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HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING. REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA. OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION. Introduction HPC – Current Status Potential Areas of HPC Application Measures taken towards the Implementation of HPC Conclusion. INTRODUCTION.

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  2. OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION • Introduction • HPC – Current Status • Potential Areas of HPC Application • Measures taken towards the Implementation of HPC • Conclusion

  3. INTRODUCTION • A land locked SADC country of approx. 753,000 square km (290,000 sq miles) land mass • Approximately 14 million people • 3 public universities, more than 8 private universities and numerous colleges • More than five organizations from the government tasked with ICT based activities

  4. BACKGROUND INFORMATION • February 2011 • Participated in The SADC HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING WORKSHOP, (South Africa) • Survey conducted by the SADC Secretariat 2011, revealed that out of the fifteen (15) SADC Member States, only a few countries had facilities for high performance computing • Zambia then had • No HPC • Low computer literacy levels • Poor internet service • Low ICT budget • Lack of infrastructure

  5. ZAMBIA NOW • Growing literacy levels • ICTs Introduced at all levels in education system • Increased usage of ICT gadgets • Strides in research • Universities – Postgraduate Level (ICTs) • Government in next year budget has almost doubled the allocation to ICT based research Centers for procuring equipment and further training • High broadband connectivity covering • Higher institutions of learning • Research institutions • Energy and mining industries • Improvement in ICT training

  6. HPC IN ZAMBIA • Currently • No clearly defined fields using High Performance Computing • Government is determined to introduce HPC • Higher Institutions of learning collaborating on introduction of HPC for research purposes

  7. OPPORTUNITY • There is need for HPC in many sectors of the Zambian society and economy to enhance productivity. • Such Sectors include: • Environmental Science (climate, agriculture etc.) • Education • Energy • Mining Industry – (Major contributor to GDP) • Medical

  8. STRIDES • Currently, there is funding from government • Ground Receiving Equipment for the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) • Conducting and promotion of scientific, technological and industrial research in Zambia through revamping of National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR). • Fiber optic backbone throughout the Country (Zamtel and Zesco) • ZAMREN – Broadband Connectivity to research Inst. • Multiple International gateways • Increased Postgraduate programmes in ICTs

  9. ORGANIZATIONS • Government empowering ICT based organisations • Zambia Information and Communication Technology Agency (ZICTA) • National Science and technological Council (NSTC) • National Institute for scientific and Industrial research (NISIR) • National remote Sensing center(NRSC)

  10. Conclusion • Efforts made towards the implementation of HPC • Need to coordinate with countries which have successfully implemented HPC

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