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Finding Articles

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Finding Articles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding Articles Fleet Library @ RISD Why Look in Journals & Magazines? Periodicals are an excellent source of information on emerging artists, new theories, trends, imagery, and current research. Writers introduce new scholarship to their professional peers by publishing in journals.

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Finding Articles

Fleet Library @ RISD

why look in journals magazines
Why Look in Journals & Magazines?
  • Periodicals are an excellent source of information on emerging artists, new theories, trends, imagery, and current research.
  • Writers introduce new scholarship to their professional peers by publishing in journals.
  • Articles trace the historical development of an idea over time as well as its reception and influence on popular culture.
  • Articles can provide an in-depth focus on topics not available in books, such as the study of a single work of art or a particular aspect of an artist’s oeuvre.
there are two types of request when looking for articles in the library
There aretwotypes of request when looking for articles in the library:
  • Specific Request

You come to the library with a specific citation for an article with the need to determine whether the library has access to the journal.


New museum to the Bowery. ArtinAmerica v. 95 no. 11(December 2007)p. 33, 35

  • Open-ended Request

You have chosen a topic and would like to find out what articles have been written on it.

example: William Kentridge & his film making process

let’s start with the first instance - finding a specific journal by title

finding journals by title
Finding Journals by Title

There are two places to check for journals by title:

For print publications,

search the RISD catalog by title > Title

example: art in america

understanding journals records
Understanding Journals Records

look at the Art in America record


  • Oldest issues (1913-1970) are kept in Special Collections (2nd floor)
  • Issues from 1971-1980 are in Storage (basement)
  • Open Stacks refer to the first floor of the library
  • the most recent issue available in the library is January 2008
  • Art in America v. 95 no. 11(Dec 2007)p. 33, 35 will be in the Open Stacks
locating print periodicals on the shelf
Locating Print Periodicals on the Shelf
  • Bound, back issues

(2009 and before)

are shelved alphabetically

by title in the

Periodicals Open Stacks

  • scholarly journals

are also shelved in this area

locating current periodicals
Locating Current Periodicals
  • Current Year issues of popular magazines are shelved alphabetically by title on the Balcony
  • searching the catalogis the best way to determine the location of Printed Periodicals
copies scans
Copies & Scans
  • Periodicals remain in the library so they are always available to be used
  • Articles from journals and magazines can be photocopied or scanned within the library
  • Use the face-up scanner to save articles and images as color or greyscale jpg, tiff or pdf
  • Print, Save to a USB drive, or email the scans to yourself
finding e journals by title
Finding E-Journals by Title

The second place to check for a journal is to search E-Journals by title > Resources > E-Journals > Title

example: Art in America

under Art in America, there are two sources for Full-text

Academic Search Premier & Art Full Text

both databases offer full text from 2002 - present

understanding e journals records
Understanding E-Journals Records

follow the link to the Art Full Text database


  • clicking on the link takes you directly into Art Full Text
  • the most recent issue available is from January 2008
  • select tabs for full text, pdf, and peer reviewed articles
  • you can mark & email the article to yourself
Search for Articles
  • go the the library’s website: > Resources > Articles
  • select databases related to your topic
  • ask your instructor or a librarian to recommend databases
  • limit search results by a date range or to scholarly journals
  • search multiple databases
  • record your search strategies, keywords, phrases, and results
Search for Articles - 24/7 Off Campus Access
  • start at the library’s website: > Resources > Articles
  • select databases related to your topic
  • a login window will open
  • type in Your Name as it appears on the FRONT of your RISD ID
  • type in the 14-digit Barcode number on the BACK of your RISD ID
  • if your login doesn’t work, contact the Library for help, 709-5901
What is a Scholarly Journal?

Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed & Academic JournalsIn the peer-review process, before an article is published it undergoes a critical review by an independent panel of experts in the field.Most of the RISD Online Article databases include the ability to limit to peer-review, scholarly or academic journals.

  • select databases related to your topic
  • look for the search option to limit to scholarly or peer-review journals
  • search full-text, scholarly journal databases -JSTOR, Project Muse
finding articles by searching the article databases
Finding articles by searching the Article databases
  • Select a topic. Let’s use William Kentridge’s filmmaking process
  • Think of several key words & phrases which describe your topic-these will become your search terms: film, process, technique
  • Go to> Resources > Articles
  • Read through the database descriptions. Which ones cover contemporary art and art history?
  • For this topic, Art Bibliographies Modern & Art Full Text would cover 20th/21st century art & artists
searching multiple databases
Searching multiple databases
  • when you choose ARTbibliographies Modern the interface simultaneously searches 4 databases at once
  • truncating with an asterisk (*) searches variant forms of the root word

example: process* (process, processes, processing)

film* (films, filmmaker, filmmaking)

searching for articles on a work of art
Searching for articles on a work of art

When searching for a specific work of art

  • enclose the work’s title in quotation marks
  • words in quotation marks are searched as an exact phrase
  • example: william kentridge + “history of the main complaint”
search results in the article databases
Search results in the Article databases


  • separate tabs for different types of publications
  • results can be ranked by most recent first or relevance
  • subject links to related terms and topics
follow links to full text or to risd library print periodical records
Follow Links to full text or to RISD Library print periodical records
  • your search results will be in list form
  • select View Record or the article’s title to read the article summary or abstract
  • look for links to full-text or PDF
  • if no full text link is present, Check Your Library to see if RISD Library subscribes to the print journal
making the connection
Making the Connection

To determine whether RISD owns the journal,

you’ll need to follow the links from the database back to the RISD/ATH catalog

Look for these links:

Academic Search Premier Check your library holdings for availability

Avery Index to Arch. Periodicals Check your library holdings for availability

Art Full Text / Art Retrospective Library owns?

Art Bibliographies Modern Check your Library

Design & Applied Arts Index Check your Library

Design Abstracts Retrospective Check your Library

Design Profiles Check your Library


To search for journal articles on antiquities, fashion, modern & contemporary art and design useARTbibliographies Modern, Design & Applied Arts Index, Design Abstracts Retrospective, Design ProFILES


To search for journal articles on contemporary and historic art, design, architecture, and art history, 1929 - presentArt Full Text/Art Retrospective

avery index to architectural periodicals
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • surveys more than 2,500 US and foreign journals
  • search by type of illustration (drawing, elevation, site plan, sections)

JSTOR is an archive of full-text scholarly humanities journals containing high-resolution, scanned images of entire journal issues as they were originally designed, printed, and illustrated.

JSTOR Results
  • all articles are full-text
  • articles are ranked by relevance or date
  • links to articles with images
  • links to ARTstor images

To email the article to yourself:

  • save citation
  • view saved citations
email JSTOR links to articles
  • email the citations to yourself
  • open your email and click on the url to the article
project muse provides full text to over 300 scholarly humanities art and social science journals
Project Muse provides full-text to over 300 scholarly humanities, art, and social science journals

Project Muse articles can also be saved & emailed


Request articles through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

For articles not available from RISD Library, consider ILL

ILL - Interlibrary Loan

  • ILL requests take 1- 2 weeks to arrive - plan ahead
  • there is a charge for article requests to cover photocopying costs
  • forms & more info: > Services > Interlibrary Loan
Athenaeum Library

RISD Library & the Athenaeum share an online library catalog. The Athenauem is located across the intersection from the College Building on Benefit Street.

Brown University Libraries library.brown.eduCHiL (College Hill Library Consortium)Search Brown’s catalog from the RISD/ATH catalog by using the SEARCH BROWN button. Borrowing privileges and on-site database access for all RISD studentsRegister first at RISD then at Brown’s Rockefeller Library.

HELIN Libraries

Consortium of 11 academic and 14 health sciences libraries which share an online catalog. On site access to the libraries but no borrowing privileges.

Providence Public Libraries Providence Community Libraries

Access and borrowing privileges upon registration.

No time for ILL? Check article holdings at area libraries