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Presentation Key information 2 Management Konstantin Simonov President of CCPR Born in 1974. Graduated from the political science department of the philosophic faculty in Moscow State University. In CCPR since 1997. One of the leading Russian experts in economic policy,

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Konstantin Simonov

President of CCPR

Born in 1974.

Graduated from the political

science department of the

philosophic faculty in

Moscow State University.

In CCPR since 1997. One of the

leading Russian experts in economic policy,

energy, foreign policy.

Candidate of Political Sciences.

Made a various of books on political analysis.

Since 2006 – director general of

the National Energy Security Fond

Mikhail Vinogradov

Director general of CCPR

Born in 1974 in Moscow.

Graduated from the


faculty in Moscow State


One of the leading experts in

applied political analysis and

consulting, regional and post-soviet

processes, electoral technologies,

public relations (skilled in 20 large

political project and electoral campaigns)

In CCPR – since 1992




Pavel Salin

Research director

Alexander Shatilov

Deputy director general

Vitaly Ivanov


Avtandil Tsuladze


Oksana Goncharenko

Head of the regional projects Department

Alexander Perov

Head of the Informational products Department



CCPR products and services

  • Strategies of political projects and electoral campaigns
  • Political consulting
  • Weekly analytical reviews
  • Weekly monitoring of mass-media
  • Topical analytical reports (bimonthly)
  • Digests and monitoring of foreign mass-media
  • Previews of the upcoming events



Political consulting

  • Development of electoral strategies
  • Political projects release
  • Development of political web-sites
  • Training seminars organization
  • trainings and conferences devoted to informational and political activity, government relations



Landmarks of CCPR foundation

1992. Invention of the Center based on the Institute for mass political movements

1994. CCPR enters the market of mass-media monitoring and turns on regular monitoring.

1997. CCPR goes to regular analytical products edition.

1999. CCPR first experience in electoral campaign of the federal level (coalition “Edinstvo”)

2000. CCPR passes on regional electoral campaigns

2001. CCPR releases a range of web-projects

2002. Project “Local government in Russia”.

2003. Producing of the book “Putun`s epoch”

2004. Dynamic activity in oil and gas analysis. Growth of the international activity

2005. CCPR deals with market research

2006. Invention of the National Energy Security Fond

2007. Political analysis and consulting activity ahead federal elections. Publications of political ratings.



CCPR clients

Foreign embassies in Russia



Konstantin Simonov on the meeting of Vladimir Putin with the humanity sciences readers.

Novo-Ogarevo, 2007, 21st of June


Mikhail Vinogradov performance on the III Economic forum

“Europe-Russia”. Vienna, 2007, 24th of April



Experts in whole agreed with implications of the Center for Current politics in Russia report.

Authors of the latest “rating of governors political survival“, produced by the Center for Current Politics in Russia, refer immunity of governors to their good fellowship with the Kremlin and “The Joint Russia” electoral results. Credit rating of the Russian regions by analysts of Standart & Poor`s shows bondage between political and financial stability of regions.

State business recaptured initiative from private business. Such implications are contained in CCPR report“Leading Russian corporations and power: cooperation technologies”.

The list of the governors resigned may be refilled. The Center for Current politics in Russia made in August an analysis devoted to “political survival of governors”.

There are several intellectual centers, constantly receiving the Kremlin offers. They are FEP, Institute for public designing (InOP), fond “Politics”, FOM, WCIOM, as well as Institute for CIS and the Center for Current Politics in Russia (CCPR)

A group of international observers of the Shanghai Organization for Cooperation supervised the previous parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan Magilis. Independent experts were welcomed to watch the voting procedure for the first time. In particular, Russia was represented by the director general of the Center for Current Politics Mikhail Vinogradov.

Analysis data by one of the most established research centers, the Center for Current Politics in Russia, has been published. They concern the ways large financial and industrial groups influence Putun`s successor choice.



Geography of activity

CCPR office is located in Moscow

Countries where CCPR experts worked:

Russia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine

Countries where CCPR experts hold presentations and performances:

Austria, Belgium, the Great Britain, Germany, China, Korea, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, the U.S., Turkey, France, Finland, Japan.

Regions where CCPR experts worked

Kabardino-Balkaria, Kalmykia, Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Udmurtia, Krasnodar, Krasnoyar, Stavropol Territories, Archangelsk, Kaliningrad, Lipetsk, Penza, Tver`, Tyumen` regions, Saint-Petersburg, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area



107061, Moscow,

Krasnobogatyrskaya Str., 89.

+7 (495) 975-77-64, 748-08-09