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Map Based News Events Aggregator Haseeb Yousaf Hari K Devulapally Aim of The Project Creating a service which provides localized news. Using Open Calais for categorizing the news. Project Details

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Map based news events aggregator l.jpg

Map Based News Events Aggregator

Haseeb Yousaf

Hari K Devulapally

Aim of the project l.jpg
Aim of The Project

  • Creating a service which provides localized news.

  • Using Open Calais for categorizing the news.

Project details l.jpg
Project Details

  • The input is obtained via a Map provided by Google Maps which has links for different regions.

  • The user can click on a link on the Map and news obtained from Yahoo News API, pertaining to that region will be displayed.

  • Users are given different links grouped in to categories which is done using the semantic entity identification provided through the Semantic Proxy

Flow chart for the retrieval process l.jpg
Flow chart for the Retrieval process


Google Map


First Time?



Yahoo News

Web Services

Entity Identification

Using Semantic Proxy


Google map api l.jpg
Google Map Api

  • Code Snippet for Google map API

    <script src=";v=2&amp;key=ABQIAAAAw-SpDjjV1ekEzUmgr66BSRTCB2YolLokOQdZ04JyhJcx2gLzYRSSnl5G8BV1NumH9Kfb0sKNZ7Ka9w&sensor=true_or_false"


"var map = new GMap2(document.getElementById(\"map_canvas\"));\n"+

"map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl());\n"+

"map.setCenter(new GLatLng(25,-92), 4);\n"+

"var icon1 = new GIcon();\n"+

"icon1.iconSize = new GSize(34,36);\n"+

"icon1.iconAnchor = new GPoint(6,20);\n"+

"icon1.infoWindowAnchor = new GPoint(20,1);\n

Yahoo news api l.jpg
Yahoo News Api


  • Request Parameter

    • App ID

    • Query

    • Results

    • output

  • Respond

    • ResultSet

    • Result

    • Title

    • Summary

    • Url

How it works l.jpg
How it works:

A semantic metadata generation service that extracts entities, facts and events from unstructured text

Creates linkages from extracted entities to linked data ecosystem

Provides a transportation layer for rich semantic metadata from producers to consumers

Slide8 l.jpg


Text markup by Calais

Reuters Announced the Acquisition of ClearForest

New York - April 30, 2007

Reuters, the global information company, has entered into an agreement to acquire all of the outstanding shares of ClearForest Ltd., a privately held provider of Text Analytics solutions, whose tagging platform and analytical products allow clients to derive precise business information from huge amounts of textual content.

ClearForest has received sufficient shareholder approval to complete the transaction, which is expected to close in approximately 30 days, subject to customary closing conditions. The financial terms were not disclosed. Reuters plans to retain and continue to work with the existing management team and their highly skilled workforces in the US and Israel. It also plans to continue to support existing products and customers.

Reuters believes that search will be a pivotal element to the future of how financial information is sourced and consumed. As part of its drive into this space, Reuters has created a new strategic group and appointed Gerry Campbell, who will oversee the integration of ClearForest and drive this innovation.


<Company>ClearForest Ltd.</Company>

<Acquisition offset="494" length="130">


<Company_Acquired>ClearForest Ltd.</Company_Acquired>



<Product>Text Analytic Solution </Product>

<Company>ClearForest Ltd.</Company>


<Country>United States</Country>



<Person>Gerry Campbell</Person>

<ManagementChange offset="2789" length="92">

<Person>Gerry Campbell</Person>




Slide9 l.jpg

The Linked Data Cloud with new OpenCalais and Thomson Reuters information assets



Slide10 l.jpg

The Process Reuters information assets



Which provides information and other Linked Data pointers

Metadata returned to the user with keys


Unstructured Text


Keys provide access to the Calais Linked Data cloud


Calais extracts entities, facts and events


To a range of open and partner Linked data assets, including Thomson Reuters

Example l.jpg
Example Reuters information assets

  • User clicks on the location in the Google maps(limited to US states).

  • The request is sent to the yahoo news API, which will retrieve the information about the news related to that particular location

  • The retrieved information is sent to the which helps in entity identification and classification of the news.

  • The news in presented to the user if no specific category is clicked else category based news is displayed.

Slide12 l.jpg

Categories based on Open Calais Reuters information assets

  • Top Stories

  • Business

  • Politics

  • Entertainment

  • Crime

  • General

Slide13 l.jpg

Questions? Reuters information assets