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Volunteer Programme

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Volunteer Programme
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Volunteer Programme

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  1. Volunteer Programme

  2. Volunteer Programme SPCA Auckland Thank-you for your interest in the Auckland SPCA Volunteer Programme. SPCA volunteers are ambassadors for the SPCA and take great pride in fulfilling their role in a professional manner. We have an age policy for volunteers and this information is attached along with an application form and NZ Police check form. Volunteers’ work involves a range of duties from cleaning cages (poo included!) & walking dogs to event and fundraising volunteers. It is rewarding work and many of our volunteers stay longer than the minimum commitment we ask of them. We supply volunteers with a name badge, t shirt and training materials, please bring $25.00 to the volunteer orientation you are scheduled to attend, this will enable the Auckland SPCA to recover these costs. You can pay by cash, eftpos or credit card at the customer services counter. This payment is non-refundable, should you cancel your volunteer training, it will be used to defer the admin costs involved in managing the volunteer training programme and for processing your application. Once a volunteers application has been approved the volunteer needs to attend a half day orientation, which is scheduled for the beginning of every month from 9am to 11.30am. You will be invited to attend this orientation once we have processed your application. Volunteers wishing to work in animal areas then complete further days of training. Our intake of volunteers wishing to work with animals is limited to an intake of 20 every month. Weekend volunteer vacancies with animals are limited, because of this your first application may not be succesfull and or we may need to put you onto the next available training date. We ask for a time commitment for your initial training and for your scheduled roster. There are weekly, fortnightly and monthly rosters available for working at the village, and you can choose whether to work in animal or non animal areas and on weekends or weekdays. You will see on the attached sheet that the minimum number of hours required per week, fortnight or month depends on the role. Generally, working directly with the animals requires a commitment of at least 15 days (including up to two days of training) of volunteer work at the village. After the initial two days of training, volunteer work can be scheduled in a variety of ways: Half a day a week over six months Half day a month over on a fixed roster over twelve months Students requiring work experience will be accepted for a minimum of 12 days to be worked within a three month period. This accommodates school holiday workers. Note the minimum age for volunteers is 18 years of age at the Auckland SPCA, refer to Age Policy for more details. Short term volunteers can work in the creature comforts centre (where food, blankets and papers are sorted and stored), on grounds maintenance and in the animal laundry, they will not be able to work directly with the animals. We encourage new volunteers with excellent people skills and an interest in animal welfare. We provide an opportunity to make a difference in animals lives and work with like minded people. Ongoing training opportunities are also provided. Please fill in the enclosed application form and police check and post back to The Volunteer Coordinator, SPCA Auckland, PO Box 43 221, Mangere, Manukau 2153 Email: melanie.carpenter@spca.org.nz Tel (09) 256 7304.

  3. Volunteer Positions Working with dogs in the village Canine assistants help the animal attendants with cleaning, feeding, bathing & exercising the dogs.You can chose to work with dogs & puppies in the adoption area, the new comers and long termers in the doggery or the sick & injured in the hospital dog ward. This role requires a minimum commitment of four hours per month for twelve months. Working with cats in the village Feline assistants help the cattery attendants with cleaning, feeding & preparation of the cats in the adoption area, stray cat & kitten area or new arrivals and sick cats in the hospital cat ward and isolation areas. This role requires a minimum commitment of four hours per week for six months or four hours per month for twelve months. Working with small animals (rabbits & guinea pigs) Small animals assistants clean the rabbit & guinea pig adoption area as well as feed them and monitor their health and welfare. This role requires a minimum commitment of four hours per week for six months or eight hours per month for twelve months. Creature Comforts Coordinator This is a critical role for ensuring our animal supplies are available and accessible. It involves sorting, organising, stacking and tidying our donated food, blankets, towels, newspapers etc in the Creature Comforts Centre. This role requires a minimum commitment of at least 30 hours over two months. This is a great opportunity to support the animals and work in our animal village environment without having direct contact with the animals. Washing Wizard This is another critical role for ensuring our animals have clean bedding and towels available. It involves sorting, washing (we do have machines!) drying, folding and stacking our animal laundry. This role requires a minimum commitment of at least 30 hours over two months. This is also a great opportunity to support the animals and work in our animal village environment without having direct contact with the animals.

  4. Fostering cats/kittens/dogs/puppies or large animals on your property By taking SPCA animals into your home on a temporary basis you are providing them with much needed TLC. We provide food, vet care, bedding, toys, support & advice. We need foster homes for animals for a range of reasons from recouperation after illness or injury, nursing and/or socializing animals too young to go up for adoption, and rehabilitation for minor behavioural issues. This role requires a minimum commitment for the term of a foster engagement. The period will depend on the needs of the animal that is fostered and may range from two weeks to several months. Sometimes animals require long term foster homes while we are awaiting Court proceedings against their owners, which can take up to a year or more. Dog squad fundraising If you have a really social, confident and reliable dog you could become part of the dog squad team, they meet and raise money with their dogs at various events and locations. You may join the group on a casual or long term basis. Bird Wing Help our dedicated bird wing group care for the many sick & injured birds that come into their care. Bird Wing santuaries are in various locations around Auckland, not located at the Village in Mangere. You may join the group on a casual or long term basis. Outreach Therapy Pets This Programme involves pets and people who visit rest homes, hospitals and other establishments bringing comfort to residents and patients alike. You need to have a really social, confident and reliable animal that loves petting and people. Helping at events We attend and hold events at a variety of locations throughout Auckland. It’s a great way to meet people and be the face of the SPCA. There’s often a huge range of tasks from directing traffic to running stalls to meeting and greeting – something for everyone! You may join this team on a casual or long term basis. Administration Assist with various admin tasks from making up information packs to helping out with the lost and found pet service. You may join this team on a casual or long term basis.

  5. Rag Fairies Each day the cattery, cat ward and dog ward cages are cleaned and a new rag is needed per cage! We need people to become part of the rag fairy team! We supply the material (donated sheets) and basic instruction and template. This is a volunteer job you can do in front of the telly! It is a flexible role but at least one pick up and drop off a month is much appreciated. This is an ideal volunteer position for people who are not older enough for our village volunteer positions or any one else who want’s to help! Team Leader/Coordination Supervise & coordinate a team of volunteers at the animal village, you can take ownership of your team and make a real difference. A considerable commitment is required for this role both in terms of initial training and ongoing contribution as Team Leaders form part of the management team at the Auckland SPCA. Experience in all animal related volunteer roles at the village is required. Volunteer Driving Vacancies in this team do not come up that often but it is a very demanding and rewarding role. Volunteer drivers support our Animal Welfare Inspectors and drive an SPCA vehicle collecting and delivering food and sick and injured animals. This role requires a minimum commitment of at least eight hours per month for twelve months. Bucket Rattling This important method of raising funds and a task that requires skill and enthusiasm and above all heaps of energy. It’s very rewarding when you see the bucket fill up! You will need to be assertive and happy to speak out in order to persuade individuals to make a donation. Face to Face Fundraising Promote the HOPE scheme, a monthly donor scheme that supports the animals of the SPCA. These face to face roles are about encouraging individuals to sign-up to HOPE. You will need to be assertive with lots of energy. Other New & exciting volunteer roles are advertised on a regular basis. Roles range from specialist projects – like our De-Sex and the City campaigns to PR and IT projects. If you have particular skills that you think may benefit the SPCA please let us know how you could help.

  6. Week-day Canine Personal Trainers Wanted! aka Dog Walkers! Fancy taking a lovable pooch for a walk? The Auckland SPCA canine residents need some week-day volunteer personal trainers – and that could be you! You will assist the welfare of our dogs by providing them with mental and physical exercise and stimulation. It will help them to get homes and make their stay with us all the more enjoyable! So what’s in it for you? Exercise, fresh air, training and the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference to a dog’s life. Are you reasonably strong and fit? Reliable, dedicated with an affinity for dogs? Are you keen to volunteer your time to the Auckland SPCA in Mangere? If you answered yes to the above and have at least an hour to spare each week, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm, then we want to here from you. A minimum commitment applies. After attending a Saturday orientation (first Saturday of each month) we then train you that afternoon on our dog walking techniques. Café Canine Companions How about taking one of fabulous canines into the community and promoting them for adoption? This is a great way to make a difference in a dogs life! This is a weekday role or a weekend role at SPCA friendly events. You will be required to attend an orientation and the dog walker training. Conference & education centre volunteers Our fantastic education & conference centre is used for various events and school visits. If you like people and have a help ful can do attitude then please let us know as we would love your help in various events through the year.