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Interactive Chemistry Web Resources

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Interactive Chemistry Web Resources David W. Brooks MWR ACS Meeting, Kansas City Friday, November 9, 2007 Abstract

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interactive chemistry web resources

Interactive ChemistryWeb Resources

David W. Brooks

MWR ACS Meeting, Kansas City

Friday, November 9, 2007


Our Web site sees traffic equivalent to a 150-page book per minute, 24/7. Much of this material is interactive and provides chemistry learners with an opportunity to prac-tice chemistry content. Several of the tools available for learners will be demonstrated including the newly de-veloped tools for solving generic dimensional analysis problems. The descriptive chemistry tools attract over 1,000 users every year. Because all responses are tracked, it is possible to modify the Web tools to try to improve their effectiveness. Extensive detailed infor-mation about chemistry experiments and demonstrations is offered. Also, a series of sixteen 1-credit, graduate, Web-based courses for high school chemistry teachers is available.

16 Courses

Courses may be accessed by any user. Records are kept only for enrolled students.

About 100 enrollments/year (33 graduate credits)


Doing Chemistry


Becker Demos (Becker)


MicroScale (Woodrow Wilson)

LABS (Gardner)


ChemAnimations (Gelder)

SourceBook (Orna)

becker oxygen demo
Becker Oxygen Demo

Make a bubble.

Air bubble.

Oxygen bubble.

Dangerous materials

nitrogen triiodide

Thank you.