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Simmons Hispanic Data Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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Simmons Hispanic Data Resources

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Simmons Hispanic Data Resources
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Simmons Hispanic Data Resources

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  1. Simmons Hispanic Data Resources American Library Association Midwinter Conference January 2008 • Experian 2007. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary. • Experian and the marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian.

  2. An Introduction…

  3. SimmonsLOCAL • 18+ NCS/NHCS for all 209 DMA’s Simmons Core Studies National Consumer Survey (NCS/NHCS) • 25,000 Hispanic & non-Hispanic Adults 18+ • Available with or without expanded Hispanic Demographic/Media sections National Kids Survey • 2,200+ Kids 6-11 National Teens Survey • 2,200+ Teens 12-17

  4. Broad Categories Measured • Lifestyle and Demographics • Newspapers, Internet & Magazines • TV, Movies & Radio • Food & Drink • Shopping • Electronics • Pets • Household Products • Toiletries • Health & Medicine • Home & Office • Money Management • Opinions • Automotive

  5. Demographics Special Hispanic Demographics Heritage Country of Birth/Year Moved to U.S. Language Preferences Number of Hispanic Adults in HHLD ‘Language and the Media’ Attitudes and Opinions Consumer Behavior Psychographics 600+ measures Media Consumption Print, TV, Cable, Radio, Internet Product/Brand Consumption 8,000+ brands, 425+ categories Segmentation Systems Simmons Psychographic Scales* COHORTS (General Market & Hispanic*) Experian True Touch Segments* Tipping Points Waistband Segments Simmons NHCS: What’s Inside

  6. Acculturation…

  7. The first step in the development of the model was a theoretically-based investigation of the different pathways to acculturation and indicators of cultural identity. The Premise: Acculturation is not a one-dimensional pathway, that is, people don’t simultaneously drop one culture and pick up another. People tend to integrate aspects from different cultures into their lives. There tends to be a transition process from one culture to another. The potential exists for people to never leave transitional, cultural identity stages in their lives. Acculturation Scale Development

  8. A Selection of Simmons Cultural Indicators I often celebrate U.S. national holidays such as the Fourth of July and President’s Day. I enjoy eating traditional American food. When I’m with non-Hispanics, I like to share more about my Hispanic heritage. I enjoy living the American lifestyle and customs. ATTACHMENT TO U.S. (HOST) CULTURE ATTACHMENT TO ORIGINAL CULTURE My home has many things in it that remind me of my Hispanic heritage. I have more Hispanic friends than non-Hispanic friends. I often celebrate holidays from Hispanic countries. I try to keep up with Latin music, news or sports from Hispanic countries.

  9. Example 1: Spanish-Language Magazines READ ANY SPANISH-LANGUAGE MAGAZINE IN LAST 6 MONTHS • Hispanics/Latinos who have strong ties to their Hispanic culture over-index to the average Hispanic for having read a Spanish-language magazine.

  10. Example 2: Spanish-Language Cable • Hispanic/Latinos with a high original culture score over-index for having watched a Spanish-language cable network in the last 7 days. • Hispanics who have a weak attachment to their traditional culture and norms are least likely to have watched a Spanish cable network. VIEWED ANY SPANISH-LANGUAGE CABLE NETWORK IN LAST 7 DAYS

  11. Example 3: When Moved to U.S.? RESPONDENT MOVED TO U.S. IN 1995 OR LATER • Hispanics who have weak ties to U.S. Culture are more likely to have moved to the U.S. within the last 9 years.

  12. Product Placement…

  13. Product Placement Among Hispanics Product Placement in Television – Agree Alot

  14. Product Placement Among Hispanics Product Placement in Movies – Agree Alot

  15. Shopping Attitudes and Styles…

  16. Shopping Attitudes Among Hispanics Shopping Psychographics – Any Agree

  17. Brand Loyal Shoppers among Hispanics

  18. Child Influenced Shoppers among Hispanics

  19. Consumer Confidence among Hispanics

  20. Multimedia Engagement Study…

  21. Television (540) 102 Broadcast & Cable TV Networks 438 Broadcast, Cable & Syndicated programs Viewing Environment DVR, In home, Out of home MME Methodology: W2 (Q1 ’07) • Nearly 1,000 media vehicles measured: Print (150) • 150 Top Read Titles • Monthlies, Bi-monthlies, Weeklies • Hard copy/Online • Depth of read Internet (293) • Top Ranked Ad-Supported Consumer Sites • Additional Magazine and Television websites

  22. Inspirational Trustworthy Life Enhancing Social Interaction Personal Timeout Ad Attention/Receptivity Engagement Dimensions • A set of six global Engagement Dimensions are measured across all media channels: • Television • Internet • Print

  23. Inspirational:I am inspired by this program, magazine or Internet site; I have an emotional connection to this program, magazine or site. Trustworthy:I trust that this program, magazine or website tells the truth and does not sensationalize things. Life Enhancing:I am always learning about new things and places from this program, magazine or website—things that help me make better decisions in my life Social Interaction:This program, magazine or website constantly provides fodder for conversations that I have with friends and family Personal Timeout:This program, magazine or Internet site is special to me – the time I spend with this media element is enjoyable and considered “time just for me” Ad Attention/Receptivity:I am open to viewing/reading advertising on this program, magazine or Internet site because it is interesting and relevant to me Engagement Dimensions

  24. Key Findings: Inspirational Media Inspirational:I am inspired by this program, magazine or Internet site; I have an emotional connection to this program, magazine or site. Most Inspirational Media Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07) *Base: A18+ Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  25. Key Findings: Multi-Channel Signature Analysis ESPN Properties Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  26. Key Findings: Television HispanicNon-Hispanic Inspirational 239 245 Trustworthy 285 286 Life Enhancing 259 236 Social Interaction 288 282 Personal Timeout 289 293 Ad Receptivity 250 221 *Ad-Supported Program Average Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  27. Key Findings: Magazine HispanicNon-Hispanic Inspirational 264 275 Trustworthy 314 325 Life Enhancing 306 302 Social Interaction 307 305 Personal Timeout 308 308 Ad Receptivity 297 286 *Ad-Supported Program Average Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  28. Key Findings: Internet HispanicNon-Hispanic Inspirational 232 223 Trustworthy 308 308 Life Enhancing 290 280 Social Interaction 297 281 Personal Timeout 266 265 Ad Receptivity 249 230 *Ad-Supported Program Average Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  29. Key Findings: Television SpanishEnglish Inspirational 246 245 Trustworthy 275 266 Life Enhancing 255 205 Social Interaction 283 268 Personal Timeout 284 297 Ad Receptivity 257 203 Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  30. Key Findings: Magazine SpanishEnglish Inspirational 278 273 Trustworthy 311 324 Life Enhancing 297 303 Social Interaction 309 305 Personal Timeout 310 308 Ad Receptivity 295 287 Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  31. Key Findings: Internet SpanishEnglish Inspirational 293 223 Trustworthy 326 308 Life Enhancing 314 280 Social Interaction 337 282 Personal Timeout 310 254 Ad Receptivity 302 231 Source: Simmons MME W2 six-month (Q4 ’06 - Q1 ’07)

  32. Database Integration…

  33. What is BehaviorGraphics™? A segmentation system, based on an integration of Nielsen and Simmons data, that organizes people based on their viewing behavior

  34. New Model – (’07-’08) • Trendsetters • Kid Focused • Renaissancers • Tee Timers • Picket Fences • Sarcastics • Sports Enthusiasts • Platinum Shoppers • Home & Family • Makeover Mavens • Real Adventures - NEW • Night Owls - NEW • Brass Tacks - NEW • Urbanites • Film Fanatics - NEW • Careful Consumers • The Good Life - NEW • Potentials • Social & Savvy • Pragmatists • Work Hard-Play Hard • Daytime Dramatics • Technofiles • All About Los Ninos • Informaticos • Spanish Heritage Aficionados • Musica Fans • Familia y Futbol • Happy Casa • New Traditionals • Compra-Holics • Este Momento • Stats: • New Model: • 32 Total Segments • 23 English Language TV Genres • 9 Spanish Language TV Genres • 5 New General Mkts Segments • 18 Returning • 5 non-Returning: • -Investigators • -Family Traditions • -Just the 2 of Us • -Media Heads • -Gold Standard

  35. A few of the 2006 BehaviorGraphics FAQs • How many BehaviorGraphic segments are there? • In the 2006-2007 model there are 23 adult segments in the NTI and 23 Hispanic adult segments in the NHTI • How stable is the system year to year? • Typically we see 70% to 80% of the segments return year after year. • Segments based on “established” programming like cable news or primetime news magazines are more stable, whereas segments based off niche programming are often less stable Primary Genre Primetime Reality/Sitcoms Platinum Shopper Young & well-off Fashion conscious Mobile lifestyles, dining out, movies, and nightclubs Influential; others seek them out for advice before making a big purchase Primary Genre Crime Programs Investigators Down-home lifestyles, cooking, gardening, country clubs, environmental organizations and church organizations Go to museums or to the theater Traditionalists who are brand loyal with conservative tastes Primary Genre Popular Primetime Dramas Gold Standard Upscale, self-assured group who are very efficient and organized Having everything in order & juggling various tasks is key Want to look good, stay young, be healthy and enjoy the finer things in life

  36. BG 32: Este Momento • Este Momento are confident, young Hispanics who are single and unencumbered • They enjoy being the go-to- person among their friends for health and nutrition, as well as fashion • They want to be noticed and like to wear clothes that get them the attention they crave • Friends are their focus and they enjoy spending time with them eating out, shopping, going to concerts or going to the movies • Novelas on Azteca America are a favorite • Living in the moment is what this group does best!

  37. SimmonsLocal Model…

  38. The LCS builds upon the accredited Simmons survey process integrating 5 years of Simmons data with household and geographic data from other trusted sources to reveal a unique GeoBehavioralSM fingerprint for every U.S. Census block group. Local Consumer Study (LCS)

  39. The most recent year’s Simmons survey respondents are compared and scored to the GeoBehavioralSM fingerprint of each block group. Respondents are sampled to represent the population in that block group based upon the comparison score. Local Consumer Study (LCS)

  40. Sample sizes larger than any other local research study Average sample size in LCS markets is approximately 27,000 Large sample means more stable and more reliable results Ability to deliver syndicated insights for every media market Block group fingerprints more reliably reflect marketplace nuances The only cost-effective model to capture extensive insight in every market Local Consumer Study (LCS) There are many benefits to the patent-pending GeoBehavioralSM methods used in the Local Consumer Study (U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 11/018,976 “Information Modeling and Projection for Geographic Regions Having Insufficient Sample Size”) and protected by US patent law

  41. Case Study: Regional Bank Market to Hispanics Challenge: Begin Reaching More Hispanic Consumers A regional bank needs to determine how to begin marketing to area Hispanics and at which have the highest potential to serve Hispanic customers?

  42. Case Study: Regional Bank Markets to Hispanics Consumer Profile: The detailed insights in ELMS show that Greensboro area Hispanics are primarily of Mexican heritage and that over half were born outside of the United States and speak only or mostly Spanish.

  43. Case Study: Regional Bank Market to Hispanics Geographic Targeting: Hispanic Banking Prospects ELMS shows which branches have the highest potential to serve Hispanic customers by quickly plotting the Hispanic concentration within every ZIP code.

  44. Case Study: Regional Bank Markets to Hispanics Consumer Profile: How to Reach Area Hispanics ELMS provided insights on how to reach and message to the Greensboro area Hispanics

  45. Summary…