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Miss Senderov’s
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Miss Senderov’s

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  1. Our classroom site Miss Senderov’s Kindergarden Class 2005

  2. MY TEACHING PHILOSPHY • My philosophy about teaching is centered around the individual needs of children. It is essential to always understand where a student is, in terms of understanding a concept, and focus on what the child can do, as opposed to what they cannot do. An appreciation of diversity of all kinds including culture, background, ability, preferences, and learning style is important. The best way to accommodate different learning styles is to create a learning environment based upon the knowledge of what is appropriate and meaningful to the students in the class. • Some students learn things best when they are "feeling" their way through the learning process.  Others learn better visually with graphic aids . Some children learn through hearing and speaking. They may put concepts into a rhyme in order to remember the information.  I believe it is my responsibility to include as many of these different learning styles in the classroom. • Through activities and experiences ,your child’s existing abilities will be challenged as their knowledge increases. Inside my classroom

  3. Zoo Camp Topics limited to 20 participants Aspects I focus on in our classroom: • On a daily basis my students are intellectually challanged and encouraged to continually thirst forknowledge. • It is my goal to always instruct with patience, love, understanding, and acceptance. • Learning how to act appropriately around other people in social sitations is an important skill for Kindergardener’s to develop. An excellent way to teach young students social skills is by encouraging them to work cooperatively together. I facilitate developmentally appropriate lessons and activities that incorporate these important abilities. For example, we often play interactive games which teach the children social skills and educational tools at the same time.

  4. RECENT CLASS PICTURES Here students are working together with parents who are volunteering time in the classroom. The children in this photo are showing off new class t-shirts for our annual contest between morning and afternoon Kindergarden classes.

  5. RECENT CLASS PROJECTS • Here students are creating animal figures with paper machet. This project was correlated with a visit to the zoo. • Currently the children are working on putting together a booklet that will demonstrate all their animal projects, worksheets, and homework assignments.

  6. FIELD TRIP TIME! • Most children love animals! Since I often incorporate them into lessons plans I like to take the class for a visit to the zoo. • At the zoo, the children learn more about the animals utilized in the classroom as I address new vocabulary words, spelling, and reading skills. • This is a photo taken during our field trip to the San Jose zoo. Check out the summer zoo camp! It is a wonderful opportunity. We went to the zoo!

  7. ZOO CAMP Summer Camp at the San Jose Zoo is a great way for your children to learn and have fun at the same time! Your children will enjoy fun-filled classes with creative crafts and wildly-exciting educational activities including a variety of hands-on science activities, Zoo walks, and animal encounters. Each Camp is a half-day program that lasts one week. Children attend all Camps independently without parental supervision. There are several different Zoo camp topics. Alphabet Zoo    Ages 3-4* Do you know your ZOO ABCs? Join us in a "zoo"rifically wild adventure where you'll discover fun facts about animals from A to Z. Oceans of Fun    Ages 3-4*, 5-6 Have a splashing good time as we explore the ocean and its wet and wild world of animals. Dive with us under the sea as we discover the big, the beautiful, and the bizarre! Sticks, Stones and Buffalo Bones    Ages 5-6 Join us in exploring the wonderful world of North America's animals through stories, arts, crafts, and games of Native Americans.

  8. I HOPE YOU HAVE ALL ENJOYED THIS OPEN HOUSE PRESENTATION • Being invested in your child’s education is the most precious gift! • If you are interested in being more involved with your child here at school please notify me. • There are many fun class activities to help with. Here are two parents volunteering!