presentation veldschuur bid en werk l.
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Presentation Veldschuur “Bid en werk” PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation Veldschuur “Bid en werk”

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Presentation Veldschuur “Bid en werk” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Veldschuur “Bid en werk” Text:Fre Spijk Translation: Karin Weitering Autocad drawings:bureau Kloeg project : the veldschuur (barn)“Bid en werk”

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presentation veldschuur bid en werk

Presentation Veldschuur “Bid en werk”

Text:Fre Spijk

Translation: Karin Weitering

Autocad drawings:bureau Kloeg

project the veldschuur barn bid en werk
project : the veldschuur (barn)“Bid en werk”

It used to be a familiar sight in the area of “the Oldematen”: De veldschuur “Bid en werk”…. but that was long ago….Only the foundations are still there…along a new cycling track from Hasselt to Zwartewaterklooster…..


The Staphorst area”De Oldematen” is situated on a tourist cycling-and walking track between Hasselt and Zwartsluis and connects natural areas on the line Zwolle - Steenwijk


Villages and natural scenery connect…

a historical walk in the centre of Hasselt gets a natural continuation in an exploration of the natural area the “Oldematen”

foundation friends of the oldematen
Foundation “Friends of the Oldematen”

Aims a.o.

-to keep the sceneral and historical values of the region

-to let carry out educative projects

-to promote tourist activities

-to rebuild the “veldschuur Bid en werk”

support and advise
Support and advise:
  • Municipalities
  • Farmers
  • Landscape-architect
  • Vegetation-expert
  • Education-experts
  • Foundation “Nature and Environment “Hasselt”
  • Historical societies
  • Archaeological working-groups
exploitation and management of the veldschuur
Exploitation and management of the “veldschuur”

State Forestry Service and foundation V.V.O.

Inside the “veldschuur” :

  • Visitors’compartment and educative room and exposition-floor
  • S.F.S. office: upperfloor
  • Limited meal/drink-service: tea-room


  • Farmers can take part in the management of the region
  • Participation of volunteers foundation : “Nature and Environment”
  • Participation of slightly handicapped persons
The multimedia-centre with a view of and contact with the “slagenlandscape”(this is a landscape with long and narrow fields)
educational co operation
Educational co-operation:

Co-operation with regional educational instititutions has already been asked for.Several colleges help with the execution of educational projects:

“Windesheim college”(Zwolle)

“University Utrecht”

“Saxion college”


cultural history of the region
Cultural history of the region

From the information-centre the visitor is referred to the neighbouring cultural-historical and archaeological centres a.o:

Zwolle , Staphorst