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High Productivity Computing

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High Productivity Computing . Windows HPC Server 2008. Why Microsoft in HPC?. Current Issues HPC and IT data centers merging: isolated cluster management Developers can’t easily program for parallelism Difficult for users to access processing cores and data . How can Microsoft help?

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high productivity computing

High Productivity Computing

Windows HPC Server 2008

why microsoft in hpc
Why Microsoft in HPC?
  • Current Issues
  • HPC and IT data centers merging: isolated cluster management
  • Developers can’t easily program for parallelism
  • Difficult for users to access processing cores and data
  • How can Microsoft help?
  • Positioned to mainstream integration of application parallelism
  • Efforts underway to enable parallelism broadly to the developer community
  • Can expand the value of HPC by integrating productivity and management tools
  • Microsoft Investments in HPC
  • Comprehensive software portfolio: Client, Server, Management, Development, and Collaboration
  • Dedicated teams focused on Cluster Computing
  • Unified Parallel development through the Parallel Computing Initiative
  • Partnerships with the Technical Computing Institutes
2008 microsoft investment in hpc
Microsoft Confidential2008 Microsoft Investment in HPC

>$150M total investment in HPC in 2008.

  • Platform Portfolio:
    • Client: Windows Vista 64-bit (technical workstation)
    • Server: Windows Compute Cluster Server
    • Development Platform: Visual Studio IDE with Parallel Tools
    • Management: Systems Center for HPC
    • Collaboration/Workflow: Sharepoint and Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Windows HPC Server
    • 40 engineers on HPC server tools
    • 40 incubation sales world-wide (sales+technical)
    • 15 dedicated HPC marketing leads
    • 55 half-time regional leads
  • Parallel Computing Initiative
    • 180 engineers focused on parallel development tools
  • Technical Computing Institutes
windows hpc server 2008
Windows HPC Server 2008
  • Complete, integrated platform for computational clustering
  • Built on top the proven Windows Server 2008 platform
  • Integrated development environment
  • Beta1 available from http://www.microsoft.com/hpc
windows hpc server 2008 ready for prime time
Windows HPC Server 2008: Ready for Prime-time


Top 500

30% improvement in efficiency on the same hardware.

Less than 2 hours to deploy

industry focused solutions
Industry Focused Solutions








market results
Market Results
  • Key traction in commercial and higher education markets.
    • Large clusters in financial services.
      • National City, Lincoln Financial, Aegon,
    • Clusters in education
      • Arizona State, Holland Computing Center, NCSA, Univ of Minn, Univ of Arizona
    • Many POCs in manufacturing, scaling out now.
      • Honeywell, Callaway, 3M, Boeing
  • Clusters >1,000 nodes in almost every major region. Real growth in every geography.
  • Expect FY08 to focus on government as major new segment.
microsoft hpc strategy expanding to the enterprise
Microsoft HPC Strategy: Expanding to the Enterprise


System Center


Common mgt andproductivity platform

Visual Studio 2008

Parallel ComputingInitiative

Common dev platform for desktop->cluster

Dev Tools


NetworkDirect for very high network efficiency


Scalable Clustered File System Support

Key Partners

Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Resource Mgt

SOA-based; scalable partners

Key Partners



Windows HPC Server 2008

Rapid deployment

Turnkey app monitoring






Phase 1:Departmental Clusters

Phase 2:Common Platform for Departmental to Enterprise Clusters

what s new in hpc server 2008
What’s new in HPC Server 2008?
  • New System Center UI
  • PowerShell for CLI Management
  • High Availability for Head Nodes
  • Windows Deployment Services
  • Diagnostics/Reporting
  • Support for Operations Manager
  • Support for SOA and WCF
  • Granular resource scheduling
  • Improved scalability for larger clusters
  • New Job scheduling policies
  • Interoperability via HPC Profile

Systems Management

Job Scheduling




  • Improved iSCI SAN Support in Win2008
  • Improved Server Message Block ( SMB v2)
  • New 3rd party parallel system file support for Windows
  • New Memory Cache Vendors
  • NetworkDirect (RDMA) for MPI
  • Improved Network Configuration Wizard
  • Shared Memory MS-MPI for multi-core
  • MS-MPI integrated with Windows Event Tracing
hpc storage solutions
HPC Storage Solutions



Aggregate (Mb/s/core)

  • IBM – GPFS
  • Panasas – Active Scale
  • HP - PolyServe
  • Ibrix - Fusion
  • Quantum - StorNext
  • SANbolic – Melio file system
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008

Number of cores in cluster

high speed networking technologies
High Speed Networking Technologies




Open Fabrics

Myrinet, Infiniband, 10GigE




1Gig Ethernet

100MB Ethernet


improved efficiency for the systems admin
Improved Efficiency for the Systems Admin
  • Simple to setup and manage in a familiar environment
    • Turnkey cluster solutions through OEMs
    • Simplify system and application deployment
      • Base images, patches, drivers, applications
  • Focus on ease of management
    • Comprehensive diagnostics , troubleshooting and monitoring
    • Familiar, flexible and “pivotal” management interface
    • Equivalent command line support for unattended management
  • Scale up
    • Scale deployment, administration, infrastructure
    • Head node failover
    • Cluster usage reporting
    • Compute node filtering
  • Better integration with enterprise management
    • Patch Management
    • System Center Operations Management
    • PowerShell
    • Windows 2008 high Availability Services
parallel programming
Parallel Programming
  • Available Now
    • Development and Parallel debugging in Visual Studio
    • 3rd party Compilers, Debuggers, Runtimes etc.. available
  • Emerging Technologies – Parallel Framework
    • LINQ/PLINQ – natural OO language for SQL queries in .NET
    • C# Futures – way to explicitly make loops parallel
  • For the future: Parallel Computing Initiative (PCI)
    • Triple investment with a new engineering team
    • Focused on common tools for developing multi-core codes from desktops to clusters
release schedule
Release Schedule
  • Technical Preview – Private Release
  • Beta 1 – Publicly Available now!
  • Beta 2 – Coincides with Windows Server 2008 RTM
  • RTM – 90 to 120 days after Windows RTM

Tech Preview

Beta 2


Beta 1

Aug 2007

Nov 2007

Summer 2008



  • Microsoft HPC Web site – download Beta 1 Today!
    • http://www.microsoft.com/hpc
  • Windows HPC Community site
    • http://www.windowshpc.net
  • Windows Server x64 information
    • http://www.microsoft.com/x64/
  • Windows Server System information
    • http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver
  • Get the Facts Web site
    • http://www.microsoft.com/getthefacts