  • Performance whitepaper

  • TPC/H benchmark

  • SMB marketing push

    ASA 9.0.2

  • Native GUID type

  • Web service invocation as external stored procedure

  • HTTP 1.1 support for HTTP interface

  • Enhanced Soap support for more client environments

  • Callout for disk full conditions

  • SNMP agent

  • 64-bit application support for Solaris, AIX, HPUX

  • Deadlock analysis gear

Asa short term futures28 l.jpg
ASA Short Term Futures

  • Current Certifications:

    • Section 508 – Accessibility

      • Continue to maintain self certification on SQL Anywhere Studio 8.0 and up

    • C2

      • Version 7.0.2 is C2 certified

  • Future Certifications:

    • Common Criteria

      • Complete security model: users, authentication, access control, etc.

      • Target Q1/2005, probably on 9.0.1

    • FIPS 140-2

      • Use of certified security module

      • Target 2005 on 9.0.2 or 9.0.3

Ultralite 9 0 2 l.jpg
UltraLite 9.0.2

  • Extended Dynamic SQL

    • Simple Query Optimizer

    • IF & Case expressions

  • ISQL for UltraLite

    • On desktop (Windows only) to any UltraLite db

  • Sync

    • Schema painter tool to generate MobiLink scripts

  • Components

    • ADO.NET driver

    • Pocket PowerBuilder support

    • mBA PODS – one button sync for data and application

    • Support for AppForge Crossfire

Mobilink 9 0 2 l.jpg
MobiLink 9.0.2

  • Data Sync

    • Grouped transactional uploads

    • HTTP stream enhancements

      • Interoperability with various proxies and gateways, cookie support

    • Native Apache 1.3/2.0 redirectors

    • mBusiness Anywhere redirectors

    • First Upload always works – allows recreation of dbs

    • AvantGo client one-button-sync

    • Additional platform support for Server Initiated Sync (SIS)

      • Kyrocera 7135, Treo 600

  • QAnywhere

    • Minor enhancements and polish

Agenda31 l.jpg

  • SQL Anywhere Studio 8

  • SQL Anywhere Studio 9

  • SQL Anywhere Studio Roadmap - Jasper

Sql anywhere roadmap32 l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Roadmap


“Jasper” Beta






















Timings and features subject to change

Sql anywhere product strategy l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Product Strategy

  • SQL Anywhere Studio

    • ASA

      • Continued push into server space – SMB market and beyond

      • Internal rearchitecting for performance and extended life of code

      • Additional Performance features: Materialized views, new index type

      • Snapshot isolation – row versioning, new index implementation

      • Benchmarks: TPC/H and custom benchmark

      • Certifications: CC and FIPS 140-2

    • UltraLite

      • Ease of development of UltraLite applications

      • Extending Dynamic SQL

      • Moving towards free standing database system

    • MobiLink

      • Ease of use – make it easier to create and manage scripts

      • Flexibility – Syncing directly to app servers

    • Admin Tools

      • Comprehensive performance analysis tool

      • MobiLink synchronization management

    • Adjacent Markets

Sql anywhere studio design goals l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Studio Design Goals

  • Full featured SQL database

  • Ease of use

  • Performance out-of-the-box

  • Embeddability

  • Interoperability/Open architecture

  • Cross platform support

  • Heterogeneous Data Sychronization

  • Being responsive to our customers


Sql anywhere studio futures l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Studio Futures

  • Major components

    • ASA

    • UltraLite

    • MobiLink

    • SQL Remote

Asa jasper l.jpg
ASA – Jasper

  • Features:

  • Hot Failover / Hot Standby

  • Admin of large dbs: faster unload/reload, dbvalid, dbbackup, index creation

  • Materialized views

  • Snapshot Isolation

  • Improved locking behaviour on insert at EOT

  • Lock escalation

  • Extended multi-byte character sorting

  • Further engine instrumentation

  • Resource governors

  • Offline dbspaces

  • Compatibility features with Oracle, MSSS, MySQL

  • ?? UTF16 encoding support

  • ?? Global shared temp tables (not logged)

  • ?? Compression / Encryption of individual columns

  • ?? File/Directory data via external tables

  • ?? Random access to BLOBs

  • ?? Completion of ANSI SQL 99 OLAP support

Asa jasper37 l.jpg
ASA – Jasper

  • Performance:

  • Improved utility speed

    • LOAD/UNLOAD TABLE: Charset spec, binary format

    • Validate table

    • Backup

    • Sorting and Index creation

  • Improved sequential scans

  • ?? Improved simple statement execution times

  • Contention elimination on insert

  • Lock escalation

  • Intra-query parallelism

    • Parallel sequential and index scans

    • Parallel joins

  • Additional optimization methods

  • Internal:

    • Reduce contention eg. Row latching

    • New indexing methods

    • Rewritten catalog implementation

    • Expression manipulation rewrite

Asa jasper38 l.jpg
ASA – Jasper

  • Administration Tools:

  • Performance analysis tool / Database App Profiling

    • Pull together index consultant, request analysis, stored proc profiling, lock analysis

  • Integration with source control systems (using SCC)

    • SQL scripts for DBISQL

    • Stored procedure source management

    • Schema definition source control

  • Database maintenance/management improvement

    • Use wizards to create tasks that can be managed and scheduled  more task oriented approach

  • Other

    • Connection wizard

      • Easily manage connection parameters

    • Rewritten launchers

      • More easily configurable, better error handling, easier deployment

    • Folder hiding

    • Provider wide search capabilities

    • JavaDoc like tool for stored procedure documentation

Asa jasper39 l.jpg
ASA – Jasper

  • Removed (Deprecated)

    • Write files

    • Read only compressed databases

Ultralite jasper l.jpg
UltraLite – Jasper

  • UltraLite Runtime

    • More than 64K rows per table

    • Performance enhancements

    • Extended Dynamic SQL and db management

      • Distinct on aggregates

      • UNION

      • ?? TOP N

      • More properties accessible through SQL

    • Extendded DDL

    • Synchronization of schema changes

    • ?? Windows NT runtime to handle both ANSI and UNICODE DBs

    • ?? Recoverable schema upgrade

    • ?? Predicates on publications

  • Support for industry standard APIs

    • Dynamic SQL support in ESQL

    • ADO.NET

    • ?? JDBC interface to Native UltraLite

Ultralite jasper41 l.jpg
UltraLite – Jasper

  • Platforms:

    • Windows Mobile 2004

    • Palm OS 6

    • ?? Symbian

  • Administration:

    • Simple ISQL functionality

    • Schema management

    • ?? Sybase Central plugin or VS.NET

  • Removed (Deprecated):

    • Static SQL support

    • Java UltraLite

    • UL.NET (replaced with ADO.NET)

    • ??ActiveX component

    • Removal of schema file

      • Extended DDL

      • Sync schema through MobiLink

  • Internal:

    • Streams rewrite (performance during syncs)

Mobilink jasper l.jpg
MobiLink – Jasper

  • MobiLink Administration

    • Synchronization Manager

      • Wizard to guide you through the setup of a MobiLink architecture

      • Specify table & column mappings

      • MobiLink system table management

      • Script generation

      • Remote database generation

      • Script version management, source control interoperability

    • Management of QAnywhere and Connectors

Mobilink jasper43 l.jpg
MobiLink – Jasper

  • MobiLink Server

    • Named parameters in SQL scripts

    • Communications compression and improved error handling

    • New threading model for higher throughput

    • Enable synchronization through application servers

      • Object model upload & download interfaces

      • Specific implementation using XML

    • Automatic schema caching, change detection and delivery

    • Automatically compute changes on server so scripts don’t have to

    • Server Initiated Sync TCP Gateway

    • Better user management

    • Improved ODBC error handling

    • ?? Transmit file based download file using MobiLink

    • ?? Failover for MobiLink server

Mobilink jasper44 l.jpg
MobiLink – Jasper

  • DBMLSync

    • Schema caching for improved performance

    • Data synchronization policies

      • sync on connect, control of failure retries, escalate persistent failures, ...

    • .NET component interface

    • Initiate synchronization from inside ASA

    • Script-based uploads instead of log scanning

    • Download only subscriptions – simplifies logging

    • Better error handling via hooks

Mobilink jasper45 l.jpg
MobiLink – Jasper

  • Server Initiated Sync (SIS)

    • TCP Gateway – device tracking in IP network

    • Network connectivity information on server – supplied by listener

  • QAnywhere

    • UltraLite message store (today, it is ASA)

    • ?? Better BLOB management for message store

    • ?? QAnywhere agent UI

    • ?? Stored procedures to send and receive messages

    • ?? Ability to send files

    • ?? Group support

    • ?? Update a message that has been queued but not sent

  • ?? Off-line Web Services

    • ??Queuing of web service requests

Sql anywhere roadmap46 l.jpg
SQL Anywhere Roadmap


“Jasper” Beta






















Timings and features subject to change

New area exploration l.jpg
New Area Exploration

  • Simple Sync API

    • Client API to tie into MobiLink sync environment

      • Feed local changes up

      • Retrieve central changes at client

    • Java and/or C/C++

    • Main purposes:

      • 1. To be used on platforms we don’t support with a db eg. RIM Blackberry

      • 2. To be used for very simple applications where a RDBMS is overkill eg. Use the native Palm datastore

      • 3. To be used in certain cases for client side dbs we don’t support eg. Access, SQL Server CE

    •  Probably start with J2ME environment to address #1

New area exploration48 l.jpg
New Area Exploration

  • Embedded device systems

    • Target ASA and/or UltraLite to platforms like embedded Linux on PPC

      • New platforms becoming more standardized for embedded systems (Vxworks custom config issue)

      • Perhaps focus on sync opportunities only?

      • Possibly offer a porting SDK

New area exploration49 l.jpg
New Area Exploration

  • Remote Admin: make it easier to manage applications and databases in the field

    • Framework for software updates (integration with Afaria management software)

    • Health reports from remote databases

    • In field performance analysis tools

Ianywhere at techwave2004 l.jpg
iAnywhere at TechWave2004

  • Ask the iAnywhere Experts on the Technology Boardwalk (exhibit hall)

    • Drop in during exhibit hall hours and have all your questions answered by our technical experts!

    • Appointments outside of exhibit hall hours are also available to speak one-on-one with our Senior Engineers. Ask questions or get your yearly technical review – ask us for details!

  • TechWave ToGo Channel

    • TechWave To Go, an AvantGo channel providing up-to-date information about TechWave classes, events, maps and more – also, keep up to date with the TechWave Newsletter – now available via your handheld device!

    • www.ianywhere.com/techwavetogo

  • Mobile and Wireless Email using Pylon Anywhere

    • iAnywhere is providing access to your corporate email at TechWave using Pylon Anywhere. You can keep up-to-date with your latest email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from your PDA or any Web-client! Visit the iAnywhere demo station in the Sybase booth or our “Ask the Experts” area in the Technology Boardwalk (Exhibit Hall) for details on how you can evaluate Pylon Anywhere yourself!

Ianywhere at techwave200451 l.jpg
iAnywhere at TechWave2004

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots – brought to you by Intel

    • You can enjoy wireless internet access via Wi-Fi hotspots provided by Intel. Using either a laptop or PDA that is Wi-Fi 802.11b wirelessly-enabled, visitors can access personal email, the internet and “TechWave ToGo”

  • Developer Community

    A one-stop source for technical information!

    • Access to newsgroups,new betas and code samples

    • Monthly technical newsletters

    • Technical whitepapers,tips and online product documentation

    • Current webcast,class,conference and seminar listings

    • Excellent resources for commonly asked questions

    • All available express bug fixes and patches

    • Network with thousands of industry experts