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SIG Services. ACM HQ . John White, ACM CEO Pat Ryan, ACM COO Information Systems Office of Finance Office of Membership Office of Policy and Administration Office of Publications Office of Public Policy Office of SIG Services. Office of SIG Services. General Activities

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Presentation Transcript
acm hq
  • John White, ACM CEO
  • Pat Ryan, ACM COO
      • Information Systems
      • Office of Finance
      • Office of Membership
      • Office of Policy and Administration
      • Office of Publications
      • Office of Public Policy
      • Office of SIG Services
office of sig services
Office of SIG Services
  • General Activities
  • Conference Activities
general activities
General Activities
  • Point of Contact
    • Offering Guidance and Support
      • ACM Policy and Procedure
      • ACM and SIG History
      • ACM Governance
      • Preparation and Execution of JSAs
      • Award Programs
      • Grant and Scholarship Programs
      • Education Programs
general activities cont d
General Activities Cont’d
  • Repository
    • Bylaws (
    • Viability Information
    • Agreements and Contracts
  • Newsletter Activities (Julie Goetz)
    • Accept newsletter from editor
    • Print and distribute to membership
sig staff liaisons
SIG Staff Liaisons
  • Jessica Wilmers-Fried
  • Irene Frawley
  • Ginger Ignatoff
  • Fran Spinola
conference activities
Conference Activities
  • Cooperating Events
  • Sponsored Events
  • Co-sponsored Events
cooperating events
Cooperating Events

What is an In Cooperation Event?

  • A conference, workshop or technical meeting sponsored by an outside organization that seeks a formal relationship with ACM SIGs without any legal or financial responsibility on the behalf ACM or the requested SIGs
cooperating events1
Cooperating Events

What are the SIG Benefits to In Cooperation Conferences?

  • Meeting Topics- Conference, workshop or meeting topics may be of interest to SIG members and are not covered by a current SIG event
  • Registration Discounts- SIG Members receive any offered discounted registration rates
  • Additional Publications to bring into DL- many SIGs require that In Cooperation Conference Proceedings be placed in the ACM DL
cooperating events2
Cooperating Events

What are the Conference Benefits to In Cooperation Status?

  • The Value of the ACM SIG Name- ACM and SIGs names/logos can be used on conference promotions and publicity stating In Cooperation status
  • Publicity-
    • If space is available, SIG may choose to advertise In Cooperation conferences in SIG newsletters or other publications
    • Meeting will appear online in the ACM Calendar of Upcoming Events
    • If space is available, meeting will be publicized in Call for Papers and Professional Calendar sections of Communications of the ACM
    • Discounted rates to advertisement space in CACM
  • Digital Library- Meeting proceedings are eligible to be included in the ACM DL
cooperating events3
Cooperating Events

How to Apply for In Cooperation with ACM SIGs

  • Conference Leaders Responsibilities
    • Prepare TMRF ( )
    • Provide necessary signatures and insurance documentation
      • Insurance exceptions made for conferences outside the US
    • Submit paperwork to Ashley Cozzi in SIG Services
      • paperwork must be submitted to ACM to go through proper approval process
    • Provide final report after the conference
      • summary of attendance
      • budget
      • technical activities
cooperating events4
Cooperating Events

What happens after paperwork is received at ACM HQ?

  • ACM HQ Responsibilities
    • Paperwork is reviewed and checked for required information and signatures
    • An Approval Memo with detailed Conference Information is sent to the requested SIGs for review
    • ACM is responsible for Approval Process Trafficking and Follow-up
  • SIG Leaders Responsibilities
    • Review Approval Memo received from ACM HQ
    • Approve/Disapprove/Questions
cooperating events5
Cooperating Events

Other Basic Requirements for Approval

  • Relevant- topic of the meeting must relate to the scope of the SIG
  • Participation and Paper Review- There must be anopen call for participation and a clearly documented review/evaluation process
  • Sponsorship- Can not be sponsored by a for-profit organization or an individual
    • Exceptions can be requested and will go to the SGB EC
  • SIG may identify additional requirements for in cooperation status
    • Ex: SIGMOBILE 10 requirements

What promotional materials can ACM help SIGs and Conferences with?

  • Call for Papers / Call for Participation
  • Postcards-
    • Elections
    • Save the Date
    • Registration is Open!!
  • Advanced Programs
  • Final Programs


Why use ACM to produce SIG/ Conference Material?

  • New branding and style guide
  • Preferred Vendor with preferred rates
  • Access to mailing lists
    • Previous Conferences
    • SIG Memberships
    • Scientific Mailing Lists (ex: Computer Science Teachers)
sponsored and co sponsored events
Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Events

Question: What does Sponsored or Co-Sponsored mean?

Answer: Sponsored or Co-Sponsored refers to events that are legally and financially supported and endorsed by the SIG

sponsored co sponsored events
SponsoredCo-Sponsored Events

Question: What are the SIGs Benefits to sponsoring or co- sponsoring an event?


  • Accomplish Mission
  • Set Technical Program Direction
  • Community Service
  • Opportunity to Develop/Maintain the Premier Event in Specialty
sponsored and co sponsored events1
Sponsored andCo-sponsored Events

Question: What are the responsibilities of the Conference Organizers?


  • Prepare requested documentation
    • Preliminary Approval Form (PAF)
    • Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF)
  • Provide ACM with preferred location so that a request for proposal (RFP) can be prepared and sent out
  • Utilize approved TMRF as the blue-print for a successful event
  • Review on-line Conference Manual
  • Ask Questions
sponsored and co sponsored events2
Sponsored andCo-sponsored Events

Question: What responsibilities does ACM HQ have?


  • Point of Contact for Conference Leaders, provide advice and guidance as needed
  • Assist in preparation of the budget and follow-through on the approval process
  • Process joint sponsorship agreement for co-sponsored events with outside organizations
  • Set-up in-house or out of house bank account
  • Issue RFPs, negotiate and execute site contracts

Examples: Hotel, Convention Center, University

  • Issue RFPs, negotiate and execute other conference related contracts

Examples: Audio Visual, Catering, Off site reception/banquet

acm hq responsibilities cont d
ACM HQ Responsibilities Cont’d
  • Set-up Conference in process (CIP), considered in house or out of house bank account
  • Provide and gather history

Examples: hotel sleeping room pick-up, total a/v and F&B spending, registration numbers

  • Assist leadership in work with conference venue
  • Process Letters in Support of Visa Applications
  • Provide guidelines and produce print and electronic proceedings
sponsored and co sponsored events3
Sponsored andCo-sponsored Events

Question: What can the SIG leadership do to help facilitate the communication between ACM and the conference organizers?


  • Inform ACM once a conference chair has been selected
  • Direct leadership to site selection guidelines
  • Approve preliminary approval form (PAF)
  • Provide guidance and share experiences to conference leaders
  • Review & Endorse contract & budgets
  • Endorse contracts needing to be executed prior to official conference approval
conference staff liaisons
Conference Staff Liaisons

Question: Who are our contacts at ACM HQ?


Budgets-Maritza Nichols

Site Selection – Elizabeth Grove

Operations – Brooke Hardy, Stephanie Smith

Proceedings – Adrienne Griscti

Promotions & Registration- Ashley Cozzi

technical meeting request form tmrf
Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF)
  • Cooperating Conferences
    • Easy to use 2 page form and Financial Responsibility Letter
  • Sponsored/Co-Sponsored Events
    • Preliminary Approval Form
    • TMRF
      • Budget
      • Budget Rationale
      • Statement of Understanding
preliminary form
Preliminary Form
  • Complete this form ASAP (Ideally 18 months prior)
  • Approval of Form Permits
    • Dates and location of the conference to be publicized
    • Conference to be included in ACM’s web calendar
    • The site/hotel process to begin
tmrf general information section i
TMRF General Information - Section I
  • Dates, Location, Venue,
  • Scope of the Technical Program
  • Key Volunteers

-Conference Chair


-Program Chair

tmrf budget spreadsheet section ii
TMRF Budget Spreadsheet - Section II
  • Template available on-line
  • Guides the organizers through a line item account of income and expenses
  • Staff Liaison for Conference Budget Activity is available to assist
tmrf budget rationale section iii
TMRF Budget Rationale- Section III
  • Outline of:
    • Revenue and Expense assumptions
    • Unique circumstances the conference might be facing
joint sponsorship agreement
Joint Sponsorship Agreement
  • Outlines Legal and Financial responsibilities, Asset Ownership, copyright, etc.
  • Organization must be incorporated and tax exempt (non-profit)
conference site selection
Conference Site Selection
  • Buyer’s Market in many areas
  • ACM Leverage
  • Contracting Guidelines
  • Exposure to SIG
    • Attrition
    • Cancellation
site selection process
Site Selection Process

Phase I-Drafting the RFP

  • Preferred Dates
  • Meeting Space Requirements
  • Sleeping Room Needs
  • Identify up to 3 Potential Host Cities
site selection
Site Selection
  • Geographic Breakdown
site selection1
Site Selection
  • RFP Updates
site selection process cont d
Site Selection Process Cont’d

Phase II-Review Bids and Confirm Site

  • Bid Summary
  • Site Inspections (if necessary)
  • Finalize Contract
sample bid summary
Sample Bid Summary

SIG XX Conference

conference registration
Conference Registration
  • Registration Chair
  • Vendor Options
  • Option 1

Self Service-Volunteer Only-Best Value

  • Option 2

Advance Registration Only

  • Option 3

Advance + On-Site Service

Recommended for Conferences larger than 300 attendees


sig services staff
SIG Services Staff

Donna Cappo Director

Jessica Wilmers-Fried Manager – Conference Operations

Elizabeth Grove PC – Conference Services - Site Selection

Brooke Hardy PC – Conference Services – Operations

Stephanie Smith PC – Conference Services - Operations

Ashley Cozzi AA- SIG Services

Irene Frawley PC - SIG Services

Ginger Ignatoff PD - SIG Services

Maritza Nichols PC - Conference Services – Budgets

Fran Spinola PC - SIG Services

Adrienne Griscti PC - Proceedings/Publications

Julie Goetz Part-time Newsletter Administrator

Contact Information-